Fantasy Mosaics 7
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Fantasy Mosaics 7

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In Fantasy Mosaics 7, another sequel in the amazing Mosaics series, you join your favorite penguin family on their next challenging mosaics journey!

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Play Fantasy Mosaics 7 and join the penguin family on a new exciting mosaics journey!

Discover Fantasy Mosaics 7 where new colorful mosaic puzzles are waiting for you! This time you join our penguin family on a new adventure to decorate their house on an alien planet and prepare for the upcoming baby penguin! Challenge yourself with this exciting collection of custom built multicolored puzzles and have fun discovering stunning images hidden in the logic of numbers!
  • complete lots of custom built puzzles in color
  • decorate a house for the penguin family
  • enjoy stunning background art
  • solve puzzles based solely on logic

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