Fantasy Mosaics 17 - New Palette
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Fantasy Mosaics 17 - New Palette

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Fantasy Mosaics 17 - New Palette takes griddlers to a whole new level of color, not to mention an entirely new planet as well.

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Ready for a new array of color? This griddler classic is sure to expand your palette!

Fantasy Mosaics 17 - New Palette brings a whole new world of griddlers to your doorstep. Tag along with the penguin family as the uncover new colors, new friends and new locations! On this next adventure, use your logic to unveil intriguing new pixel art and craft a brand new landscape in Fantasy Mosaics 17 - New Palette.
  • uncover all new colors
  • use your wits to uncover clever new pixel art pictures
  • stay sharp with great griddler puzzles
  • build a whole new landscape as you solve each picross

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