Fantasy Mosaics 42 - Fairyland
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Fantasy Mosaics 42 - Fairyland

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Fantasy Mosaics 42 - Fairyland invites you on another magical mosaics adventure. Help Penny Penguin through a mysterious forest!

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Follow a mysterious creature through the fairytale forest!

Fantasy Mosaics 42 - Fairyland invites you on a magical mosaics adventure. A relaxing walk through the forest takes an unexpected twist when a mysterious creature steals Penny's umbrella! Navigate the expansive labyrinth of the forest and track down the curious thief in Fantasy Mosaics 42 - Fairyland!
  • Discover a beautiful variety of nonogram puzzles.
  • Enjoy fun new minigames.
  • Relax with Zen mode and new secret colors.
  • Use logic to complete challenging mosaics puzzles.

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