Fantasy Mosaics 5
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Fantasy Mosaics 5

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Fantasy Mosaics 5, an exciting puzzle game, offers you amazing mosaic puzzle challenges! Are you ready to put your mind to this amazing test?

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Discover Fantasy Mosaics 5, a challenging puzzle game, and enjoy an amazing mosaics puzzle collection!

Explore Fantasy Mosaics 5, an amazing mosaics puzzle challenge, and put your mind to the test! Join your favorite penguin on his quest to turn a deserted and mysterious place into a beautiful garden. It would make a lovely home for his family. Can you help him succeed by completing tons of colorful puzzles? Play this sensational puzzle collection now and enjoy Fantasy Mosaics 5!
  • follow a penguin on an amazing quest and help him succeed by completing levels
  • fix up an abandoned place and make it into a beautiful garden for the penguin family
  • solve tons of beautiful custom built mosaics puzzles in rainbow colors
  • enjoy sensational background art, and a special atmosphere

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