Fantasy Mosaics 32 - Santa's Hut
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Fantasy Mosaics 32 - Santa's Hut

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Fantasy Mosaics 32 - Santa's Hut invites you inside Santa’s workshop to discover what he has in store for the holidays. Solve wonderous mosaic puzzles filled with cheer.

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What does Santa have in store for the holidays? Solve his wonderful mosaic puzzles to find out!

Fantasy Mosaics 32 - Santa's Hut invites you on a journey across snowy landscapes to the inside of Santa’s workshop. The curious Penguin family is visiting Santa for the festivities and are eager to enrich their mosaic palette. Enjoy the holiday spirit and find out what Santa has in store by solving his wonderful mosaic puzzles in Fantasy Mosaics 32 – Santa’s Hut!
  • Challenge your brain with logic-based puzzles.
  • Enjoy brand new vibrant mosaics.
  • Explore unique interactive locations.
  • Discover rare secret holiday colors.

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