Fantasy Mosaics 45 - Amusement Park
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Fantasy Mosaics 45 - Amusement Park

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Fantasy Mosaics 45 - Amusement Park invites you to a wonderful theme park. Explore the rides and don't forget to enjoy the attractions!

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Fantasy Mosaics is back with a whole theme park full of puzzles!

Fantasy Mosaics 45 - Amusement Park is an adventurous mosaics game. Robby Penguin has lost his way in a massive amusement park! Explore the park's dozens of attractions in search of the small penguin. Discover new mosaics and reveal pixel art masterpieces by completing nonogram puzzles. Buckle up and enjoy the ride with Fantasy Mosaics 45 - Amusement Park!
  • Discover an amusement park full of colorful rides!
  • Enjoy new minigames and interactive items.
  • Use logic to solve challenging nonogram puzzles.
  • Relax with Zen mode and discover new secret colors!

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