Fantasy Mosaics 22 - Summer Vacation
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Fantasy Mosaics 22 - Summer Vacation

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Fantasy Mosaics 22 - Summer Vacation shows that a summer holiday doesn't have to take place in the sun, as our favorite penguin family goes on a trip to the South Pole.

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Join your favorite penguin family on a fun trip to the South Pole, and solve new, more colorful mosaics!

In Fantasy Mosaics 22 - Summer Vacation, our favorite penguin family is back, as the gang take a well-earned summer vacation to the South Pole! Along the way, they've discovered even more colors to enhance their mosaic puzzles. So why not join the penguins, and have fun uncovering new pixel art images in a variety of colors! Are you up for the challenge of Fantasy Mosaics 22 - Summer Vacation?
  • enjoy increasingly challenging mosaic puzzles
  • discover pixel art puzzles with an extended color palette
  • explore the South Pole, and meet all its cute inhabitants
  • tap into your logical side to solve all the puzzles!

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