Fantasy Mosaics 46 - Pirate Ship
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Fantasy Mosaics 46 - Pirate Ship

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Fantasy Mosaics 46 - Pirate Ship embarks on a thrilling journey across the sea. Help Penguin Harry explore a deserted island and a mysterious pirate ship stuck there!

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Explore a mysterious pirate ship on a deserted island!

Fantasy Mosaics 46 - Pirate Ship drops you onto a mysterious deserted island. Penguin Henry needs your help! His ship has run aground and now he's hopelessly stranded. Explore the island and its many nonograms to help him survive and find shelter. Explore a variety of thrilling new puzzles and minigames along the way. Use your brain to save the day in Fantasy Mosaics 46 - Pirate Ship!
  • Play dozens of thrilling new nonogram puzzles and minigames.
  • Explore the mysterious Zen mode and discover secret colors.
  • Use your brain to solve challenges with logic.
  • Help rescue Penguin Harry from a deserted island!

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