Fantasy Mosaics 23 - Magic Forest
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Fantasy Mosaics 23 - Magic Forest

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In Fantasy Mosaics 23 - Magic Forest, you join the penguin family as they enter a forest full of friendly dwellers. You're sure to love this interactive mosaic challenge!

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The penguins are back, and we couldn't be happier! In this adventure, they're joined by some friendly forest folk.

Fantasy Mosaics 23 - Magic Forest is the next extravaganza in the Fantasy Mosaics series. This time our favorite penguin family is getting ready to visit a magic forest. So why not join them on an adventure through the forest, as you interact with its many inhabitants, and solve plenty of new, challenging puzzles in Fantasy Mosaics 23 - Magic Forest.
  • take in an abundance of colorful mosaic puzzles
  • interact with incredibly cute forest creatures
  • explore a magical forest with the penguins
  • solve logic based puzzle challenges

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