Your house is a reflection of your personality! As you’re a warm and lovable person, your home should be as well. Check out this easy and fun decoration activity. Once you’ve finished you can relax in your improved home, have fun! 

  1. Go to the woods (take your dog Buddy as well, he loves long walks!) and find yourself a nice firm branch around 50 – 100 cm long (Buddy will gladly assist you with that).branch
  2. Take the branch home and put it somewhere to dry. Once it has completely dried you’ll need to polish and stain it; after all, you don’t want splinters do you?! (Sounds like too much work? You can also just buy a branch at a gardening center!)
  3. Find all the ribbons, beads, tree lights, feathers and silk flowers you have and tie them to your dried out branch.
  4. Fix two small hooks to the ceiling and hang your beautiful creation, or if you don’t feel like doing it, ask your nice neighbor or a handy friend to do it for you!