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Have you got match 3 on the mind? Play one of many GameHouse Match 3 games and satiate that craving for three-in-a-row! As one of the most popular game genres today, variations of this puzzle format are multiplying faster than ever. With new ways to play and impressive game quality, just look through our collection of match 3 titles and you'll see what the fuss is all about.Ever since Bejeweled set the precedent for fast and fun puzzle gaming, match 3 games have become everything from your quick workday pastime to the online gamers' addiction. It's a game for every type of player, whether young and old, inexperienced or veteran, but no matter who you are, you're in for a mind-bogglingly good time.Get into classic hits like the enchanting Jewel Match 2 or jump into unique storylines and game play with titles like Hidden Wonders of the Depths. For the real match 3 fanatics, don't miss a single game and be among the first to play our new titles as they roll out every week.
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