Having a hard time completing the very last level of Delicious – Emily’s New Beginning? You’re not alone! Even really experienced Delicious players seem to struggle getting three stars on the last level of ‘The Farmhouse’. We’d like everyone to be able to accomplish this and these tips and tricks are going to help you do just that!


Level 6-10 – The Farmhouse

After 59 levels, 6 beautiful restaurants and some serious challenges in combining parenthood with your restaurant career, the bittersweet moment is there. It’s Christmas eve and you’re on the verge of finishing Delicious – Emily’s New Beginning.

However, you’re not there just yet. This final level is truly challenging and if you’re dedicated to getting three stars you’ll need quite a few attempts. Luckily, other Delicious players are always willing to help you out, and with the assistance of Michelle Hornblow and her amazing blogposts, we’re sure you’ll make it!

How to get three stars in the grand finale?

First, let’s have a look at the challenge ahead:

  • For 3 stars you need to earn $2,500 by serving all 33 customers
  • Make sure everything in the restaurant is already upgraded
  • Forecast: 33% Children, 33% Local Farmers, and 34% Regulars

Forecast & menu
The forecast proves to be essential in reaching a three star score.

Local Farmers Regulars Children
High patience Average patience Low patience
Average tips Average tips Very low tips
Don’t like Paige Like Paige Like Paige

You need to play around with setting your menu to be able to reach three stars.
One menu that proves to work is the following:

  • 33% Children: Santa Figure, Chocolate Milk, Red Candle, Candy Cane, Cool Present, Insane Present
  • 33% Local Farmers: Fruit Cake, Turkey
  • 34% Regulars: Green Pea Soup, Pumpkin Cake, Modern Wreath, Snowman Card, Green Candle

A lot of thought was put into these choices, regarding general tipping behavior and patience levels.

Serving order
Never let Children wait! They have the lowest patience, so always serve them first. You can make Local Farmers wait, since they have high patience. Obviously, you shouldn’t make them wait too long. Regulars are somewhere in the middle regarding their patience level, so be careful with serving them in time.

Make sure to entertain your guests for higher tips. And don’t forget; Local Farmers don’t like Paige so make sure you keep an eye on her!


Three-in-a-row bonuses
Since Local Farmers have high patience, you can make them wait a bit before paying. By doing so, try to collect money from two, or preferably three customers at once. This will give you bonuses that you really need to reach three stars. Keep in mind that you shouldn’t make them wait too long, because then your customers will lose hearts!


Other bonuses
Make sure to receive all bonuses possible by keeping the following in mind:

  • Never serve an incomplete order
  • Let Paige charm Children and Regulars
  • Find Carl the Mouse! Location: by the chocolate milk or glühwein, depending on your menu


Picking presents
The Children that go to see Santa always order a toy, which they pay for later. Choose the insane present and cool present, since they are preferred by Children and thus lead to more money on their orders.

Make sure you’re as well prepared as possible. Whenever you find time for it, at the very beginning of the level for example, make sure there are 5 servings of soup available, pre-cook a turkey, grab a candy cane and make a couple of candles. You can always remove these items from your tray if they aren’t ordered.

Yes, it’s a lot to think about! But while you’re playing, stay focused! Make sure you really clicked all items, check if your tray contains the full order and don’t lose a single customer out of sight.

Good luck!

And this should do the trick! If you follow these guidelines, a few good attempts should do the job. Obviously, there’s a little luck involved so keep trying if you don’t succeed the first time!

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Was this blog helpful and were you able to reach three stars? Do you possibly have some tips and tricks of your own to help other players? We’d love to hear from you so please leave a comment below. Thanks everyone!


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