Every now and then, stepping out of your comfort zone works out incredibly well. At least, this is proven by these odd but tasty food combinations. Although we wonder who was nutty enough to try them for the very first time, we should nevertheless thank them. Putting together these remarkable ingredients adds up to a true taste explosion. Do you dare give these a try?

Odd but surprisingly good food combinations

Chocolate & Chili
Category: Sweet and Spice

Chocolate is heavenly! Who wouldn’t agree? But what if we gave it a devilish punch by adding some chilies?

Think of hot chocolate with a hint of chili, a dark chocolate bar with chili flakes, a chocolate chili con carne… Mmm…

Taste how heaven and hell collide on your tongue and you won’t ever want your chocolate any other way.


French fries & Strawberry milkshake
Category: Sweet and Salty

Remember when you dipped your French fry in your milkshake for the very first time? And remember your friends’ stares of indignation?

You shouldn’t be ashamed! The French fries & milkshake combination is an all-time classic and deserves all the recognition possible! (Fries and strawberry milkshake is my personal favorite!)

The ice cold delight of sweet and salty, hearty and fresh…
So don’t be ashamed, forget about ketchup and start dipping those fries in something unexpected for a change!


Sandwiches & Potato chips
Category: Fluffy and Crunchy

This is not about adding saltiness to your sandwich. This is not about club sandwiches with chips on the side. This is about having the actual potato chips as your sandwich filling!

It’s the bite that makes this combination work. Imagine a mouth full of fluffy bread and crunchy crisps.

Additional tip: Tomato ketchup!

Hmpff… Crsshhh… Mmm…


Banana & Avocado
Category: Creamy and Sweet

Avocado is incredibly versatile. It balances spicy food (think nachos with hot tomato salsa and guacamole), it adds body to your salad and it even works well as a butter substitute in baking recipes.

However, did you ever drink it?!

Besides being versatile and incredibly nutritious, avocado has a nice subtle creamy taste. Mix it with a sweet ripe banana and it’s perfect!

A creamy sweet banana and avocado smoothie makes the perfect breakfast for an energetic day!


Bacon & Maple syrup
Category: Sweet and Savory

This might not be the most obvious combination to put on your pancake, but it’s truly an iconic one. So iconic, that it was actually bottled.

There’s something about the salty crunch of crispy bacon and the addition of a syrupy sweet liquid.

And it’s not just good on pancakes! Combine both in a muffin, a cookie or caramelize the marinated bacon in the oven and eat it as a delicious snack.

It’s totally up to you, but you’d be a fool not to try this classic!


Cream cheese, Toast & Jelly
Category: Sweet and Salty

Toast with jelly is good. Toast with cream cheese is good. But toast with both cream cheese and jelly is even better! No matter what kind of cream cheese or jelly you use.

Some knock-out combinations:
Basic: Cream cheese + Raspberry jelly
Hearty: Goat cream cheese + Peach jelly
Classic: Chocolate cream cheese + Cherry jelly
Fresh: Mint cream cheese + Citrus jelly

Let all these flavors fight over your taste buds and may the best combination win!


Strawberries & Balsamic
Category: Sweet and sour

Imagine the end of a beautiful summer’s day. The sun is getting low, and the temperature drops from hot to a pleasant evening glow. And on the table; big sweet juicy strawberries… So good!

But, it could be better! Well, at least regarding the strawberries that is. If you’re a fan of strawberries and you haven’t considered giving this combination with balsamic a try, then you’re missing out on something extraordinary!

The balsamic brings out both the color and taste of the strawberries. So yes, it does get even better!


Mmm… This made me hungry! And right now, these combinations don’t seem odd, they seem particularly tasty. What do you think? Because as always, it’s all a matter of taste!

Did you try these combinations or do you have an odd but surprisingly good food combination of your own? Please share them with us as a reply on this post!