So many things to do and yet so little time! Unfortunately we can’t add days to your week, but we can assist you with some good task management. The more time you can spend on things you actually enjoy!

Create a list:

  1. Be clear on everything you need to do. Instead of ‘clean the house’, write ‘vacuum the floor (including the space under the seats, monsters live there), do dishes, polish your grandma’s lamp, clean Pookie’s litter box’ etcetera.
  2. Improve on your handwriting. It just helps.
  3. Use bright colors to highlight priorities and add due dates. Don’t be too hard on yourself; you can’t do everything at once!
  4. Draw some flowers on the side. Here’s not a particular function, it’s just fun.
  5. Put your list in a noticeable place… so you won’t forget where to find it!