Get hopping with some great Easter games recommended by our Easter Bunny! 🐰 

1. Easter Riddle 

Play Easter Riddles and enjoy a floral holiday celebration! Springtime decorations, motifs, flowers and Easter eggs are hidden in numerous puzzles. Solve the griddlers and find out what’s hidden underneath. Take some time off from the daily rush and do some relaxing puzzling. Celebrate the springtime feeling with this refreshing game. Try Easter Riddles right away!


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2. Passage 4 – Easter Edition

Discover Passage 4 – Easter Edition, a tile game that combines fun colors with challenging puzzles. Create passages from edge to edge to complete each level. Get into the Easter spirit with cute bunnies, chicks, eggs and Easter baskets. Providing hours of fun across three different game modes, who not try Passage 4 – Easter Edition now!


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3. Easter Eggztravaganza II

Play Easter Eggztravaganza II, a colourful Easter-themed game you can enjoy all year round! Mike, Emma, and their classmates are preparing for the best Easter ever. Join them in a hidden object search for eggs, chocolate bunnies, and items they can use to create unique Easter eggs. Discover puzzles and mini-games as you enjoy Easter Eggztravaganza II!


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