Love is beautiful, but definitely not easy. Even our very own Emily O’Malley from the Delicious series sometimes has a hard time making her marriage work.
But who out there can help her with matters of the heart? You! Lovers, former lovers and future lovers amongst us who have shared some incredibly valuable advice, resulting in 10 essential ingredients for a healthy relationship!

10 essential ingredients for a healthy relationship

Obviously there is no one way to do it right. Every relationship is different and love is simply a kind of magic. Fact is however, we can help this magic to happen, and even encourage it to stay.

So see these as the basic ingredients for the perfect relationship. Mix them together and get it just right. However, every ingredient might be more or less important in each individual relationship.
And remember: anything personal you add will give that special touch to make it even more special!

Love – The basis of everything

Whether it’s romantic, practical, spiritual or emotional love… you need it.

Trust, faith & forgiveness

These should come as a package. Have faith in your relationship, in your partner and remember; we’re only human.


Make sure you have a good understanding with each other. Get to know what balance between honesty and privacy you want and provide the honesty your life partner deserves.


Talk to each other, but probably more important; listen! Listen with your ears, eyes and with your heart wide open. Make sure it’s sincere and deep enough to know what both of you are feeling

Quality time

No matter how busy you are, spend time together once in a while. Don’t live apart together, but really take time for each other. Relive the good times that made you a couple in the first place.


Relationships should not always be hard work. Don’t forget they are meant to be fun too! There’s no better way of bonding than having a good laugh together.

Show affection

Show your love! No need for big bouquets of red roses (although they are welcome!), but simple gestures of appreciation and care do wonders.


Mutual respect is such an essential ingredient. Respect for each other’s choices, preferences, boundaries and activities. You do not need to be or think alike, but at least try to understand and appreciate these differences. Embrace your partner’s oddities!


Be there! Simply, be there. Solving everything is not needed and might even be frustrating. Just listen and make sure your other half knows you’re always there for him/here. Don’t lose interest.


One true story is that every relationship is built on giving and taking. These two combined bring the best of all; sharing. Share ups and downs, thoughts and happenings, time and laughs. Sharing is caring!


These 10 ingredients are the, not so secret, secrets to a good marriage or relationship. But remember; no one can tell you how to get it right exactly.
It’s up to you to determine the perfect mix of the above mentioned ingredients and whatever additions you value.

Does your relationship need a little more laughter? Add it. Work getting in the way of quality time? Add a bit of extra trust. The perfect mix is totally up to you:)

love is a game

Not in a relationship?

Don’t worry. Life has other wonderful things to offer besides being together with someone. For both couples and individuals one of the most important things is not to forget who you are! You’re amazing!

Remarkable suggestions

Amongst all the great advice we found some truly remarkable ones as well. According to this, if all the above doesn’t work try alcohol, watch “Fifty Shades of Grey” or get a divorce.
We don’t take these too seriously!

Do you think we missed out on an essential relationship ingredient? Or do you totally agree with this list? Please share it with us on this blog, or on Facebook or Google+!

Lots of love to you all!