Easter Riddles
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Easter Riddles

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Easter Riddles celebrates the floral springtime feeling. Take some time off from your daily rush and solve fun griddler puzzles. Enjoy a relaxing distraction!

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Enjoy Easter Riddles! Solve fun griddler puzzles to reveal their hidden springtime motifs.

Play Easter Riddles and enjoy a floral holiday celebration! Springtime decorations, motifs, flowers and Easter eggs are hidden in numerous puzzles. Solve the griddlers and find out what's hidden underneath. Take some time off from the daily rush and do some relaxing puzzling. Celebrate the springtime feeling with this refreshing game. Try Easter Riddles right away!
  • enter the true holiday spirit and solve lots of fun griddler puzzles
  • enjoy soothing gameplay with relaxing music and cheerful images
  • speed up, earn coins and shop for extra help in tricky levels
  • figure out all the right clicks and eliminate any mistakes