Passage 4 - Easter Edition
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Passage 4 - Easter Edition

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Passage 4 - Easter Edition provides hours of puzzling fun. Can you solve these puzzles? Try it now, and enjoy the cute Easter scenes!

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Laying down colorful tiles sounds so easy. But is it really? This game will provide hours of puzzle fun, Easter style!

Discover Passage 4 - Easter Edition, a tile game that combines fun colors with challenging puzzles. Create passages from edge to edge to complete each level. Get into the Easter spirit with cute bunnies, chicks, eggs and Easter baskets. Providing hours of fun across three different game modes, who not try Passage 4 - Easter Edition now!
  • play over 220 challenging Easter Holiday levels
  • experience 3 game modes, each with 3 levels of difficulty
  • enjoy funny sound effects and background music
  • discover 6 varied graphical themes