Welcome to the Ministry. It’s 1984, and the State has put you in charge of the coveted position of apartment manager. Your family will enjoy all the securities and comforts of home. That is, as long as you obey.



It’s Not Just Big Brother Watching – It’s You


Beholder is not about the perception of beauty, but instead the perception of loyalty. There’s more to being a State-appointed apartment manager than keeping your residents comfortable and earning their trust. It’s your job to get to know them. Every single one of them. Every single possible thing about them – their families, their interests, their actions, and their very thoughts. Behind every face lies the possibility of a traitor to the State.




How Good Are You At Being Bad?


But how does one become an upstanding apartment manager? Well, we’re happy to inform you of your duties. Talk with the residents. Sneak a peek into their apartment. Why not enter it when they’re not around? How about installing a security camera so you can watch when they are around? Oh, and don’t forget to check the drawers, the bookcases, the beds, the tables, the lights, and all manner of other objects. There’s no telling what sort of criminal intent lies hidden within their home.




Every Choice Has Consequences


Dozens of assignments await you. In an ever-growing government, the laws grow stricter by the day. Depending on how you interact with your tenants, the story will shift and change. The ending hinges entirely on you and the consequences of your decisions. How good are you at your job? Are you willing to do what you must?




Your directives are clear, and your challenges are time-sensitive. Complete your objectives, and you will be rewarded handsomely. However, failing to apprehend a traitor will result in swift and immediate punishment. You do not want to fail. While your family enjoys the comforts of your job and home, these are entirely conditional on you doing an upstanding job. Fail to do so, and both you and your family will suffer the consequences.





Oh, And One More Thing…


Answer the call. Play Beholder today!