Fishdom – Depths of Time is a timed electronic Match 3 game. Create matches of 3 or more like tiles by clicking on adjacent tiles to swap positions and clear the board. Collect golden tiles to complete the level. At the end of the level, collect silver and gold coins to purchase items to enhance gameplay and build a beautiful aquarium. When finished, your aquarium masterpiece can become a screen saver.

The Fishdom – Depths of Time  is designed to give players a jump start on gameplay action. While following the general rules of Match 3 games, some twists are present. This Walkthrough is divided into thirteen sections listed below. The sections can be accessed in or out of order. The game contains 250 levels. Only the first eleven that contain the game rules and instructions will be featured. Clear Away!


General Gameplay Instructions and Rules

Customizable Gameplay Experience

Create a customizable gameplay experience by entering your gameplay name and selecting video screen size, video screen graphics quality, sound settings, music settings, and volume settings. Simply select the Settings tab and make appropriate selections.

Customizable Virtual Aquarium

As each of the 250 gameplay levels are cleared gold is accumulated. This enables the players to create a virtual aquarium. Purchase fishes, decorations, fish tanks, background themes, and plants to create an aquarium masterpiece. As fish are added to the aquarium, names are customizable.

Common Game Instructions and Rules

The first eleven levels teach the games rules to players. Beyond the eleventh level, any of the rules or all of the rules can apply to clear a level. Below is a list of instructions and rules that are applicable to all 250 levels.

Feed the fish often. To keep fish healthy, they must be fed. Simply grab the Feeder and feed the fish in the fish tank.

TIP: When finished eating the fish generate golden stars. Collect all the stars to gain additional bonus points.

Earn gold coins as levels are cleared. Clearing levels, buying fish and decorations, increases gold coin accumulation. The bar in the center right corner of the screen keeps track of gold available for purchases. Gold coins can also be earned by selling items in Inventory or in the Aquarium.

The bottom right hand corner of the screen contains five icons. They are Pointer, Move, Net, Sponge, and Feeder. Use the Pointer icon as the cursor. Select or move items or objects. The Move icon permits the aquarium decorations or plants to move.
Catch fish with the Net icon.The Sponge icon comes in handy to clean the aquarium.
Feed the fish with the Feeder icon. The bottom left hand corner of the screen contains four icons. They are the Store, My Backgrounds, My Inventory, and My Achievements.

The Store contains all of the items available for purchase with gold coins in the game. It is organized into four tabs – Fish, Beach Ball, Plants, and Themes.
As gameplay levels are cleared backgrounds or Themes are unlocked for purchase. The My Backgrounds icon permits the user to change the level Themes. There are a total of eight Themes to buy with gold coins.

Items purchased but not used to decorate the aquarium are stored in My Inventory tab. Items in this tab can also be sold to raise gold coins. Every Time a board is cleared using a line bomb and lightning bolt, an Achievement is unlocked. My Achievements lists all special or bonus plays in the game and assigns extra points when accomplished.

Aquariums only hold a certain amount of fish. As the fish population grows, Upgrade to larger fish tanks. The game contains 8 types of Fish Tanks. The Fish Tanks are available to purchase with gold coins. Unlock Fish Tanks at levels 7, 12, 17, 22, 27, 32, and 37. The center bar tracks how many fish can be held in the Fish Tank.

The Store contains three tabs with items available for purchase with gold coins to decorate the aquarium – the Fish, Beach Ball, and Plants icons.
In the Fish tab 8 types of fish are available for purchase. Each fish can be named individually.

In the Beach Ball and Plants tab over 100 items are available to decorate the aquarium with statutes or plants. As with all items available for purchase, access to unlocks and purchase things in the store increases as gameplay advances. The Timer bar tracks progress. This is a timed game. The faster a level is cleared, the more points are awarded.

TIP #1: Fish can hide behind aquarium plants. When feeding, make sure all fish in the tank are located for maximum points.

TIPS #2: Sometime the fish are not hungry. Even if you try to feed them, they won’t bite.

TIP # 3: Plants eat too. Keep them fed.

Fishdom – Depths of Time Walkthrough

Level One

The goal of the first level of play is to Collect 12 Golden Tiles. The gameplay rules are simple to remember:

  • Make 3 or more matches in a row by swapping like tiles that are adjacent to each other.
  • To complete this and all levels, clear all the golden tiles from the playing field.
  • The center bar keeps track of progress recording how many tiles are needed to clear the level and how many tiles have been cleared in real Time.
  • The level and all levels are timed. If the level goal is not reached before Time expires, gameplay stops and the player must replay level to advance to the next level.
Fishdom - Depths of Time - 1

Fishdom – Depths of Time – 1

Level Two

Level two has the player Collect 36 Golden Tiles. To accomplish this objective:
Make matches with 4 or more golden tiles.

TIP: Receive line bonuses. Meaning make a match 4 to clear an entire row for extra points.

All the golden tiles must be clear to move onto the next level.

Fishdom - Depths of Time - 2

Fishdom – Depths of Time – 2

Level Three

The goal of the third level to Collect 40 Golden Tiles.

TIPS and TRICKS: To facilitate the clearing of the golden tiles make 3 or more matches in a “T-Shape” or “L-Shape” manner for Bonus points.

Fishdom - Depths of Time - 3

Fishdom – Depths of Time – 3

Level Four

As with level three, Collect 40 Golden Tiles.

TIPS and TRICKS: Combine a bomb with a line bombs to receive a Megabonus.

Fishdom - Depths of Time - 4

Fishdom – Depths of Time – 4

Level Five

Collect 45 Golden Tiles.

TIPS and TRICKS: A more challenging move, with a potential for even more points is to match 5 like golden tiles in a row. A Lightning Bolt is earned. A Lightning Bolt can clear all the tiles of the same type from the entire game field at once like a lightning strike. To make this move swap a Lightning Bolt with the motif you want to clear. It is also possible to combine bonuses receiving even more Bonus points.

Fishdom - Depths of Time - 5

Fishdom – Depths of Time – 5

Level Six

Up until now, the goal has been to collect golden tiles. Here the goal is to Collect 1 Crystal Diamond.

TIP: To collect the Crystal Diamond move it to the bottom of the game field.

Fishdom - Depths of Time - 6

Fishdom – Depths of Time – 6

Level Seven

Collect 4 Crystal Diamonds.

TIP: A locked tile cannot be moved. It has a chain running across it. To unlock, combine with another tile with the same motive.

Fishdom - Depths of Time - 7

Fishdom – Depths of Time – 7

Level Eight

A new goal is introduced. Boxes not Golden Tiles are collected. Collect 29 Boxes.
TIP: To remove the box, make Match 3 tile combinations with tiles adjacent to the box.

Fishdom - Depths of Time - 8

Fishdom – Depths of Time – 8

Level Eleven

A new challenge is introduced. Here Nuggets are collected. The goal of this level is to Collect 13 Nuggets.

TIP: Before the Nuggets can be collected, the dirt at the bottom of the game layout must be cleared. In order to move the dirt, make Match 3 tile combinations with the tiles next to the dirt. The dirt contains Diamonds, Gold, and other artifacts. Collect everything.

Fishdom - Depths of Time - 9

Fishdom – Depths of Time – 9

Level Nine, Ten, and Beyond Eleven

By level eleven all the objectives (Collect Golden Tiles, Boxes, Crystal Diamonds, or Nuggets) have been introduced. Additionally, the main rules of play – Matching 3, 4 or 5 like tiles and Bonuses, like Bombs, Line Bombs, Lightning Bolts, T-Shape and L-Shape clearings, and Unlocking Tiles have also been explored. Accomplish all goals timely and accumulate maximum gold coins to build a fantastic aquarium.
Congratulations! You’ve completed our Fishdom – Depths of Time Walkthrough!


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The Fishdom – Depths of Time Walkthrough is meant as a guide and does not contain cheats, hacks, or serials.