In reality, happiness is all we’re really after. Sometimes, when life knocks you down, you need to remember that every cloud has a silver lining (and an even brighter sun shining above!). Here are some useful tips to help you reach the highest level of happiness!

  1. Follow your intuition! It helps to flip a coin once in a while. Not to decide what to do, but to find out what you really want.
  2. Smile! It inspires happiness and the other way around.
  3. Be grateful and spread the joy by being kind to others. Help out your mom with some chores around the house, dance when you hear a street musician, or give food or clothing to someone in need.
  4. Cuddle your furry friend Pookie more often. She cheers you up whenever you’re feeling down.
  5. Get your head in the clouds sometimes and just let your fantasies run free!