Always wondered what your furry friend would say if he/she could talk? Well, we’ve recently bumped in to some talking pets and had a good chat. (Isn’t that a coincidence?) Find out what they have to say…

  1. As it turns out, your dog Buddy wants to conclude a settlement on who gets to sleep in your bed. Precious Pookie doesn’t want to settle, she just wants you to sleep on the floor.
  2. Both Pookie and Buddy want you to share your human dinner (and lunch and breakfast). In return, they’re willing to share their pet food. Sounds like a good deal!
  3. Buddy would impersonate visitors, especially that strange neighbor of yours with the very loud voice.
  4. Pookie would provide you with some important lessons in life: ‘Don’t you dare date a non-cat person! Oh, and clean my litter box NOW please.’ As long as you stay focused on her everything should be just fine.
  5. They’d both constantly annoy you with phrases like: “Who’s a good girl? Is it you? Is it you? What a good little girl!”