Do you have trouble getting your kids to eat fruit or veggies? Would you like to serve something eye-popping to your guests? These awesome animal themed ideas are the answer! Here are a few examples on how to turn simple (healthy) food into a delicious beastly experience!

Cute, fun and surprising recipes for beastly good food

Snail oranges – Taking time for good health


  • Roll the orange on a table a few times to loosen the skin.
  • Use a knife to carve a long stripe side-ways across the orange (this will be the body of your snail).
  • Peel off the rest of the skin.
  • For a nice touch, loosen both ends of the peel that are still attached to the orange.
  • Use a pen to draw a mouth and eyes on one of these ends.

It might take a little longer than usual, but isn’t that the cutest vitamin bomb you’ve ever seen?!


8-legged hotdogs

Hotdogs have always been a succesful treat, and how could you say “no” to this little creature? This 8-legged hotdog is simply irresistable!


  • Cook/Grill some hotdogs.
  • Cut one end of a hotdog lengthways through the middle until there is only a thumb-length of the hotdog left whole.
  • Make 3 more such incisions so that one end of the hotdog is cut into 8 equal parts.
  • Carefully spread the “legs” so the uncut part of the hotdog stands upright.
  • Use a knife or a food decoration pen to draw a mouth and eyes on the uncut part of the hotdog, and voilà!


Grape caterpillars – The everlasting fruit snack

grape caterpillars
Do you have trouble getting your kids to eat fruit? These lovely long bugs make healthy eating a pleasure.

  • Use wooden skewers as the basis for this healthy snack.
  • Thread grapes side-ways onto the skewers untill only a small piece is left free (this makes it easy to hold the fruit-snack).
  • Use a food decoration pen to draw eyes on the grape at the very end of the skewer.

These caterpillars get shorter and shorter with every bite. It’s almost a shame to eat them!
Tip: Try this with blueberries or small strawberries too.


Cupcakes + Oreo’s + M&M’s = Wise little owls

Ok. These are far from healthy, but they’re tasty, fun and beastly good.

cup cake owls

  • Bake/buy cupcakes.
  • Cover the cupcakes in chocolate spread.
  • Separate the two sides of the Oreo cookies and keep the sides with the white filling still on. Eat the other halves!
  • Place two Oreo halves on every cupcake.
  • Finish up your owl cupcakes with brown and orange M&M’s.
    Press brown M&M’s in the white Oreo filling and press an orange M&M side-ways in the chocolate spread to make the beak.

Woot-woot! This is so good! We think it’s a very wise treat to make once in a while.


Jello worms – The perfect ghoulish-party treat


  • Take some straws and extend the bendable part out.
  • Bundle them in a container, can or cardboard box (anything that keeps them upright).
  • Make sure they are tightly bundled by wrapping a rubber band around them.
  • Prepare the jello according to the jello/gelatin package instructions.
  • Pour the mixture into the bundle of straws and let it set until the jello is firm.
  • Hold the straws over warm water and the jello worms will slip right out.

Now this might not look very appealing, but it tastes great. Plus, seeing your friend’s faces when you serve this snack is definitely worth it!


Banana Penguin Popsicles

Cute! But more importantly, extremely tasty. Because of the perfect combination of banana and chocolate, eating fruit has never been more of a delight!

banana penguins

  • Melt chocolate ‘au bain-marie’ (in a bowl above boiling water).
  • Cut a few orange M&M’s in half./li>
  • Cut a banana in half and dip the uncut end of the banana in the chocolate. Don’t forget to put a little of the melted chocolate just above the cut end of the banana.
  • Press the half M&M’s in the melted chocolate to make the penguin’s beak and feet (make sure to have your M&M’s ready because the chocolate still needs to be soft!).
  • Draw eyes with a food decoration pen and it’s done!

For a more arctic experience, you could even put the bananas in the fridge for a while. Frosty food fun!


Preparing these treats is a true delight, but eating them is even better!
Did you give it a try? Or do you have some more ideas on how to turn simple food into beastly themed snacks?

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