Unlike humans, dogs have built-in sweaters i.e. their fur. But some dogs can handle cold weather better than others. Especially the little ones with little fur, like Chihuahuas, can be a bit uncomfortable when temperatures drop. That’s where dog clothing comes in. Here’s 4 situations and solutions you can make sure your dog stays nice and warm this winter season.


During the day, when your off to work, your home’s internal heating system is probably set low. A good way to save some bucks, but your dog may disagree. This is where you might want to consider buying a sweater for your dog.

Dog in sweater



At night temperatures usually drop some more. We humans pull out extra blankets, but it’s a little bit harder for dogs. That’s why they’ll appreciate pajamas to keep them warm during the night.

Dog in pajamas



Even when it’s raining outside your dog needs to be walked. A raincoat or poncho keeps them from getting all soaking wet. It’ll also protect them from high wind gusts.

Dog in raincoat


What do you think about dog clothing? How do you keep your 4-legged warm?