Sometimes you see such an amazing idea that you wished you had come up with it yourself. Here’s one of those!

For anyone who loves having their family around all the time, we found a stylish way to make this happen. And let me tell you; it’s easier than planning a reunion!

Here’s a three-step-guide to a cozy family tree!

Step 1: Be creative and paint a tree on the wall. It might help to find a picture you can use as an example. (Tip: There are very handy wall-stickers you can use for this!)
Step 2: Print all your favorite family pictures and frame them. For an extra nice messy effect, use all different shapes and sizes.
Step 3: Hang up all the photo frames, spreading them out in between the branches.



And it’s done! Wasn’t that an easy way to surround yourself with love? Now your favorite family members will always be around.

Will you give it a try? Please share the results on Facebook or Google+ or comment here!