Hiddenverse - Witch's Tales 3
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Hiddenverse - Witch's Tales 3

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In Hiddenverse - Witch's Tales 3 it's the prince who needs to be saved! Join Alice as she dispels the prince's curse and saves the Kingdoms from the wrath of the evil witch.

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Break the prince's curse and stop the evil witch from taking control over the Kingdoms!

Hiddenverse - Witch's Tales 3 invites you to join Alice on her quest to save Prince Charming and save the Kingdoms! Break the prince's curse and reunite him with his betrothed, the Princess Snow White. Stop the evil witch Circe responsible for the menacing curses and prevent her from taking control over all the Kingdoms. Save the world from her wrath in Hiddenverse - Witch's Tales 3!
  • Play over 100 challenging hidden object levels.
  • Enjoy more than 20 different game mechanics.
  • Explore an intriguing world bursting with mystery.
  • Break the curse created by the evil witch!

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