Hiddenverse - Rise of Ariadna
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Hiddenverse - Rise of Ariadna

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Hiddenverse - Rise of Ariadna is a Hidden Object adventure. Unite with Ariadna to find her inner power and unite the worlds torn apart by chaos.

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Help Ariadna find her inner power and unite fictional worlds.

Hiddenverse - Rise of Ariadna has a new job for you. Work as a regulator and keep various worlds from falling into chaos. Become partners with Ariadna and discover her inner power. Only by looking within will you find the power to save worlds threatened by chaos! Play over 100 game levels set within a colorful, fictional world in Hiddenverse - Rise of Ariadna.
  • Explore colorful fictional worlds.
  • Play more than 100 challenging levels.
  • Find hidden objects and arrange pairs and matches.
  • Help Ariadna find her inner power and unite the worlds!

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