Hiddenverse - Tale of Ariadna
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Hiddenverse - Tale of Ariadna

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Hiddenverse - Tale of Ariadna is a Hidden Object adventure in which you'll explore colorful, fictional worlds. Follow the trail of a mysterious disappearance.

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Bring balance to a world threatened by chaos and follow the trail of a mysterious disappearance.

Hiddenverse - Tale of Ariadna puts you in the role of regulator - one responsible for keeping various worlds in balance. As the world is threatened by chaos, the love of your partner, Seuss, has gone missing. Discover a trail of clues that lead deep into the heart of disorder. The fate of the world, and Seuss's lost love, are mysteriously entwined. Explore Hiddenverse - Tale of Ariadna today!
  • explore a multitude of colorful, fantastical worlds
  • help Seuss find his lost love
  • play over 100 levels of Hidden Object puzzles and more
  • discover more than a dozen unique game mechanics

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