Hiddenverse - Witch's Tales 2
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Hiddenverse - Witch's Tales 2

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Hiddenverse - Witch's Tales 2 lets you choose your own adventurer. Help Prince Percydal find his missing princess and lift an ominous curse.

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Choose your own adventurer and help the frog prince lift his curse.

Hiddenverse - Witch's Tales 2 is a game that lets you choose your own adventurer. Play as Prince Percydal - the cursed frog prince - or Alice, the amateur witch. Only Princess Rapunzel can lift the curse, but the beloved beauty has gone missing! Find a way to save the day. Featuring over 100 levels, Hiddenverse - Witch's Tales 2 is pure puzzle magic.
  • Help a frog prince break his curse and find his lost princess.
  • Choose who to play: Prince Percydal or Alice the witch.
  • Solve over 100 magical levels.
  • Explore picturesque fantasy settings and locations.

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