Hiddenverse - The Iron Tower
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Hiddenverse - The Iron Tower

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Hiddenverse - The Iron Tower will take you into the depths of the evil lord's stronghold. Thwart his dark plans and save the kingdom!

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Help Sarah sneak into the Iron Tower and sabotage the evil lord's dark devices.

Hiddenverse - The Iron Tower takes place in a colorful dystopian world. The evil Lord Marcus has kidnapped the great steampunk mechanic Leonardo, and intends to use his talents for his own dark devices. Sneak into his lair, finding hidden objects along the way, and put a stop to his madness! The kingdom's future depends on you. Explore the Hiddenverse - The Iron Tower today.
  • solve over 100 game levels
  • flex your puzzle skills with multiple gameplay mechanics
  • explore a vivid fictional world
  • save Leonardo and the kingdom from an evil ruler

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