For a long time, video games were considered harmful to the health of children and adolescents. However, with the advancement of medicine and more comprehensive studies, science has shown that in reality, video games can be great allies of child development. 

When achieving the right balance,this kind of entertainment can offer major benefits, particularly for cognition and motor coordination. Proving the beneficial role of games in children’s development, we list some of the greatest benefits to our littlest players:


Logical reasoning

As you know, most games require good notions of logic and knowledge of cause and effect relationships. Children exposed to video games tend to do better in these areas, for the simple fact that games are a great mental exercise.

Frustration tolerance
We all know losing is part of playing. Children can develop a much healthier relationship with their frustrations – as well as becoming more inclined to try again – when they understand this early.


Reasoning agility
Controlling multiple functions at the same time is something necessary in almost all games. In order to do this effectively, thinking fast is key. Games are a good exercise to develop this ability in people of all ages, and especially in children, whose minds are constantly developing.

Improved attention
In games, the difference between
winning and losing can be found in a simple distraction. You must always be alert to the challenges imposed by a game, and children who play tend to pay more attention to their surroundings.


Physical exercise
A little unexpected,
isn’t it? Exercise, the key to good health, may seem far from the world of games. But with the development of motion sensors, it’s possible to simulate the practice of sports in front of a console!

Good to know that  your child(ren)’s favorite amusement can help them become healthier adults, right?

Looking for some fun games for your little ones? They’ll love the selection below!

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