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 Sticky Linky
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Sticky Linky Stats
  • Test our matching skills in this wonderful Match 3 game for all ages.
  • Play more than 50 levels in two modes to help little critters evolve.
  • Enjoy challenging physics-based gameplay in real time.
  • Plan moves in advance to earn more rewarding outcomes.
  • Watch out for hungry fish, soap bubbles, and use power-ups wisely.

Game Description

Save strange little critters from hungry fish in Sticky Linky, a colorful and addictive puzzle game for the whole family.

Millions of years of evolution have led to groups of little colored globs bobbing above and below the ocean. In their attempt to develop into a higher form of life, you job is to match like-colored globs to create new creatures. Make sure to mind them however, because there are plenty of hungry fish ready to swallow them whole.

Test your matching skills as you play more than 50 levels in Zen and Class modes to nurture these critters. Learn quickly to link together globs in real-time and are rewarded for planning your moves in advance. Enjoy quick point-and-click controls, watch out for dangerous fish and soap bubbles, and use your power-ups wisely.

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Genre:  Match 3