Lost Amulets – Stone Garden is a new spin on the popular computer puzzle game modeled after Mah Jong solitaire. In this vibrant, fresh, and relaxing game, players play Mah Jong solitaire with a twist in either relaxed or timed modes with the opportunity to acquire power-ups and golden tiles that enhance future play all with the stated objective of clearing the game board to solve a quest. In between levels, players are challenged with mini-games that amp up the gameplay pace.


The Quest

Lost Amulets – Stone Garden contains a quest for the player to complete that also follows the game’s storyline. Five elemental amulets have gone missing. Throughout gameplay the player is tasked with finding the missing elemental amulets – Wind, Wood, Water, Fire and Earth – which become available and collectable as the player progresses through the game. Once all five elemental amulets are found, harmony is restored to nature and the game’s quest successfully solved.

Main Menu

The Main Menu screen allows the player to customize the game to create an optimal playing environment. The key components of this game are enhanced audio and visual features. The music is an Asian-inspired theme that can be disabled in the game settings and helps set the mood of the game. The visual features offer customizable vibrant color displays with striking landscapes in exotic locations with enhanced game pieces that help the players see the tile pieces.

  • Sound setting
    The music theme of the game is inspired by Chinese music. Comforting and relaxing sounds help set the gameplay mood. Sound can be turned off or left on. Select the desired sound setting from the Main Menu.
  • Basic tutorial
    The Main Menu screen contains a button that when clicked leads to a basic tutorial course. The tutorial course helps familiarize players with the game rules and objectives, and provides a walkthrough of the game’s customization options. Complete the tutorial after reading this guide or to refresh your memory when working through the various game puzzle levels.
  • Choose a Tile Set
    Lost Amulets – Stone Garden contains six (6) vibrant and colorful game tile sets that are placed on the game board. There is one (1) traditional rectangular tile set similar to those found in Mah Jong solitaire games and five (5) new patterned round stone tile sets. The patterns for the round stones are flowers, animals, rainbow tiles, and number tiles or mixed tiles featuring all four patterns. The background color of the tiles can also be customized to make the tiles stand out and be more prominent and visible.
  • Select game play mode
    There are two (2) game play modes in the Lost Amulets – Stone Garden game: (1) Story Mode or (2) Zen Mah Jong Mode. Zen Mah Jong Mode is unlocked after completing several levels of Story Mode. In Story Mode there is an option to play the game in relaxed (untimed) or timed scenarios increasing the difficulty level of clearing the puzzles.


Lost Amulets – Stone Garden Walkthrough

Basic Play

The game starts with a populated game board or layout of a set of five (5) fixed stone tiles located at the bottom of the screen. Above the five (5) fixed stones are loose stone tiles. The player compares the fixed stone tile pieces with the loose stone tile pieces and selects the same or identical stone tile pieces until all the stone tile pieces with the same or identical pattern are removed from the game board or layout. Tile pieces are automatically removed when the matching stone tile pieces are selected. The player continues to match the stone tile pieces until all identical patterns are matched or the game board or layout cleared.

  • Tip:
    Unlike traditional Mah Jong solitaire games, more than two matches are possible in the Lost Amulets – Stone Garden game. Select and click as many stone tile pieces as are present to match fixed and loose stone tile pieces. There can be 1, 2, 3, or 4 loose stone tile pieces to match with the fixed stone tile piece, that combined clear the similar pattern from the game board. The more stone tile pieces a player matches and clears, the more points a player scores.
  • Hint:
    Blocked stone tile pieces contain a grey filter that helps the player see that the stone tile pieces that are not available for play while making the stone tile pieces available for play brighter or more visible.


Lost Amulets - Stone Garden - 1

Lost Amulets – Stone Garden – 1

Power-ups: How to Collect

Each level contains loose jade pearls hidden beneath the stone tile pieces. As the game is played, and stone tile pieces are removed more and more jade pearls become visible. The player needs to collect all the loose jade pearls by selecting the jade pearls as they become visible and available to be picked-up. The jade pearls are accumulated and then can be used to purchase or obtain Power-ups.

Power-ups: How to Use

The collected jade pearls are used to purchase or obtain Power-ups. The Power-Ups available for purchase enhance play by providing hints, cheats, or unlocking stone tile pieces.

  • Hints cost one (1) jade pearl and provide a clue and guidance on how to solve the puzzle or make a game play move.
  • Shuffle costs two (2) jade pearls and permits the player to rearrange the game board or layout for the purpose of accessing hidden or unavailable stone tile pieces.
  • Fire costs between four (4) and five (5) jade pearls and removes blocks of stone tile pieces in increments of ten (10) stones for four (4) jade pearls and fifteen (15) stones for five (5) jade pearls at the same time. This boost permits the player to match more tiles by removing stone tile pieces in one (1) move.


Kitty of Good Fortune Stone

The game contains a Kitty of Good Fortune Stone Tile that allows the player to use the tile to create any stone tile match needed, like the Joker card in the traditional solitaire card game.

Game Objective

The objective of Lost Amulets – Stone Garden is to collect all of the Gold Stones or Tiles contained in the various playing levels. You achieve success and win the game when all the Gold Stones or Tiles are collected.

Mini Games

At the end of each set of games, the player spins a wheel and a mini-game is selected at random for further and at times more challenging play.

Lost Amulets - Stone Garden - 2

Lost Amulets – Stone Garden – 2

The mini-games are the (1) Memory Game; (2) Matching Game; (3) Tiling Game; and (4) Bingo Game.

  • Memory Game – In this mini-game, the player uncovers two (2) game pieces at a time until an identical match is selected. The game pieces automatically disappear and the mini-game is solved when there are no further game pieces available to be selected.
  • Matching Game – The Matching Game requires the player to view three (3) similar images and select matching items across all three (3) similar images. Instead of marking the differences, the player is selecting and marking the similarities.
  • Tiling Game – Identical tiles continue to be selected for pairing by matching identical pieces until the game board or layout of the Tiling Game are matched.
  • Bingo Game – This mini-game has the potential to be a standalone game. The Bingo Game is a divided attention game and turns up the gameplay mode and volume. The game begins with a bingo game piece that is populated with numbered tiles. On the right of the bingo game piece numbered balls scroll down a grooved canal and shoot to the left or below the bingo game piece in a connected grooved canal that forms the shape of a backwards “L”.To win Lost Amulets – Stone Garden Bingo the player must match the falling numbered balls in the grooved canal with the numbered tiles on the bingo game board before the numbered balls reach the bottom of the grooved canal and move off the screen forever. The mini-game is timed. However, you are able to obtain more time to complete the mini-game with each paired match selected. Success is achieved when the player clears the bingo game piece. That’s twenty-five (25) matches.


Lost Amulets - Stone Garden - 3

Lost Amulets – Stone Garden – 3

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The Lost Amulets – Stone Garden Walkthrough Gameplay guide is meant as a guide and does not contain cheats, hacks, or serials.