The forest is thick. Everything about it is thick: the leaves, the bugs, the stinking air, clouded with the stench of rotting flesh. You wipe the sweat from your brow and resist the urge to pick at one of your many bug bites, but you don’t know why you bother, because they’re definitely already infected. You nibble on the last of your former tour guide for sustenance, because everything else is poisonous, and look for a nice soft place to lie down and wait for one of the handful of terrifying predators that have been following you for the past ten miles to tear out your throat.
That is what you might be experiencing if you were to go on vacation to the rain forest. Instead of embarking upon that terrifying and lethal journey, enjoy all the beauty of the rain forest and none of the deadly with Rainforest Adventure, a match-3 puzzler!


This gameplay walkthrough of Rainforest Adventure will cover the many different items in the game, a walkthrough of a typical level, and some tips and tricks to help guide you to the highest score. Don’t worry about sunscreen, plane tickets, or updating your will: Just kick back with a few levels of Rain Forest Adventure!


Rainforest Adventure Gameplay Walkthrough

Gameplay Breakdown

Rainforest Adventure is a match-3 puzzle game. The core gameplay concept is to match pieces on a board in groups of three or more. This is done by swapping two adjacent tiles at a time. Making matches of three or more will result in points being awarded to you, with more points being given for higher matches. In addition to getting extra points for larger matches, causing subsequent matches by falling pieces will give a cascade bonus, with additional points granted. Goals outside of the main one include such requirements as changing the color of the entire board, or getting a certain score.

Rainforest Adventure - Map

Rainforest Adventure – Map

Item Descriptions

Butterfly: Native to the rain forest, the Morpho Butterfly is a beautiful creature, covered in dazzling iridescent colors. It’s poisonous to consume, and it has been known to feed on fermenting fruit and occasionally, the bodily fluids of the deceased, which means this butterfly parties hard. These butterflies can be matched in groups of three or more, giving points and changing the color of the board when matched.

Mushroom: As a rule of thumb, you should never eat anything you find on the ground, and mushrooms are no exception. Poisonous mushrooms have the appearance of edible, nonpoisonous mushrooms in many cases, and have been known to trick unsuspecting tourists into ingesting them and then dying. A better use for these deadly death caps of death is to match them in groupings of three or more on the game board. Doing so will earn points, with more points being given for larger matches.

Puma: Even the common domestic housecat is a frighteningly effective natural predator, wiping out entire species of local birds and squirrels. A puma is very similar to a common housecat, but the difference is they’re as big as you. It is recommended to avoid directly interacting with pumas, face to face, but matching them in groups of three or more has been known to reap rewards such as points and colorization on the game board.

Swapping the Mushroom and Puma on top will cause two matches of three, granting 60 points.

Leaf: Dendrocnide moroides is the scientific term for the gympie, or suicide plant. Found commonly in the Australian rain forests, its leaves are covered in tiny hairs. The stinging hairs contain a potent neurotoxin that deliver agonizing pain, and has been known to kill humans. It’s been called the suicide plant because the extreme pain from coming into contact with the gympie has caused people to shoot themselves and horses to run off cliffs to their deaths in order to escape the agony. Do not touch any leaves in the rain forest! The ideal method of disposal for these horrible plants are to match them in groups of three or more. This will turn them into safe, nontoxic points, and change the color of the board.

Dragonfly: What many people don’t know about the dragonfly is that it is quite possibly the deadliest hunter on Earth, with studies showing that they successfully capture and consume 95% of the prey they hunt. This makes them four times more effective killing machines than lions, previously thought to be a big deal. Dragonflies take the form of other objects and can be identified by their beating wings. Forming a match with a dragonfly will cause it to take flight on a murderous rampage, granting extra points and turning more tiles to gold.

Level Walkthrough

This is a walkthrough of a typical level in Rain Forest Adventure. At the beginning of the level, several objects will fall from the top and fill the game board. The goal in this level is to change all the tiles on the game board into gold by matching objects on them. To complete this goal, you have to create matches on every space available on the board. Start by matching three Pumas on the right side of the screen to get 30 points. Then, swap the Leaf and the Butterfly toward the top-right. This causes a match with four Butterflies, giving 40 points. Near that Leaf we swapped is a Mushroom, which when swapped will create another 40 point match with four Mushrooms.
Now a Dragonfly has fallen onto the board, having cleverly taken the guise of a Leaf. However, it is betrayed by its flapping wings: find it on the board, and swap it with the Puma to unleash its violent crusade. After the dragonfly has done its thing, most of the top-right should be gold. Now you can focus on some of the other areas of the map: conveniently, another Dragonfly is taking the form of a Puma in the lower right. Swapping a Leaf with a Mushroom will give a match of three as well as set up a match of Pumas that will let you unleash the second Dragonfly, which takes care of the rest of the right side.

The Dragonfly can change the color of most of the board, and gives lots of points!

Rainforest Adventure - Dragonfly

Rainforest Adventure – Dragonfly

Now, all that’s left of the board that needs to be colored is on the left side. No Dragonflies yet: you’ll have to brute force this one. Match the Butterflies in the top-left by swapping one with a Leaf, yielding 40 points for four Butterflies. After that, the pieces that fall in place will create another match by themselves, giving you 30 points for doing nothing and highlighting the rest of the top of the board gold. Score! Now, all that’s left to match are the pieces at the bottom-left.

While a Dragonfly would definitely come in handy right about now, there doesn’t seem to be any on the board. In that case, making matches on the bottom is your only option. However, after swapping some Butterflies with some Leaves, a few more matches can be made nearby, which will set up the remaining few matches needed to clear the board. Congratulations, you’ve made it through a level in Rain Forest Adventure!


The rain forest is a frightening place. Putting aside the fact that over 200 species of plant life indigenous to the rain forest biome have been connected to causing cancer, it also contains some of the scariest and deadliest predators on the planet. There are those foolhardy enough to want to visit the rain forest: most of them pay with their lives. While the beauty of the rain forest may be worth the trip, the cost is just too high for some.

The solution to this conundrum is to play Rain Forest Adventure! Enjoy swapping pieces and learning interesting facts about the rain forest without placing your own life in danger. What’s better is that you can enjoy Rain Forest Adventure on a mobile device, meaning you can visit the rain forest wherever you are. You can enjoy a few levels on the subway, on the beach, or by the pool: no need to get expensive plane tickets to a forest of death.

With the aid of this walkthrough, you should be able to identify the various flora and fauna you will encounter, as well as some tips and tricks to help you get the most points out of them. Hopefully you won’t feel cheated out of the Adventure of a lifetime, because that same Adventure would quite possibly be the end of your life. Enjoy the things you have before you: fresh air, a nonlethal climate, and a PC or mobile device you can use to play Rain Forest Adventure. Happy travels!

Rainforest Adventure - Gameplay

Rainforest Adventure – Gameplay

Congratulations! You’ve completed our Rainforest Adventure Walkthrough! For more great tips and tricks, visit our blog!
The Rain Forest Adventure Gameplay Walkthrough is meant as a guide and does not contain any cheats, hacks or serials.