Help King Ragnor rescue the Princesses Summer, Autumn, and Winter and defeat the army of giants, witches, and black knights that threatens the peace and prosperity of the Northern Lands. As this dark army advances through the Northern Lands they destroy everything in its path. When King Ragnor and the Princes arrive at the scenes all is black and white. As the levels are clear and the dark army defeated color is returned to the Northern Lands. One by one each of the princesses are rescued.

Northern Tale 4 is a time management/strategy electronic game and the fourth installment of the popular Northern Tale series. For other games in the series, click here. Clear levels and complete chapters with this indispensable gameplay guide. Northern Tale 4 Walkthrough Gameplay Guide is divided into four sections: (1) General Gameplay Instructions; (2) Chapter One; (3) Chapter Two; and (4) Chapter Three. Each of the game’s 3 chapters and 45 levels will be explored pointing out tips and hints to get through this odyssey.



Modes of Play
There are three modes of play in the Northern Tale 4: Normal, Multiclick, and No Time. No Time is untimed and contains tips throughout gameplay. The other two modes are timed. If the player is unable to complete the level in time, must replay the level to advance to the next level. In Multiclick mode, the Vikings or workers can be programmed to perform up to two tasks at a time, accumulating Resources faster.

The following gameplay experiences are fully customizable: sound, volume, screen size, screen resolution, and character voices can be turned on or off during play.

The objective of gameplay is to restore the camps that were destroyed by the black army by building, repairing, clearing, or removing items according to task lists found in each level’s Quest button. When a task is complete it becomes green. To clear a level, tasks found in the Quests tab must be complete.

  • Resources – Food (Ham Leg), Wood Pile (Iron Ore), and Gold Pile (Gold) are collected and stored in Inventory and are generated every minute of game play.
  • Buildings like the Druid’s Tent, Workshop, the Player’s Camp, the Iron Ore and Gold Mines are Built and Upgraded throughout game play.
  • Once the Druid’s Tent is built Wolves, Spiders, and Magic Flowers can be banished from camp.
  • The completed Workshop can hold up to 30 Resources.
  • Player’s Camp – When the player’s camp is Upgraded a Viking or worker is gained.
  • The Mines either produce Iron Ore or Gold. Once depleted, the Mines shut down
  • Trees get chopped down; Roads and bridges are repaired.
  • The following items are destroyed or banished in each of the chapters: Evil Root, Wolves, Evil Stone, and Evil Flowers.
  • The Evil Root is a dead tree highlighted in red. When level complete and the Evil Root is selected, the scene turns to full color.
  • The Evil Stone is a rainbow stone found in the camp outskirts. Once selected water and color are restored to the camp.
  • Upgrades are purchased with Resources.
  • The Magic Stump provides free Resources that regenerate throughout level gameplay.
  • HINT: If the player clears the level ahead of time collect maximum amount of Resources before exiting level.
  • PowerUps: Rechargeable button that provides bonuses in the form of spells to boost play. Spells can add an extra Viking, cause Magic Stumps to automatically regenerate, and double production yield of Resources.

Northern Tale 4 Walkthrough


There are three chapters of gameplay in Northern Lights 4. In each chapter rescue one of three princesses: Summer, Autumn, and Winter. There are 15 levels in each chapter. The princesses get rescued in the 15th level of each chapter. There are a total of 45 levels of gameplay.

Chapter One: Levels 1 – 15

In Chapter One review each quest before beginning to play. The following game guide will only provide tips and hints. Remember quests are listed in the upper right hand corner of each level and can be completed in any order. The quest is the goal of the levels. Clear all of the resources and repair all of the buildings. If time runs out before the quest is complete, the level begins again.

Tips and Tricks by Level

Level One: Repair the Main Viking House First. Once complete, a Viking is gained. Once main Viking house is complete, a Viking is gained.

Level Two: The first Workshop is unlocked in this level. It can hold up to 30 resources. Also Repair the Bridge. Bonus bar at bottom of the screen becomes visible.

Level Three: The Magic Stumps are unlocked in this level. Check back often.
Additionally, Repair the Workshop and the Farm. There are 2 Magic Stumps in this level that generate Iron Ore and Gold.

Level Four: The 2 Magic Stumps in this level generate food. Make sure to Repair the Workshop and the Farm. Upgrade Camp. Each time a Viking is gained.

Level Five: Ensure Workshop and Farm Repaired. There are 3 Magic Stumps in this level.
Level Six: Also Repair Workshop and Farm. Upgrade Camp.

Level Seven: Additionally, Repair Druid’s Tent and Farm. Upgrade Camp.

Level Eight: Make sure to Build Druid’s Tent, Run Out Wolves, and Build Farm. Upgrade Camp.

Level Nine: Also Build Farm, Workshop, Warehouse, and Mine; Clear Dirt Patches on Road. Upgrade Camp.

Level Ten: Build Workshop, Farm, and Warehouse. Upgrade Camp.

Level Eleven: Build Warehouse, Gold Mine, and Farm. Upgrade Camp.

Level Twelve: Repair Iron Ore and Gold Mines; Build Druid’s Tent. Upgrade Camp.

Level Thirteen: Build Farm, Druid Tent, Warehouse, and Gold Mine. Upgrade Camp.

Level Fourteen: Build Farm, Druid Tent, and Gold and Iron Mine. Upgrade Camp.

Level Fifteen: Build Farm, Gold Mine, Druid Tent and 2 Iron Ore Mines. SAVE PRINCESS SUMMER. Upgrade Camp. Summer is the princess trapped in the center of the scene.

Northern Tale 4 - Tips and Tricks

Northern Tale 4 – Tips and Tricks

Chapter Two: Levels 16 – 30

The purpose of Chapter Two is to rescue Princess Autumn. Gameplay continues using the tools and resources so far gained. Additionally, the following new elements are introduced: Rainmaker/Enchanted Berries, Herbalist, Dry Tree, and the White Wolf. Statutes, Ghosts, Skeletons, the Exorcist Hut, the Dark Knight, and the Hungry Trolls appear throughout the chapter. When present, they must be built, moved, or repaired using Resources. To determine the Resources needed for the task, place the cursor over the objects. HINT: To remove Ghosts, the Exorcist Hut must be complete.

Tips and Tricks by Level
Level Sixteen: Build Workshop and Farm. Select Dry Tree. The Dry Tree transforms into a bridge when knocked down and falls horizontally. In order to knock down tree must use Resources place cursor over the Dry Tree to identify needed Resources. Upgrade Camp – gain a Viking.

Level Seventeen: Build Gold Mine, Farm, and Rainmaker Idol. The Rainmaker Idol makes it rain in the Camp. Upgrade Camp. A rainbow is visible after the rain, revealing Enchanted Berries.

Level Eighteen: Build Farm, Druid Tent, Exorcist Tent. Upgrade Camp.

Level Nineteen: Build Exorcist’s Hut, Iron Ore and Gold Mines, and Farm. At this level, the player meets the Herbalist (old lady). Select all mushrooms. When complete the Herbalist grows enchanted berries. Upgrade Camp. The Herbalist only appears once in Chapter Two.

Level Twenty: Build Exorcist’s Hut, Workshop, Gold Mine. Move Dry Tree – transforms into a bride. Banish 2 Ghosts. Upgrade Camp.

Level Twenty One: Build Exorcist’s Hut, Farm, and Gold Mine. Banish 3 Ghosts. Upgrade Camp.

Level Twenty Two: Build Iron Ore and Gold Mines, Farm, and Warehouse. Remove 2 Trolls. Upgrade Camp.

Level Twenty Three: Build Exorcist’s Hut, Warehouse, Farm, and Gold Mine. Upgrade Camp.

Level Twenty Four: Build Farm, Warehouse, Iron Ore and Gold Mines. Select Dry Tree. Upgrade Camp.

Level Twenty Five: Build Exorcist’s Hut, Druid Tent, Warehouse, and Farm. Upgrade Camp.

Level Twenty Six: Build Exorcist’s Tent, Farm, Warehouse. and Gold Mine. Select Dry Tree. Upgrade Camp.

Level Twenty Seven: Build Farm, Warehouse, and Iron Ore Mine. Upgrade Camp.

Level Twenty Eight: Build Farm, Exorcist’s Tent, Gold and 2 Iron Ore Mines. Upgrade Camp. Feeding wolves takes them to another location; feeding wolves 2 times makes them fall asleep.

Level Twenty Nine: Build Exorcist’s Hut, Gold Mine, and Farm. Upgrade Camp.

Level Thirty: Build Exorcist’s Tent, Farm, Warehouse, and Gold Mine. RESCUE PRINCESS AUTUMN. Upgrade Camp. Feed the Wolves.

Northern Tale 4 - Tips and Tricks 2

Northern Tale 4 – Tips and Tricks 2

Chapter Three: Levels 31 – 45

The third and final chapter reunites the sisters with the rescue of Winter who is found frozen in ice. All game rules and tips continue to apply. The goal of every level is to complete quest, while clearing resources and repairing buildings. The Merchant offers goods for sale or trade. Also during gameplay in the chapter you will collect Broken Heart Pieces from Princess Winter. To free her the player needs all the pieces. HINTS: Upgrade Camp in every level of the chapter.

Tips and Tricks by Level

Level Thirty One: Build Workshop and Farm. Upgrade Farm.

Level Thirty Two: Build Exorcist Hut, Farm, Workshop, Druid Tent, and Gold Mine. Free 2 Vikings. Remove Snowball. Snowballs convert into snowmen.

Level Thirty Three: Build Farm, Gold and Iron Ore Mines. Sell or trade with Merchant. Upgrade Farm.

Level Thirty Four: No buildings to build in this level.

Level Thirty Five: Build Farm and Druid’s Tent. Gesta appears and causes an avalanche. Remove 3 Boulders.

Level Thirty Six: Use Merchant.

Level Thirty Seven: Use Merchant.

Level Thirty Eight: Build Farm and Move Snowball 3xs.

Level Thirty Nine: Banish Yetis. The Yetis leave if offered food and Druid Tent is built.

Level Forty: Banish Yetis.

Level Forty One: No additional tasks to complete at this level.

Level Forty Two: Build 2 Farms.

Level Forty Three: Use 2 Merchants.

Level Forty Four: Build Farm, Workshop, and Gold Mine.

Level Forty Five: Princess Winter is frozen in place and will take 3 separate blasts to be released from the ice. Make sure all Resources are full and access to all PowerUps charged to complete level and conclude game. PRINCESS WINTER IS RESCUED.

Northern Tale 4 - Tips and Tricks 3

Northern Tale 4 – Tips and Tricks 3

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The Northern Tale 4 Walkthrough Gameplay Guide is meant as a guide and does not contain cheats, hacks, or serials.