In Mystika 2 – The Sanctuary, the village of Lumina is in trouble. Rikou, the magic tree, has been struck by lightning and can no longer protect the village. The world is falling into darkness and it’s up to you to help Alrik the mage save it. Play through 200 match-3 levels and over 10 hidden object puzzles to save up enough money to restore the sanctuary to its former glory. These tips and tricks will help you defeat challenging puzzles to move forward and save the day.


Mystika 2 – The Sanctuary Walkthrough

Getting Started

  • Upon starting the game, it will ask for your name and present a brief tutorial explaining how to navigate throughout the game.
  • Choose between Time and Relax modes. In Time mode you must race against the clock to complete your objective, such as clearing all the tiles from the screen. In Relax mode you can complete the levels with unlimited time. After starting a game, choose Options on the main menu to switch between Time and Relax modes.
  • When playing a match-3 level you will see your instructions and any special objectives listed at the top of the screen. In Time mode the timer will be represented by a slowly draining potion vial on the right side. For hidden object puzzles, the list of hidden items along with the Hint button will appear at the bottom of the screen.
  • The Options menu, located in the bottom left corner, allows you to turn tutorial mode on and off, exit or enter full-screen play mode, and turn Time mode on and off.
Mystika 2 The Sanctuary

Mystika 2 The Sanctuary

How to Play


  • Create a match of three or more of the same item by dragging the first item onto the second to swap them. You can also click the first item and then the second. Items must be adjacent to each other and cannot move diagonally.
  • Look for chances to make chains longer than three, such as four items as a row. This clears the board faster and earns more points.
  • Focus on yellow tiles first as these must all be cleared to finish the level. Some items may be trapped in ice or chains and you will want to focus on those items at the beginning of the level since they are the hardest to clear.
  • If you have trouble clearing an area, try focusing on combos at the bottom of the screen. Clearing these allows the entire puzzle to shift downward and may open up new combos in the area where you’re stuck.
  • Special items such as bombs, rockets, and exploding vials appearing from time to time. Double-click the item to activate its special power and clear extra tiles.
  • As you progress through the levels, you will encounter different tile types that require special moves to break. Yellow tile levels require you clear all yellow tiles by creating a match on top of them to complete the level. Chained tiles and ice tiles require making a match using that item to break the block, but the chained or iced item cannot be moved. You must move the items around it to form a combo. The top of the screen will tell you the objective for each level.
Mystika 2 The Sanctuary - Match

Mystika 2 The Sanctuary – Match

Counter Challenge

  • Counter challenge levels work the same as match-3 levels but you have a limited number of moves. You can see how many moves you have left at the top of the screen.
  • At first you will have several extra moves and can clear the puzzles easily, but as the game continues the counter challenge levels will have fewer moves and require strategy to complete.
  • When you find yourself stuck on a level, note what areas take the most moves to clear or if a certain area is often uncleared at the end of the level. Focus on these areas first before clearing the rest of the board. It can help to write down various combinations of moves you have tried so you can make sure you are trying different combinations to defeat tricky levels.
Mystika 2 The Sanctuary - ClearTheBoard

Mystika 2 The Sanctuary – ClearTheBoard

Hidden Object
Hidden object puzzles allow you to collect extra money to spend restoring your Sanctuary.

  • The list of items you’re searching for appears at the bottom of the screen. Each item will be crossed off once it has been collected.
  • Certain objects, such as “Fruits”, may require you to find more than one of that item. If after selecting an item it disappears from the screen but is not crossed off the item list, look for an additional item that fits this category. The items likely won’t be identical.
  • On the bottom left hand side of the screen is the Hint button. After using a hint it will refill over a period of 30 to 45 seconds. Save your hints for the end of the level when you simply cannot find the last object, or when you have a word on your object list that you don’t recognize.
Mystika 2 The Sanctuary - HiddenObject

Mystika 2 The Sanctuary – HiddenObject

Restoring the Sanctuary
Between levels you’ll return to the home screen where you can use your coins to restore parts of the Sanctuary. At the bottom of the screen you’ll find items that can be restored. Hover over an item to see its cost and click to purchase it if you have enough money. After all four items are restored a new set of four items will appear.


Trophies are earned by completing certain objectives throughout the game. View your trophies from the main screen by clicking Trophies at the top of the screen.

  • The first category of trophies is awarded for earning money. Reaching different amounts of money in the game unlocks these trophies.
  • Using special items, like Rockets and spells, unlocks certain trophies. Be sure to use as many special items as possible in the level, even if you don’t need them all to complete it.
  • Satisfaction trophies are unlocked as you restore various parts of the Sanctuary. The satisfaction meter can be viewed at the top of the main screen between levels.
Mystika 2 The Sanctuary - Rocket

Mystika 2 The Sanctuary – Rocket

Tips & Tricks

  • Creating matches with the coin objects on a match-3 level will earn you bonus coins to use toward restoring the Sanctuary.
  • Avoid clicking too rapidly on Hidden Object levels. Several wrong clicks in a row will cause you to lose money. If you click an object and it wasn’t on the list, wait a few seconds before clicking another object to ensure you aren’t penalized for rapid clicking.
  • If you find yourself stumped on a difficult level, you can select the Skip button to continue on to the next puzzle and return to your current puzzle later.
  • When using the Rocket special item, aim it toward other special items. The Rocket hitting them will cause a chain reaction and they will also trigger.
  • Creating two matches at the same time on a match-3 level will cause a special item to appear. The most common way to achieve this is by searching for an “L” shaped match where there are two identical items stacked vertically and two horizontally with the corner of the “L” missing. Move your item into the corner piece to complete the “L” shape.
  • In Time mode keep an eye on the timer on the right side of the screen. It will begin to make a ticking noise when you are almost out of time.


Congratulations, you’ve completed the Mystika 2 – The Sanctuary walkthrough!


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The Mystika 2 – The Sanctuary Walkthrough is meant as a guide and does not contain cheats, hacks, or serials.