Halloween is upon us, and Jewel Match Twilight is here to fulfill your spooky Match-3 adventure needs. Collect haunted Match-3 pieces and amulets to assemble a haunted castle perfect for the holiday. Feeling puzzled? Our Jewel Match Twilight walkthrough will be the perfect match to guide you through the game’s numerous spine-tingling boards.


Getting Started

  • The “Play” button is located at the bottom center of your screen. Click on it to play Jewel Match Twilight!
  • You can change the difficulty at any time before clicking “Play”. Jewel Match Twilight features three difficulty levels: Relaxed, Time limited, and Moves limited. Play against the timer in Time limited mode. In Moves limited mode, you won’t have the stress of a timer, but you will have a limited number of moves to make matches. In Relaxed mode, you have no timer and no move limit. Your score reward will be lower than other modes, but you can relax and play at your own pace.
  • Options can be accessed at any point during the game. From here you can toggle your Music, Effects, and Ambient volumes. You may also adjust your AutoScroll speed. Additionally, you can opt for help, adjust your resolution and effects, and opt whether or not to receive hints.
  • High Scores are visible from the Options menu.
  • While playing a level, on the right side of your screen you will see four tabs with numbers. These keep track of the various types of items you’ve collected while playing the game.
  • The Shop can be accessed at any time during a level. Gold you’ve collected while playing will be displayed at the top of the screen. Hover your cursor over any item to view its description. Some items you can purchase, such as the Medium Hammer, are permanent upgrades, so choose wisely!

Jewel Match Twilight Walkthrough

How to Play

Our walkthrough will guide you through the basic mechanics of how to play and how various features work. Jewel Match Twilight features two types of games: Match-3 and Mahjong, along with a bonus scene builder.


Match-3 is the primary game mode of Jewel Match Twilight. Each Level you play features a new set of Match-3 boards you must clear in order to progress.

  • Swap pieces to match rows of 3 or more. Click on a piece to select it, then click on the piece you would like to swap it with. Pieces can only be moved if there’s a match of 3 or more to be made. Once a match of three-in-a-row or more has been made, those pieces will be removed from the board. Pieces must be swapped with adjacent pieces and cannot be moved diagonally.
Jewel Match Twilight Match-3

Jewel Match Twilight Match-3

  • Each time you clear pieces from the board, they will be added to your total displayed on the right, beneath the large box icon. Pieces gathered can be used to purchase scene parts.
  • The goal of each level is to clear the tiles from the board. Tiles are white to cream in color, and can be cleared by making matches over them. The number of tiles remaining is displayed at the top of your screen.
  • Some levels feature multiple boards. When a board is completed, the border will turn green. You can click on arrow buttons to navigate between boards. Some boards may require you to unlock them within a level first.
  • Keys may sometimes be found on the boards. Keys open portals, or locks of the same color within a level. Sometimes they are needed to navigate between boards, and other times they are needed to clear portions of adjacent boards. Keys are color matched to their portals and can be collected by bringing them down to the bottom of the board.
Jewel Match Twilight Keys and Portals

Jewel Match Twilight Keys and Portals

  • A Minimap can be found in the upper left corner of your screen. Click on the map icon to enable it. The Minimap will grant you a quick view of all the boards on a level, as well as any remaining amulets or incomplete rooms yet to be found.
Jewel Match Twilight Minimap

Jewel Match Twilight Minimap

  • Amulets may be found on some of the levels you play. Amulets can be collected to purchase scene parts. To collect an amulet, bring it down to the bottom of the board by clearing the pieces beneath it.
Jewel Match Twilight Amulet

Jewel Match Twilight Amulet

  • The hammer can be found on the right side of your screen from Level 2 and onward. Each time you make a match, the meter behind the hammer will fill. Once the meter has been filled, you can use the hammer to clear any piece from the board. However, you cannot use the hammer on frozen pieces unless it has first been upgraded in the Shop.
  • Hammer refill items can be found on some levels. Bring them down to the bottom of the board to collect them and instantly refill your hammer.
  • Wooden boxes may sometimes block portions of a level. Match a match near a wooden box to cause it to explode, revealing the tile below. Keys or other magic items may be hidden within wooden boxes.
Jewel Match Twilight Wooden Boxes

Jewel Match Twilight Wooden Boxes

  • Coins will randomly appear on the board. Click on them to collect them. Coins can be used for purchasing upgrades in the Shop.
  • Sometimes you will encounter pieces locked within chains. Chains look like swirls of mud surrounding a piece. Destroy the chain by making a match using the piece affected by the chain. Some pieces may have multiple chains and require multiple matches before they can be cleared.
Jewel Match Twilight Pieces Locked in Chains

Jewel Match Twilight Pieces Locked in Chains

  • Stomper boxes may be found on some levels. Make a match next to a stomper box to automatically activate it. Stomper boxes will move on their own, clearing pieces along the way until the reach the edge of a board.
Jewel Match Twilight Stomper Boxes

Jewel Match Twilight Stomper Boxes

  • Atomic pieces have blue rings around them and will explode 3×3 tiles around them when matched with other pieces.
  • Safes may sometimes be found on a board. Safes will cover a tile and have a number displayed on them. Make matches that touch the safe to bring the number down. Once the number has been cleared, the safe will disappear.
Jewel Match Twilight Safes

Jewel Match Twilight Safes

  • Frozen pieces may appear on some levels in the form of ice cubes. These can only be destroyed with a big hammer, a Fishbone, or a bomb spell. This piece cannot be moved otherwise. Frozen pieces do not have to be removed to finish levels.
  • Once a level has been completed, you may opt to move on to the next one, or explore the Crypt Room for bonus items first. Bonus items may be gold for the Shop, or various currencies that can be used for purchasing scene parts.
  • Magic Stars can be found in Crypts and are used to enable animations within your scenes. You are not required to collect them to complete a level.
Jewel Match Twilight Magic Star

Jewel Match Twilight Magic Star

  • When you quit the game, the board is saved and you can resume where you left off later.

Bonus Games: Mahjong

When you reach various game score milestones, you’ll unlock bonus games. Bonus games can be accessed from scenes.

  • Complete a bonus game to earn extra gold, which can be spent in the Shop.
  • Click on 2 identical free tiles to remove them. A tile is considered free when it’s not enclosed by any other tiles on the left or right sides. A tile must also not be overlapped by another.
  • If you run out of possible moves, click “shuffle”. However, doing this will cost you extra time.
  • Click “Hints” to get match hints. Using this button will cost you extra time.
Jewel Match Twilight Mahjong

Jewel Match Twilight Mahjong

  • Complete the board faster than your previous best time to earn a gold bonus.
  • Hidden object bonus games may also be unlocked in the bonus games menu.


  • Between each level you play, you will have access to a scene builder.
  • Use pieces and amulets you’ve collected from Match-3 levels to purchase various scene parts shown at the bottom of your screen.
  • You may purchase bonus animated items shown on the left with Magic Stars. These items don’t count toward game progress, but do make your scenes look nicer. Magic Stars can be found in bonus Crypt Rooms upon completing a level.
Jewel Match Twilight Scenes Haunted Castle

Jewel Match Twilight Scenes Haunted Castle

Tips & Tricks

Here are a few extra tips and tricks to help you, should you find yourself in need of a hint or two:

  • Make a match of four pieces to create a rainbow piece. Rainbow pieces can be matched with any other piece. If you want to make a match with the pieces around a rainbow piece in its current location, simply swap it with one of the pieces you’d like to match it with.
  • Make a match of five pieces to create a Fishbone. Click on a Fishbone to destroy and entire column or row of pieces. Fishbones will have pointed arrow tips indicating where they will go. Some Fishbones may wiggle, so you will need to time when you click on them. Fishbones can travel diagonal.
  • Press and hold the right mouse button to drag and scroll the board around.
  • Earn extra gold by playing bonus games. You can earn additional gold by improving on your previous score. If you start with a lower score and gradually improve it, you can continue to earn gold from the same game.

Congratulations, you’ve completed the Jewel Match Twilight Walkthrough! Be sure to check our blog for more great tips and tricks!
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The Jewel Match Twilight walkthrough is meant to guide you through the game’s basics, and does not include serials, hacks, or cheats.