As a detective, you have handled many strange cases. One night, you are spending a rare night home with your dog when you receive a call. In another town called Brightfield, residents are being evacuated due to mysterious animal attacks. You are needed to help save the town. When you arrive, you walk into the now ghost town. Your mission in Mystery Trackers – Four Aces is to find out who is behind these attacks. In this walkthrough, learn the tricks to safely navigate through the game in order to restore order.


General Tips & Tricks

In order to effectively help you navigate through the town, you will be given a map. This will allow you to see where the highlighted areas of your investigation will be located. This highlighting will depend on the level of difficulty you choose to play on.

The level of difficulties for Mystery Trackers: Four Aces are the standard you find in most games; however, there is one new level: detective. In detective mode, you will not be given any hints or helps like you would find in casual, advanced, and hardcore.

You will also have the assistance of your dog, known as Elf. The dog will help you get rid of snow piles and through key locations. You can customize the dog in the dog store on the main menu. Look for Chips throughout the game in order to use the dog store.

Unlike other hidden object games, you will have three buttons to help you through the puzzles. First, you can click the information button which will tell you more about the objective of the puzzle. Next, you can reset the puzzle if you get stuck. Finally, depending on the level of difficulty, you can skip the puzzle once that button is fully charged.

Mystery Trackers – Four Aces Walkthrough

Chapter One: Brightfield

Locate and talk to the girl. Look in the snow to find the ID. Don’t forget to take the Gate Key. Find the lock, enter the Gate Key in the lock, and turn the key one time. Go through the gate, go to the entrance, and find the Puzzle Piece. Go to the window, put the puzzle piece on the board and play the mini-game. Move the Puzzle Pieces until they click in place. Once they are in the right sequence, play the hidden object game. Find the items on the list, use the tongs to grab the horseshoe, and the Blowtorch will be placed in your inventory.

Mystery Trackers - Four Aces - Mini Game

Mystery Trackers – Four Aces – Mini Game

Go to the entrance, place the Blowtorch to open the door, and go in. Locate the Paper and read the article. Find the fountain and pick up the Screwdriver. Proceed to the exit door, find the fire alert panel, use the Screwdriver to undo the screws and find the Flare Gun. Scare the monster near the bag with the Flare Gun, retrieve the Valve Handle with the Post Office Trinket. Find and turn on the recorder.

Return to the fountain, place the Valve Handle on it, and play the hidden object game. Put the seahorse pieces in the correct order to get the Seahorse. Locate the Wings, then place them on an Angel, and put the Angel in your inventory. Use the Net to catch fish in the fountain, and obtain the Security Panel Level. Locate the security panel and use the lever to open it. Go to the gate and grab the next Puzzle Piece. Return to the newspaper stand and locate the final Puzzle Piece.

Mystery Trackers - Four Aces - Fire Station Puzzle

Mystery Trackers – Four Aces – Fire Station Puzzle

Go to the fire station and put the puzzle pieces on the board. Rearrange the pictures and turn the valves. Move away from the board. Go to the extinguisher, grab the Glass Cutter, and walk away. Return to the newspaper stand, use the Glass Cutter to remove the Flower Medallion. Go to the gate and place the Flower Medallion in the slot. Return to the side street, go to the brick wall and move the loose brick. Collect the Letter K Medallion. Go back to the snow pile, use the Elf to remove the snow. Place the Letter K Medallion into the bag slot, locate and take Kelly’s Car Key, and read the letter. Go to the car, use the Car Key and turn it one time. Grab a Glass Shard and go back to the fire station. Locate the extinguisher, cut the ropes around it with the Glass Shard and take the Extinguisher. Return the car and put out the fire with the Extinguisher. Grab the Shovel, return to the side street and use the Shovel to move the snow pile.

Chapter Two: The Dead End

Go to the police car, collect the Fridge Magnet, and turn away. Focus on the balcony and remove the elf in the snow. Once the snow is gone, take the Dagger. Look at the covered window, use the Dagger to cut the thick cloth. Go back to the balcony, lower the ladder and go up. Find the right control panel, find the Access Card, and go to the baggage scanner. Insert the Access Card and play the mini-game.

Mystery Trackers - Four Aces - Mini Game Baggage Scanner

Mystery Trackers – Four Aces – Mini Game Baggage Scanner

 Move the suitcases to the respective area, solve the puzzle, and play the hidden object game. Get the Graduate Bear by placing the hat onto the bear. Take the Control Panel Lever and go back to the control panel. Place the Lever into the slot and pull it. Look at the box and use the Dagger to open it. Grab the next Post Office Trinket and the Loaded Spear Gun. Walk back to the balcony, use the Spear Gun, and climb up the rope. Go into the lair, locate the chair and read the Letter. Look in the fireplace and open the Medallion. Go towards the blocked door and take the last Post Office Trinket.

Mystery Trackers - Four Aces - Hidden Object Chapter 2

Mystery Trackers – Four Aces – Hidden Object Chapter 2

Look at the wooden board and use the Elf. Pick up the Police Car Key and return to the side street. Put the Police Car Key in the back of the police car. Take the Police Badge. Look in the compartment before returning to the fire station. Go to the safe and put the Police Badge in the slot. Enter 9-1-1 into the code to open the safe. Get the Oxygen Mask and Wolf Paw Medallion. Return to the post office and use the Wolf Paw Medallion to disarm a trap. Go into the post office.

Chapter Three: Enter the Post Office

Look down on the floor, read the note and then turn to the left. Place the 3 Post Office Trinkets on the board to play the mini-game. In order to win the mini-game, the symbols must be placed correctly. Go back to the wall and pick up the Microfilm. Take it to the machine and put it in. View the Film and then take another Fridge Magnet. Go to the door and take the Leather Glove. At the window, use the Leather Glove to move the glass shards. Use the Dagger and cut the rope. Take the box, open it, and obtain the final Fridge Magnet. Go down to the lair, go to the refrigerator, and place the 3 Fridge Magnets to open another mini-game. To win, place the Magnets in the correct places and then grab the Tasty Sausage. Return to the side street.

Mystery Trackers - Four Aces - Refrigerator Mini Game

Mystery Trackers – Four Aces – Refrigerator Mini Game

Return to the police car, feed the Sausage to the Seal, and locate/push the lever. Play the hidden object game. Place the Bullet in the Revolver, and put the Loaded Revolver in your inventory. Grab the Metal Ball and the Megaphone. Leave and return to the fire station. Get rid of the bat by using the Megaphone. Investigate the bat’s nest, grab the Oil, and your Flare Gun will be reloaded. Return to the lair, look at the fireplace, place the Oil on the hinges, and play the hidden object game.

Mystery Trackers - Four Aces - Hidden Object Chapter 3

Mystery Trackers – Four Aces – Hidden Object Chapter 3

Receive the Dinosaur, Inflated Balloon, and Rope Ladder from the hidden object game. Take a left in the room, put up the Rope Ladder, and go up. Click on the Beast and scare it away with the Loaded Flare Gun. Find Kelly and place the Oxygen Mask on her.

Go back to the chapel, use Elf to move a rat. Go into the corridor and click on the hooded man. Look at the lantern and grab the Crowbar. Next, move to the flower and grab the Fire Apple. Look down on the floor, grab the paper, and open the new case. Find the Access Card and read another note. Return to the chapel door, and place the Access Card in it. Open the Dynamite Box with the Crowbar and take out of the Duster and Dynamite. Enter the corridor, remove the cobwebs with the Duster and play the hidden object game. Find the Four Tools, place in the Toolbox, and place the Toy Toolbox in your inventory. You will need to put Board with Nails, Disk Saw, and Circular Saw into your inventory.

Head down to the lair. Use the Circular Disk on the blocked door and go through. Send Elf under the bed and get a part of the Transistor. Look at the case, place the Access Card in it and take the Four Aces Key. Return to the chapel. Place the Four Aces Key into the chapel’s entrance and start the mini-game. Grab two pieces that will match the center piece. Go into the chapel.

Mystery Trackers - Four Aces - Chapel Mini Game

Mystery Trackers – Four Aces – Chapel Mini Game

Chapter Four: Enter the Chapel

Begin by viewing the radio and the cut-scene. Look at the case and send Elf to remove another Transistor piece. Go back to the post office, look at the machine, and place the Four Aces Key into the lock. Take the last piece of the Transistor. Return to the dead end, go to the sewer cover, and use the Circular Saw to cut the lid open. Head back to the chapel.

Find the Radio, remove lid and add the Transistors. Play the mini-game where you need to move transistors to close the chains. Go find the beast and take the Magnetic Cross-Shaped Key. Head down the side street, get in the police car, and find the compartment. Place the Magnetic Cross-Shaped Key in the lock, grab the Medicine, and go back to the bedroom. Go to the case, use the Magnetic Cross-Shaped Key and grab the next piece of Medicine. Turn to the fire station, find the cabinet, place the Magnetic Cross-Shaped Key in Magnetic Cross-Shaped Key to start the hidden object game.

Mystery Trackers - Four Aces - Mini Game Radio

Mystery Trackers – Four Aces – Mini Game Radio

Get the Syringe and put the Red Fluid into it. Place it in inventory. Put the Pill into the Glass and place the Glass with Bubbles in your inventory as well. Keep the Human Model. Receive the final piece of Medicine into you inventory. Go back into the chapel. Look at the beast and use the Medicine on the beast to heal. Start the hidden object game. Complete the chess board, take the Knitting Needle, and take the Reel Film. You will receive the Down Button.

Return to the elevator and place the Down Button in the correct spot. Go into the elevator and push the Down Button. Go to the safe, push the right plate sequence, and receive 50 Chips. Go back to the machine, retrieve parts of the Batteryand Electronic Chip as well as Pruning Shears. Head into the bedroom. Use the Pruning Shears to open the cabinet and take part of the Toy Locomotive. Head to the front of the chapel, go to the roses, and use the Pruning Shears on the roses. Locate the other Gold Button and head into the sewers.

Chapter Five: Enter the Sewer

Find the barrel, cut the roses with the Pruning Shears and take the final Gold Lock Button. Place the Dynamite Block on the wooden board and head to the belfry. Look in the cage, add the Buttons on the board, and start the mini-game. Direct the balls onto the right levels to win the mini-game. Give your Fire Apple to the Fire Salamander who will be placed into the inventory. Head back to the sewers.

Mystery Trackers - Four Aces - Apple Mini Game

Mystery Trackers – Four Aces – Apple Mini Game

To set off the dynamite, use the Fire Salamander. Look at the skeleton, grab the Sledgehammer, and then go to the bars. Open the bars with the Circular Saw and keep one Chip and the Wrench. Return to the chapel, hand the Sledgehammerto the beast. Find Kelly, talk, and keep the Videophone in your inventory. Go onto the shopping street and activate the cut-scene by clicking on anything.

Look in the kiosk roof. Send Elf up first and then take the second Toy Locomotive. Attach the Pruning Shears to the Stick and place in your inventory. Look at the lantern, cut rope with the Long Pruning Shears and grab the Leafkey. Head back into the sewers.

Look in the chest by placing the Leafkey in the lock, take the final Toy Locomotive piece and head to the bedroom. Add the pieces to the toy machine and play the mini-game. Direct the cars to the correct order to get the Lockpick.

Mystery Trackers - Four Aces - Toy Locomotive

Mystery Trackers – Four Aces – Toy Locomotive

Return to the shopping street, go to the fireworks shop and place the Lockpick in the lock. Play the hidden object game. To win, push the symbol buttons on the register to open. Using your scissors, cut a Long Fuse to add to your inventory. Find the truck, use the Wrench to open the lid, and place the Long Fuse in the tank. Light the fuse with the Fire Salamander. Locate the guy and talk. Call James using your Videophone.

Look at the brochure, pick up the piece of Battery while reading the brochure. Look in the snow piles, use Elf to remove the snow and then use the Fire Salamander to melt the ice. Locate the Museum Key. Head toward the building, place the Museum Key in the lock and enter the museum. Find the man to start a cut-scene. Make Elf enter the cage while you attempt to use the Videophone with him. Take the third piece of Battery. Go into the laboratory and find the final piece of the Battery. The Battery will charge the Videophone. Call James again and take one part of a Dinosaur Foot.

Collect the final Dinosaur Foot in the green control panel. Add the feet of the dinosaur to the skeleton and play the mini-game. Move the skeleton around to the correct arrangement. Win the mini-game and play the hidden object game. Use your Sledgehammer, crack open the egg to collect the Baby Dinosaur. Get the Fire Badge by completing the game.

Mystery Trackers - Four Aces - Dinosaur Mini Game

Mystery Trackers – Four Aces – Dinosaur Mini Game

Go into the fire box, place the Badge in and retrieve the Bucket with Water. Use the Bucket with Water to stop the flames. Grab both the Door Handle and ½ part of the Briefcase Lock Dial. Turn to the right and place the Door Handle on the door and head into the museum office.

Chapter Six: Enter the Museum Office

After the cut-scene, look in the drawer and find the Toolbox Handle. Head towards the shopping street, go to the shop entrance and put the Handle on the toolbox. Retrieve the Wire Cutters before going to the museum. Use the Wire Cutters to cut the wires on the fire box. Grab the Crowbar and head to Canal Street. Use the Crowbar to open the metal bar in the drainage system. Retrieve the Bronze Handle. Go back to the museum office. Place the Bronze Handle on the window. Go to the safe and take the second Briefcase Lock Dial.

Move the chair, go to the skeleton and grab the Floppy Disk. Go back to the entrance, head towards the case and place the Two Briefcase Lock Dials on it. Enter the code and play the hidden object game. Figure out the correct code in order to move the lever. Take the Lamp and the Alarm Clock. You will also have a lever in your inventory. Head to the belfry.

Look at the machine, place the Lever in the slot and push it. Head back to the skeleton and find the Crocodile Amulet. Read the diary fragment and head into the sewers. Place the Crocodile Amulet on the wall and grab the Star Half and Clock Hands. Walk back to the bedroom, put the Clock Hands on the clock, and collect the Star Half and half of a Butterfly. Enter the museum office, locate the safe, and place the Two Star Halves onto it. Open the safe and take out the second Electronic Chip and a Golden Crown. Go into the laboratory and put the chips into the door. Activate the mini-game. Push the gears to open the door.

Mystery Trackers - Four Aces - Mini Chapter 6

Mystery Trackers – Four Aces – Mini Chapter 6

Put the Floppy Disk into the computer. Watch for a video containing a distinct sequence. Head over to the cabinet and enter that code. Unscrew the screws using your Screwdriver while collecting the Rubber Gloves and the Ladder. Go down to canal street. Look at the lantern, put your Ladder against it, and take both the Mermaid Figurine and Neon Fuse.

Go back to the museum office, find the pillows, and grab the Piece of the Picture. walk back to the laboratory, put the Piece of Picture into a hole. Open a door and find another Neon Fuse. Walk to the freezer, place the Two Neon Fuses and enter the code. Take your second Butterfly. Use your Fire Salamander on the key in the freezer and get the Drawer Key. Look for the butterfly showcase and add the Butterflies. Once you finish, grab the Fan Control Switch and a piece of the Bat Amulet Piece. Return to the museum office, place the Drawer Key into the drawer and play the hidden object game.

During the hidden object game, take the December 25 Painted Sailboat, and Shell into your inventory. Put the Fan Control Switch into the slot on the desk. Take the second Shell from the fan and walk to the shell showcase. Move around the shells until you find the right order. Obtain both the Pearl and the second Bat Amulet Piece. Place the Mermaid Figurine, the Pearl, and the Golden Crown in the case to find the final Bat Amulet Piece.

Look for the glass locker. Place the 3 Bat Amulet Pieces into the slot to get the Collar Control Half as well as the Rust Remover. Head to the belfry and place the Collar Control Half with the other one. Play the mini-game where you move the blue tile around the board. You need to turn the whole board blue.

Mystery Trackers - Four Aces - Collar Control

Mystery Trackers – Four Aces – Collar Control

Chapter Seven: Gone to the Heliport

Put the bat on the heliport in order to fly. Look towards the tree, use Elf to chase away the animals and pick up the Hunting Cabin Key. Go back to the heliport, use your Fire Salamander to melt the surrounding ice and pick up the Pocketknife and one Metal Ring. Go to the hunting cabin and use your Fire Salamander again to melt the surrounding ice. Place the Hunting Cabin Key in the lock and open the door. Go to the fireplace.

Have Elf go into the fireplace to obtain the Fountain Pen. Locate the picture above the fireplace and zoom in. Cut the picture with your Pocketknife and retrieve your Power Cord. Go outside to the helicopter, use the Rust Remover to help the lid before going back to the museum office. On the shelf, place the Fountain Pen in a holder, take both the Spades Emblem and Bear Head before walking away. Put the Power Cord on the fan and turn it on. Collect the Ruler before returning to the cabin. Place the Bear Head in the slot for the cabinet while using the Ruler to open it. Find the Helicopter Key in the skeleton.

Go to the helicopter, put the key in and place the hidden object game. Locate all the items to receive a Clubs Emblem. Go back inside and find the picture again. Place the Clubs and Spades Emblem into the picture before pressing the red button. Go towards the bunker entrance, get the Ax by using rubber gloves before heading back to the tree.

Mystery Trackers - Four Aces - Hidden Object Chapter 7

Mystery Trackers – Four Aces – Hidden Object Chapter 7

Use the Ax to cut down branches, have Elf look into the nearby hole and retrieve the Toggle Switch. Head back to the museum entrance, place the Toggle Switch on the dashboard and obtain your Insulating Tape and Wire. Go back to the heliport. Repair the panel using the Wire and the Insulating Tape. Use Elf to obtain the Sun Amulet located near the wall. Go into the laboratory, find the window again and receive the Star-Shaped Key. Head back to the museum.

Find the case and place the Star-Shaped Key into the correct slot, grab the Punch Card and return to the heliport. Look in the bird’s nest to find a Code Scrap. Go back to the laboratory, find the small cabinet, place the Star-Shaped Key in the lock to find the Empty Dart Syringe. Enter the bunker, find a cabinet, put in the Code Scrap and put the Punch Card into a slot. Fill the Empty Dart Syringe with medicine and move on. Go to the window, place the Full Dart Syringe into the gun and put the Tranquilizer Gun into your inventory. Use the gun on the bear before you take the Floppy Disk.

Go into the laboratory. Use the computer again by putting the Floppy Disk in. Obtain your second Metal Ring. Head into the bunker’s laboratory to place the Metal Rings on a board to play a hidden objects game. Once you find all the items, place the Camera in your inventory. Go back to the bear and take a picture of the bear’s eye with the Camera. The Photo of the Eye will be placed in the inventory. Go to the holo-projector, take the Photo of the Eye, and replace it with an Eye Hologram. Place the Eye Hologram on the door to unlock. Head into the museum, burn the branches of a plant with the Fire Salamander and retrieve the Safe Wheel. Head to the belfry to find a Safe. Place the Safe Wheel on the slot and punch in the code. Retrieve the Lion Figurine and the second Flag. Open the door to the bunker office with the Eye Hologram.

Chapter Eight: Enter Bunker Office

Click the Globe, place Two Flags into the right locations, and play the hidden object game. Locate the items on the list. Use the Pestle to make Powdered Sugar. Take the Doll Collection after switching the dolls’ heads. Retrieve the Bottle and fill the Goblet. Put the Filled Goblet with wine in it into the inventory. Put the Bear Figurine in your inventory. Go to the front desk, place the Lion Figurine with the Bear Figurine into the slots, and take the Joker Medallion as well as the Magnet. Go to the showcase. Place the Joker Medallion in a slot, grab the Cartridge, and head to the bunker lab.

Put the Magnet on the floor and find the Control Panel Switch. Head to the machine, place the Cartridge and Control Panel Switch into the slots. Look for the Tuning Fork and head into the bunker office. Find the Glass Box, use the Tuning Fork to break the glass and take a Button. Go towards the wall, use the Tuning Fork to collect the next Button. Go back to the lab, place the Buttons in the machine, and type “Superhuman” with the keyboard. Play the mini-game, place the Buttons near the matching symbols. Exit the bunker with the Evacuation Exit.

Mystery Trackers - Four Aces - Superhuman Puzzle

Mystery Trackers – Four Aces – Superhuman Puzzle

Once you reach the exit, you have solved the mystery! Congratulations! Now the citizens can come home and live without fear. Your role in Mystery Trackers – Four Aces is complete. With this walkthrough, you were able to help not only the citizens but the animals as well through the use of tips and tricks.

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The Mystery Trackers – Four Aces Walkthrough is meant as a guide and does not contain cheats, hacks or serials.