Emily has always wanted to have her own business; however, she has had to sacrifice her dream to help her family. Now, it is time for Emily to have her dream come true and you can help her. In Delicious – Emily’s Tea Garden, Emily is trying to establish her own business and she has to go through other restaurant styles first. She is asked by the other restaurant owners for help with their restaurants.
In order to help Emily, you need to be able to effectively you have to help her earn enough money from the other restaurants while building her customer base. You will help decorate, cook, and serve with each level in order to advance Emily. Throughout the game, you will gain assistants and more challenges. In this walkthrough of Delicious – Emily’s Tea Garden, you will find the tips and tricks to helping Emily obtain her dream through this adventure, time management game.


General Tips & Tricks

The main menu will greet you with the question about your name. Put whatever name you would like to in the space provided. This will allow you to save your game. Then you can adjust your settings, look in the trophy room, learn how to play, or exit the game. If you want to adjust your settings, you can change the screen, volume settings and custom cursors. When you first start, there is a cut scene describing the back story of Emily’s dream.

Within the game, you are able to play two different types of games; however, one game is added after you succeed with a couple of restaurants. The second type is called “Emily’s Diary.” You will have to serve as many customers as you could before you lose a customer. You will have all the food and the help you need with each diary entry. The regular mode is comprised of 50 challenging levels. If you are looking for practice, once you open the diary section, you could hone your skills to make the next restaurant run smoother.

Each restaurant will have a certain style of food. Each day you will have a new item added. Each item will be highlighted before the beginning of the day. If there are more instructions like “place the item on the stove” those will be given to you once a customer orders that particular item. You will need to adapt to each new food fast and make sure you are fully stocked at all times. This will help you learn the new foods.

In order to gain money and points, you will need to keep track of your customers’ happiness levels. If the person is happy, they will have a beating heart next to them and a smiling face. If you make them wait too long, the heartbeat will go away before the person loses the smile. If you make them wait more, their faces will go away. In order to prevent this, you can use your helpers as well as making sure you effectively help each customer as they come up. You will also need to learn the patience level of the customers. If some are prone to be more patient than others, work with the less patient customers first before moving on to the others.

To gain points, you will need to complete chains. While you will make points by serving the customers, you can gain more points in certain ways. First, you gain points by serving the customer’s order completely. You can also gain points by chain actions. Chain actions are when you are putting together a customer’s order and you click on each item you need. This will start your schedule for the tasks at hand. The more chains you get, the more points you will receive.

Your tray will be your lifeline when completing orders. The food you are preparing will be placed on the tray. If the tray is full because of accidental orders, you can simply click on the items. This will remove the items while not deducting points on the score. If you need help with an order, you can simply look at the tray to see what you have finished already. The tray will grow from four maximum items to five throughout the restaurants.

Each restaurant will have tables. It is your job to maintain the tables. When a group gets up, you will need to clean the tables so others can use them. If you leave them messy for too long, you will have customers leave. In order to clean the tables, simply click on the table or the exclamation marks in order to send Emily or the busboy over to clean. If it is just Emily on that particular level, you will need to watch your time management. Tables will seat between 2-4 people meaning you will need to fulfill the orders of all at the table before delivery.

Delicious - Emily's Tea Garden - Tables

Delicious – Emily’s Tea Garden – Tables

You will also have a bar area in some of the restaurants. The customers will treat them like table which means you need to keep them clean. You will be able to send your entertainer to the bar stools to keep the happiness up. Do not forget to check the bar area. The customers can be overlooked when you get busy. Make sure you treat them with as much efficiently as you would the other customers. Pay close attention to where the bar is placed as it is never in the same area of each restaurant. Like the customers at the tables, the person has to leave their place to pay at the register. So keep the line down at the counter.

Delicious - Emily's Tea Garden - Bar

Delicious – Emily’s Tea Garden – Bar


In each restaurant, you will have both an entertainer and a cleaner. The entertainer’s main job is to keep the customers at the tables happy. He cannot make the people in line calmer. You can use the entertainer at each table as much as you want. There is no limit. If you have a long line, place the entertainer by the table waiting to play in order to keep the person in line calm.

You will have to wait until the entertainer is done with the table before having him move on to the next table. You cannot use the chain method to keep the entertainer busy. You have to drag him to the table. If you have a table that is especially angry, you can keep the entertainer going back to keep the anger down. If you have a bar in the restaurant, you can send the entertainer there. It will have the same effect as the tables. This will help you keep your tips up.

Delicious - Emily's Tea Garden - Entertainer

Delicious – Emily’s Tea Garden – Entertainer

As your restaurant keeps adding more customers, you will need the cleaner. This helper will clear the tables you will be neglecting while helping fill orders. When you notice the table is ready to go, you can just click on the table to send the cleaner there. Emily will not be able to clean tables once your cleaner arrives so keep track of the tables. Unlike the entertainer, you can click on multiple tables for the cleaner to clean. He will just go from one table to the other without break.

A new addition to the Delicious series is the reservations. You will be taking reservations halfway through the first restaurant. You will need to pick it up when it rings. It will tell you how many people are in the party that will arrive soon. You will see a blue bar on the top of your screen. This will show you the amount of time you have until they arrive.

Delicious - Emily's Tea Garden - Reservations

Delicious – Emily’s Tea Garden – Reservations

In order to make sure they have a table, you will have reservation cards. These will help you make sure the tables are ready for the reservations; however, you will need to time the cards perfectly. If you put them out too soon, you could lose customers. If you put them out too late, the tables might be taken. You can decide not to use the cards; however, you will not receive a bonus. To time your card placement correctly, you will need to keep an eye out on the blue bar. When it is almost empty, then you will need to place the card. Look at how many people are in the reservation to plan accordingly. Don’t seat a party of two at a table for four unless you absolutely need to for the reservation. It will keep your other parties waiting if you do that.

You can always change the table selection by picking up the reservation cards. The cards will just return to their place by the telephone. There you would just pick up the cards when you needed them. This will help you if you place the reservation cards too soon.
It is always wise to pick up the phone for the reservations; however, if you miss a call, you won’t exactly be penalized. You will just miss the opportunity to earn bonus points. There will be times you simply cannot answer the phones. That is okay on certain levels. Answering the phones too many times could cause you to fail the level. It is up to you to decide about the phone. If your restaurant is too busy, you can ignore the phone. You will know your reservation customers when they arrive. They will have the cards above their heads. That way you do not have to worry about finding the right group.

As with all Delicious games, you will need to find the mouse. The mouse will present itself on each level. You will need to look for him as you go. To help you know when he is coming, you will hear a squeaking sound. There will also be a mouse hole in the floor where he will pop out of, but this will change as the days increase. He will be hiding in random places throughout each restaurant. If you play the same level over, you will probably not find him in the same spot. If you spot him, click on him and gain an extra 100 points. If your restaurant is too busy, you can ignore the mouse, but you will lose out on the bonus.

You will find bonuses throughout the game. One location involves the chain actions. If you complete two orders, click on both people to deliver their meals. This will cause a chain bonus. The same goes for the cash register. When checking out customers, if you have time, wait until you have two customers at once. You will just click on the register twice to pick up the money from the waiting customers. This will give you bonus points. If you have more than two people waiting to pay, simply keep clicking on the register. You will keep adding points to your bonus.


With each restaurant, you will be able to change the decor. It will make each restaurant unique; however, it will not help your game. Each level gives you more money towards the decor. You might not be able to upgrade after each level, but you will be able to change certain areas. The most common places for changes are the tables, floors, and walls. If you do finish the decorations of each restaurant, you will receive a trophy. The best way to work with the decorations is to save the money until the final level of each restaurant. Then you can purchase all the upgrades at once.


With each restaurant, your customers will be the same. You will have the assortment of women and men along with the elderly. Each group has a level of patience. For the elderly couples, you will see an increase in patience; however, at the tables, they do take a while to order. You will need to plan accordingly in those situations. Other customers will want their food faster. When the tables are full, send the entertainers to the other tables before sending them to the elderly couple. Since their patience is longer, it will help you manage your time.

Delicious - Emily's Tea Garden - Customers

Delicious – Emily’s Tea Garden – Customers

Tips and Tricks
In order to effectively help all your customers, you will need to try to get as much done as you can in one trip. If you are delivering food to a table and the phone rings, pick up the phone first to get the reservation started. If you have two tables of couples, grab all four items to deliver at once. Saving time will increase your tip. If you have a line a the counter, make sure you are constantly clicking on the register. It will increase your time management while making sure the customers from the tables will not have to wait in line. Make sure the food you are preparing can fit onto the tray. This will save you from running around with an item in your hand.

As explained earlier, chaining tasks will increase your score. Make sure Emily has a chain of things to do. If she doesn’t have anything to do, she will just stand in the last spot she was in. Make sure everything stays clean or click on the register to make sure she is close to the counter.

If you have a quiet moment in the restaurant, make sure you stock the food. Get everything up to its maximum so when your next rush hits, you will not be stuck without. When you get a line, take care of the people at the counter first. Unlike the people at the bar or tables, the people in line have nothing to entertain them. If you find you need to pay more attention to your counter than the tables, utilize your entertainer because he will increase the patience of those customers; however, don’t completely forget the tables. You will need to fulfill their orders as soon as you can.

Delicious – Emily’s Tea Garden Walkthrough

Western Restaurant

Your first restaurant is a western barbecue theme. Before you begin, you will meet the owner who will pop up throughout your game after the levels. In fact, you will meet all the owners of the other restaurants throughout their levels. You will be handling chips and salsa, ribs, and steaks as well as minor items like beverages and corn. On the first level, you will be dealing with the chips and salsa as well as the drinks. You will need to keep the chips fully stocked. You stock them by clicking on the chip machine. Make sure you do this whenever you can. The more you have in the machine, the less likely you will have an issue of running out. The customers will choose between green or red salsa. When you add the steak and ribs in other levels, you will add a grill. You will need to monitor the grill so you do not burn the meat.

Delicious - Emily's Tea Garden - Western Restaurant

Delicious – Emily’s Tea Garden – Western Restaurant

In order to ensure the meat is taken off at the right time, you should put off getting any chips and salsa for the order. Once the meat is cooked, you can grab the chips. The customers will have two choices for steak: medium or well done. When the customer places the order, you will see their preference over their heads. If you have the sound on, you will be able to hear when the meat is ready. For medium, you will hear one ring and for well done, you will hear two. If you burn the steaks, they will turn to dust on the grill and you will need to start over.

Like the steaks, there will be two options for the ribs. When the ribs are first introduced, you will only be able to choose one seasoning. As the levels progress, you will have an additional seasoning added. There will be a special ring for the ribs to signal their completion. There are no special orders like the steaks. Once you hear the ring, grab the ribs.

The Beach Club

After a heavy food restaurant, Emily heads to the beach club. Here there are health nuts as customers. You will be in charge of delivering granola bars, juice, fruit bowls, and ice cream. With the granola bars, your customers will have two choices of flavors. You will need to look at the packaging to know you are giving them the right ones. Next, the fruit bowls will require you to look at what the customer is actually ordering. You will need to add the right fruit to the bowl. If you put the wrong fruit in, the customer will not take it. If you have multiple orders of the same bowl, you cannot make them at the same time. You will have to click the fruit then the bowl before moving on to the next order.

The juice is like the fruit bowl. You will need to click on the fruit and then the glass. You have to complete the orders one at a time. If you make the wrong juice, your customer will not take it. Finally you have the ice cream. You will have to keep track of the ice cream tubs. If they get too low or run out, you will need to refill it. This will take time so keep a close watch. When you need to refill, grab the correct fruit and place it in the ice cream bin to create the new ice cream.

The Seafood Restaurant

Emily’s third location introduces a new feature: the frying pan. Since you will be making seafood, the pan is needed to cook. You will have to place the fish selection into the pan. Once the fish is done, you will need to season it based on the customer’s order. You will either add salt and pepper or some kind of citrus. Once the fish is cooked, you will see the pan light up to let you know it is ready.

Along with the fish, you will be cooking paella, clams, and lobsters. With the paella, you will be combining both rice and shrimp. You will need to click on the rice first or else the customers will reject the combination. You can make the paella ahead of time in order to keep up with the rush. You can have a maximum of nine batches.

Delicious - Emily's Tea Garden -The Seafood Restaurant

Delicious – Emily’s Tea Garden -The Seafood Restaurant

To cook the clams and lobsters, you will place them in the boiling pot of water. Wait until you see them come up to the top to finish the orders. To keep up with the orders, you will have two pots. These pots can either be one of each or two of the same selection. It is up to you to choose. Base it on your customers orders. To select the clams or lobster, just click on the pot and it will transport the order to your tray. You cannot cook multiples ones at a time so make sure you fulfill the order before you add another.

The Posh Restaurant

Your dining guests will have a special order immediately after sitting down. They will all want bread baskets. If you have time, grab a bread basket when you see them about to sit down. You will be able to serve them faster. When your bread baskets get low, you will need to cut up the bread. Each piece of bread will create two servings. To keep up with requests, have the maximum 6 servings ready to go. You will have four plates to offer your customers besides wine and bread: asparagus with bread, meat with bread, creme brulee, and crepe. With the meals involving bread, you just have to click on the vegetable or meat and then click on the bread. Give the meal to the customer to complete the order. You will have the choice of two breads by the end of your time at the posh restaurant.

Next, you will have the crepe. Place the batter on the pan. Wait until you hear a ring so you can flip the crepe over. Once you hear the final ring, grab the crepe and top it with the ice cream. If you burn one side of the crepe, you will have to start over again. As you move through your restaurant time, you will have the second type of ice cream added to the selections. Your final food choice is the creme brulee. It is pretty easy to make. You need to click on the cup to activate a round meter. Click on the meter when the needle is in the green section. If you miss that green section, you will have to start again.

The last level of this restaurant is tricky. In order to defeat the level, you will need to ignore the phone. If you cannot leave the phone alone, answer it only once or twice. Keep your focus on the customers who are there. Use your violinist nonstop. Send him from table to table throughout the level. Doing these two things will keep you from failing the level. Most of your customers will want to sit at the tables as well so keep them clean and get the customers served. It will help you in the last level.

Delicious - Emily's Tea Garden - Posh Restaurant

Delicious – Emily’s Tea Garden – Posh Restaurant

Emily’s Tea Garden

Your final location is Emily’s dream. You need to pass all ten levels to fulfill her dream. Your customers will order tea, orange juice, grapefruit juice, mixed juice, puff pastry and fried eggs. Your signature drink will be tea. To make the tea, click on the glass and grab the right type of tea leaves. To get the consistency correct, you will need to look at how many tea leaves you will need. You will need to go into the garden to grab more tea leaves so keep grabbing the leaves from the gardens. The garden is located in the middle of your restaurant. That way you do not have to run outside the restaurant location to get your inventory. Once you click on the leaves, they will go into the inventory. When you pick the leaves, the tea leaves will start to grow back quickly so you can add them when you need them.

Delicious - Emily's Tea Garden - Garden

Delicious – Emily’s Tea Garden – Garden

To create your juices, you will need to see which one the customer wants. Once they choose between oranges and grapefruits, you will click on the fruit twice. It will place the fruit into the machine to juice. You will wait until the glass is full and then place the glass on the tray. Place a wedge of the fruit on the side of the glass. This will distinguish the fruit. You will also have a choice of a mixed juice cocktail. This is one part orange and one part grapefruit. You will follow the same pattern as you do for the other juices and it will be garnished with both a grapefruit wedge and orange wedge.

Your puff pastry will require you to work with a meter again. You will click on the pastry to fill it. Once the meter is in the green part, you click to stop it. If you fill it too much, it will drip the cream on the floor. You will have to clean it up and waste time. Finally, you have the choice of a fried egg. You will click on the eggs to place them into the pan. You will wait to hear the ring for your eggs to finish. Grab them from the pan quickly to serve them. If your customer wants toppings, you will add them prior to delivering the order. At the end of the last day, you will have three new teas. You will also have the eggs and juices added in the middle of your time at the tea garden. Keep track of your customer’s moods in order to effectively complete the game.

Once you finish the tenth day in Emily’s tea garden, you have won! Emily has achieved her dream. She is now the owner of her own restaurant. Through the use of your time management, you have used the tips and tricks found here to effectively succeed in this game. Congratulations!



All mice locations are listed and shown below:

Western Restaurant

Delicious - Emily's Tea Garden - Mice Locations Western Restaurant

Delicious – Emily’s Tea Garden – Mice Locations Western Restaurant

01. There is a mouse hole in the floor, top left, near the pillar.
02. Mouse hole in the floor between the fireplace and the table.
03. On the right, above the barrel.
04. Above the nachos machine.
05. On the bottom next to the grill .
06. There is a mouse hole in the doorway.
07. There is a mouse hole in the floor next to the counter.
08. There is a mouse hole in the floor to the right of the fireplace.
09. On the left by the four-seater table.
10. Above the cash register.

The Beach Club

Delicious - Emily's Tea Garden - Mice Locations The Beach Club

Delicious – Emily’s Tea Garden – Mice Locations The Beach Club

01. Left of the tray.
02. Mouse hole in the sink of the bar area.
03. Peeking out from the left windowsill.
04. Peeking from the window on the right side.
05. Peeking out from the entrance.
06. Next to the strawberry on the counter.
07. By the table at the bottom left-hand side.
08. Mouse hole in the middle of the bar.
09. Next to the pineapple.
10. On the left of the main counter.

The Seafood Restaurant

Delicious - Emily's Tea Garden - Mice Locations Seafood Restaurant

Delicious – Emily’s Tea Garden – Mice Locations Seafood Restaurant

01. Bar on the right.
02. By the top left table.
03. On the stairs.
04. On the seat of the bottom left table.
05. Above the rice counter.
06. There a mouse hole at the left-end of the counter.
07. Peeking out from the left pot.
08. There is a mouse hole under the window on the right.
09. Mouse hole next to the fish-tank.
10. Behind the pot-plant.

The Posh Restaurant

Delicious - Emily's Tea Garden - Mice Locations Posh Restaurant

Delicious – Emily’s Tea Garden – Mice Locations Posh Restaurant

01. Next to the music sheet at the piano.
02. There is a mouse hole at the bottom of the pool.
03. At the food table.
04. Next to the telephone.
05. Underneath the piano.
06. Behind the potatoes on the right.
07. Behind the counter next to the bread basket.
08. By the two-seater table on the glass platform.
09. There is a mouse hole on the bottom left next to the tray.
10. Behind the tray.


Emily’s Tea Garden

Delicious - Emily's Tea Garden - Mice Locations Garden

Delicious – Emily’s Tea Garden – Mice Locations Garden

01. By the fruit holder, below the orange.
02. By the tea garden planter.
03. The empty tea holder on the right.
04. There is a mouse hole on the side-walk, near the telephone.
05. Peeking out from the tea cups.
06. There is a mouse hole on the side-walk, above the telephone.
07. There is a mouse hole to the left of the telephone, by the entry.
08. There is a mouse hole to the left of the entrance way, next to the pot-plant.
09. Above the juicer.
10. There is a mouse hole on the side-walk to the right.

Also, by helping Emily achieve her goals, you have helped the other restaurant owners with their restaurants as well. Through the use of the cut scenes, you have been able to get to know the other owners as much as you know Emily. You have successfully completed all the tasks they have asked you to help with and more. By following this comprehensive walkthrough of Delicious – Emily’s Tea Garden, you have made the character’s dreams come true.


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The Delicious – Emily’s Tea Garden Walkthrough is meant as a guide and does not contain cheats, hacks, or serials.