Walkthrough Delicious Emily’s True Love

At the beginning of Delicious – Emily’s True Love, Emily’s restaurant has been open for a year! But even a successful business is not enough to keep the weddings from appearing in her dreams. She knows she has so much in her life, but it would still be lovely to encounter true love with a person with whom she could share her bounty.

Could a mysterious letter from her past lead her to the true love she so craves?

Ooo la la, it’s from Jean Paul, the boy from Paris! How magical that summer had been! All this time she thought he had given up on her, and now she learns that he had felt the same way about her! Mon Dieu! Emily decides to take a chance on love and sets out on an epic journey through four restaurants and an entire ocean to find her old flame. To give you a little help here is an official Delicious – Emily’s True Love walkthrough, we are offering some tips, cheats and tricks to help her accomplish just that!


Delicious Emily’s True Love – walkthrough’s General tips

  • There is a clock at the bottom of the screen. Use it to gauge how much time you have left in the level.
  • Watch your position in the restaurant. Keep as central as you can to avoid eating up time walking everywhere.
  • When on the edges, grab items you might need later.
  • Watch for mice! Keep an ear out for their “chirps,” as they make the noise a few seconds before they appear.
  • Some customers are more forgiving than others. Serve children and the fancy crowd before you serve the older crowd and the big guys.
  • Keep the restaurant clean! Mom and dad offer to help out, so use them. As soon as you see the exclamation points, click on it!
  • When the restaurant closes, no more customers come through the front door, so you don’t need to prep for any new orders.
  • Use any downtime for prep work, or collecting needed objects that are farther away from the counters.
  • The trays get bigger in time, so in level one, put an extra newspaper on the end before you even need it to avoid having to run get it the during lunch rush.
  • If you make an error on a sandwich, click on it on the tray to make it disappear.

Click, click, click! The game will catch up with you.

You don’t have to wait to see the money fly above the register to move on to the next task. Click and GO! Fixing up the place is good for business: Use your hard-earned points to add items that will increase patience and buy you more time. There is a box at the bottom of the screen with a green curtain to help you identify the extra point activity currently on screen. Too tough? Change the settings at the beginning of the game to an easier level: There are beginning, normal, and advanced levels of difficulty.

Restaurant 1 Emily’s Place

In every level, mice pop out during the game in different locations. Clicking on them gives you extra points. Here’s a cheat sheet with all the mice locations in Restaurant 1 of Delicious Emily’s True Love!

All mice locations Restaurant 1 Emily's Place

All mice locations Restaurant 1 Emily’s Place

“The Letter”

Day 1: It’s the start of a new day. Mom, the perfectionist, isn’t liking how late the store is opening, but friendly florist Patrick doesn’t seem to mind as he offers a hand-picked rose to Emily.

Here, you will be given the option of watching a tutorial to learn the basics: Fill the customers’ orders (the quicker the better. More tips!) tap the cash register when the order is filled and they are ready to pay, and clean up when they leave.

Day 2: And suddenly everything changes with one simple letter – a love letter! Mom intercepts a letter that, for 16 years had been lost. It had been penned by the object of her affection from so many years ago – Jean Paul, from France! Ooo la la.

Extra Challenge 1: clean up the mess left over from the night before for extra points.

4 locations to clean day 2 Delicious Emilys True Love

4 locations to clean – day 2 Delicious Emilys True Love

“I’m Getting Married”

Day 3: Emily is still anxious about reading that letter, Does he still love her? Could this be the love she so desperately craves. Her florist friend lightens the mood by making her laugh…like he always does. And what’s contained in the letter is enough to keep her from going out that night with her friend Francois.

Extra Challenge 2: Read the letter between customers to earn extra points

Day 4: Emily lets her friend, Francois, in on her big secret only seconds before her own sister, Angela, steals her thunder with some news of her own!

“The Dress Debacle”

Day 5: Angela’s fiancé, Jimmy, comes across as a tad bit insensitive and self-absorbed. Sigh. But he is going to be part of the family, now, and he seems to make Emily’s sister happy.

Extra Challenge 3: Keep Jimmy well fed to earn extra points

Day 6: Surprise! Jimmy offered up Emily’s place for the reception. Surprise! The dress Jimmy ordered is a disaster!

TIP: Use Francois the mime as entertainment to take the customers minds off any of the slower orders.

“The Big Day”

Day 7: That sweet Patrick offers to help out with the wedding in the best way he can. Time is of the essence, and they still have to do something about that hideous wedding dress.

Extra Challenge 4: Help Mom fit the dress between customers.

Day 8: It’s the Wedding Day, and Emily’s mom is talking grandchildren. Who will catch the bouquet? And who is that girl going to Sundance with Patrick?

“The Decision”

Day 9 – Just as the day-after mess from the wedding must be cleaned, the day-after mother-in-law must take jabs at the still-unmarried daughter. Also: a decision is made…

Extra Challenge 5: Find all wedding decoration when you clean up – it gives you extra bonus points to reach Expert level. Can’t find all 9 wedding decorations, take a look at the cheat sheet.

9 wedding decorations to clean

9 wedding decorations to clean

Day 10 – Francois covers for Emily for as long as he can!

Tip: Use Emily’s Dad – the Paper-doll master – to provide entertainment for the guests.

Restaurant 2: Carmen’s Comedor

Thanks to a little volcano, Emily’s plane is diverted to Madrid, Spain. So until she gets her luggage, she helps out at Carmen’s Comedor – a busy restaurant in the airport.
Turns out there are mice in Spain, too! Here’s a chart to show you where the mice are in Carmen’s Comedor! The number corresponds with the day you play with the mice location.

All mice locations - Restaurant 2 Carmen's Comedor

All mice locations – Restaurant 2 Carmen’s Comedor

“A Detour”

Day 1: Not only is she NOT in Paris, but she is missing her luggage.

Challenge 6: Extra points for helping find customers’ bags as they swing by the corral in the upper right-hand corner.

Day 2: It’s Day 2 without a suitcase, and Emily is beginning to second guess her great adventure. Maybe she should just go back. But Carmen encourages her to keep going.

Challenge 7: Extra points for helping find customers’ bags as they swing by in the upper right-hand corner.

“The Dancer”

Day 3: When Carlos gets a little distracted while watching Carmen do her work, he vacuums up a suitcase and it explodes. Emily offers to clean it up.

Challenge 8: Clean up the items from the suitcase for extra points. Here are the locations.

8 items from the suitcase

8 items from the suitcase

Day 4: Emily figures out that Carlos is secretly in love with Carmen and hatches a plan to get the star-crossed lovers together.

“The Offer”

Day 5. Emily’s suitcase is found!

Challenge 9: Carlos gives a salsa class! Earn extra points by clicking on the colored steps in the same order that Carlos does. Carlos shows the steps first, so watch carefully.

Carlos' Flamenco class

Carlos’ Flamenco class

Day 6: Carlos and Carmen’s love connection seems to be working. Carmen tells Emily that Carlos has a surprise for her, tonight!

TIP: A flamenco dancer is available to help entertain the customers, today.

TIP: Don’t leave the food in the fryer for too long or it will burn!

“Good bye”

Day 7: Carlos’ plan backfired, and he is heartbroken.

Challenge 10: Carlos is heartbroken over Carmen, have a comfort talk with poor Carlos and earn extra points. Earn extra points by consoling poor Carlos

Comfort heartbroken  Carlos

Comfort heartbroken Carlos

Day 8: Meanwhile, Carmen receives some heart-stopping news, herself! And Carlos packs his bags for a new life. Are he and Carmen over for good?


Day 9: Carmen feels abandoned by her mother and fears she passed up her chance for a happy life.

Challenge 10: Earn extra points by making sure the flight crew is fed.

Day 10: It’s Happily Ever After for Carmen and Carlos, and time for Emily to say her “goodbyes”….and her “thank you’s”

TIP: Use the flamenco dancer to help entertain the customers.

Restaurant 3 Fresco’s Diner Express

Emily is finally in France and is headed to Paris by train. Suitcase in hand, she comes across “Fresco’s,” a dining car restaurant that has seen better days. Behind the counter is Franco, a father of five who is panicking at the thought of an impending health inspection. Emily offers to help the man out, then finds herself running the whole operation. Mais non!

Here are the locations of the French mice:

All mice locations - Restaurant 3 Fresco's Diner Express

All mice locations – Restaurant 3 Fresco’s Diner Express

“The Mix-Up”

Day 1: Franco panics when he thinks Emily is a health inspector. Emily offers to help Franco out, but when he takes the day off to order fresh ingredients, she finds herself running Fresco’s Diner Express! Mais non!

Challenge 11: Clean up the mess to earn more points.

Day 2: After a suitcase mix-up, Emily spends a night on an uncomfortable cot in a stranger’s room. Without the ticket in her suitcase, she will have to leave the train.

“Just Dinner”

Day 3. Fresco returns the favor and saves the day for Emily when he buys her train ticket. Phillippe, Emily’s unfortunate new roommate, reads her love letter behind her back.

Challenge 12: Chase and stabilize the serving cart for extra points.

Day 4: Phillipe complains that he got food poisoning at Fresco’s restaurant and threatens to report them if Emily doesn’t have dinner with him that night. Emily stands up for herself and teaches him a lesson about how to treat women.

“Smooth Sailing”

Day 5: When the health inspector shows up, and Phillipe surprises everyone when he reveals himself to be a food critic, then gives the restaurant a glowing review.

Challenge 13:  Make sure the health inspector is well taken care of to earn extra points.

The food inspector in Fresco Diner Express

The food inspector in Fresco Diner Express

Day 6: The health inspector got food poisoning! But from where?

Tip: The conductor is also a toy train magician! Use him to entertain the customers.

“A fresh start”

Day 7: Emily saves the day…….again!

Challenge 14: Unload the boxes of fresh produce for extra points.

Day 8: Phillipe is a little more forthcoming with his affections for Emily.

“End of the line”

Day 9: In a fit of jealous rage, Phillipe rips up his review in the middle of her shift, throwing eight pieces all over the train car.

Challenge 15: To earn extra points, collect all eight of the torn pieces so Emily can read what it says.

8 pieces of the torn letter

8 pieces of the torn letter

Day 10: It is a busy last day in Fresco’s dining car, but it is time to say good-bye. As a peace offering, Phillippe offers Emily a lead as to where Jean Paul might be.

Restaurant 4 Chez Jean Paul


Emily arrives at Chez Jean Paul, an outdoor cafe with a little pigeon problem. Yep! You guessed it! There are mice in France and here where they are!

All mice locations - Restaurant 4 - Chez Jean Paul

All mice locations – Restaurant 4 – Chez Jean Paul

Day 1: No sign of Jean Paul, so Emily might as well help out in his restaurant while she waits for him.

Challenge 15: Chase the pigeons away to earn extra points.

Day 2: Emily wanders through the romantic streets of Paris, hopeful for a love reconnection. She buys some flowers from Amelie. (Oddly, buying flowers reminds Emily of Patrick, her florist friend back home. But never mind, she’s in Paris!) And then, finally, after sixteen long years, Emily and Jean Paul are REUNITED, AT LAST!

“The Suprise”

Day 3: It has been a long night of catching up for the reunited couple. After sharing a family recipe, Jean Paul initiates a friendly game of hide and go seek.

Challenge 16: Find the sneaky Jean Paul for extra points. He will appear at random locations 4 times. Can you spot him?

Hide and “Cheats”

Find sneaky Jean Paul

Find sneaky Jean Paul

Day 4: Emily returns to Amelie with the good news. Amelie shares that she, too, is dating a fellow herself and is eagerly awaiting his proposal. After her shift, Emily learns Jean Paul’s restaurant has a two-star rating from the prestigious Blumfield organization. As Jean Paul leaves, a ring box falls out of his pocket!

“A promise”

Day 5: Still flying high from the discovery of the ring box, she remains a tiny bit baffled at how quickly things are going. The two lovebirds make plans for a romantic getaway to the country, just the two of them.

Challenge 17: Return the engagement ring back into the pocket of Jean Paul’s jacket for extra points.

Tip: A famous painter has been brought in to entertain the guests.

Day 6: Emily reconnects with Amelie, and the two promise to attend each others’ weddings. Jean Paul has other plans without Emily, tonight, but they are definitely on for that trip to the country, tomorrow. “No excuses!”

TIP: Use the painter to entertain the crowd.

“A Bitter Blow”

Day 7: Jean Paul doesn’t like children and he cancels plans. Perhaps he is not so perfect after all?

Challenge 18: Collect the boxes from the five men with special deliveries to the restaurant for extra points.

Day 8: Emily fears Jean Paul might be getting cold feet about proposing.

TIP: Use the famous painter to entertain the crowd.

“Falling Stars”

Day 9: Emily is brokenhearted, and Amelie promises revenge against the two-timing Frenchman. Phillipe the food critic comes to Jean Paul’s restaurant to write a review. Amelie delivers on that promise…..

Challenge 19: Attend to Phillipe for extra points.

Phillipe the Food Critic

Phillipe the Food Critic

Day 10: Emily says goodbye to her new friends, and to her dream of romance.

TIP: Use the famous painter to entertain the crowd.

Emily’s Return

The scene is bleak upon Emily’s return. It’s pouring rain, and her beloved restaurant has been badly damaged. But when she walks in she doesn’t even have it in her to get too upset about it. After all, she’s heartbroken.
And there are, of course, mice!

All mice locations - Restaurant 5 Emily's Return

All mice locations – Restaurant 5 Emily’s Return

“Heartbreak at Home”

Day 1: Francois covers Emily’s shift in the restaurant.

Challenge 20: Due to a heartbroken Emily Francois fills her place: excuse Emily’s absence 4 times to earn extra points.

Francois covers for Emily

Francois covers for Emily

Day 2: After two day in bed, Emily comes down to work only after Francois forces her hand.

“Getting Better”

Day 3: Patrick announces that he’s moving to New York. Angela brings her dogs into the restaurant and leaves them there while she goes for a hair appointment. Emily finally opens up to her Mom.

Challenge 21: Call the dog back off the restaurant floor 6 times for extra points.

Call the dog

Call the dog

Day 4: Emily, recognizing that she is surrounded by people who love her, begins to return to her normal self. (And it’s like the restaurant knows it, too. It begins to shine once again!)

“Memory Lane”

Day 5: Patrick comes in to save the day when a little girl trips in the restaurant, a far cry from that Frenchman and his two-star restaurant. Francois calls Emily out on the flirting happening between her and Patrick, but Emily still can’t see what is between her and the florist.

Challenge 22: pick up the marbles from the shattered vase to collect extra points.

8 marbles

8 marbles

Day 6: Francois goes from Mime to dog trainer, and life for Emily gets a little better every day.

Tip: Use the terrific Francois to entertain the customers.

“One Last Cry”

Day 7: Time to clean Emily’s room! A single rose in a vase from Patrick seems to affect her like never before.

Tip: Francois is there with his dog act, once again, to entertain the customers.

“No More Goodbyes”

Day 9: Patrick’s date’s secret identity is revealed.

Challenge 23: Serve the “special treats” behind the green curtain for extra points.

Day 10: Emily’s true love is revealed!


There are many different ways to earn trophies. Earn them all to fill up the giant heart-shaped box of chocolates. How romantic!

Time Flies
Finishing the second restaurant
Leaving your Tracks Finishing the third restaurant
Haute Cuisine Finishing the fourth restaurant
The Finishing Touch Finishing the fifth restaurant
Ka-Chinggg Using the register one-thousand times
That’s Pretty Cheese Serving 150 cheese dishes
Ecstacy Sending all of your customers in restaurant 5 home feeling ecstatic
Combolicious Achieving a 2 customer bonus three times (in a row)
Delicious Expert Achieving expert on all days
Trying for Target Getting only the target score three days in a row
Deliciously quick Serving 100 products each within 5 seconds
Making Snuggy Proud Finding the mouse in every level
Saving for the Future Having 1000 decoration bucks or more
Three Variations Having three variations on the tray
Sweet Tooth filling the tray with desserts 10 times
Women’s Intuition Completing two orders in a row before they were ordered
Making Evelyn Proud Finishing 5 successive days without leaving dirty tables
Making Some Room Cleaning a dirty table just in time so a waiting customer could sit down
Keep on Walking Letting Emily walk 15 miles altogether
Shopping Spree Buying all shop items in five restaurants
Ring the Bell Picking 50 bell peppers in a day
Serving Charcoal Achieving expert score even after burning ten dishes
Trophies - Delicious Emily's True Love

Trophies – Delicious Emily’s True Love

With this official Delicious Emily’s True Love walkthrough hopefully you are able to complete all levels. Any questions or remarks please let us know and give you the best directions to finish the level.
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