The once-populous island has since dwindled ever since the mines were cleaned out. Join the residents as they pull together to give the island a new hope and future with a fabulous shopping paradise! Our Shop-n-Spree – Shopping Paradise Walkthrough will guide you through all the tips and tricks you need to restore the island to its former glory and support its colorful residents once more.


Shop-n-Spree – Shopping Paradise Walkthrough

Shop-n-Spree – Shopping Paradise is a time management title which will require you to complete levels within a certain amount of time. Our walkthrough will help guide you through the game’s essentials, helping you to understand how to play and how to complete each shift with the best score possible.

Getting Started

It’s important to acquaint yourself with the basics the first time around. Whether you’re new or simply need a refresher, this section covers everything you need to know when getting started.

There are two modes you can choose from when playing the game:

  • Normal Mode – A fun and challenging mode for time management experts.
  • Untimed Mode – A more relaxed mode with no time limits for casual players.


Options can be accessed at any time from the Main Menu. From here, you can adjust all individual sound levels and options, as well as toggle your game in and out of full-screen.


Malls and shops may be selected from the game’s Map. You will automatically be taken here upon clicking Play. From here, you can view your current progress, as well as any shops you’ve unlocked, have yet to unlock, and their assorted statuses. Unlock all the shops and earn all the stars necessary to unlock new areas around the island! You can view the whole map by selecting the Zoom Out button.


Each shift, customers will show up asking for particular items. Find these items and give them to the customers asking for them. Customers may vary per level and location, so keep an eye out!


The goal of the game is to earn as much money as possible via sales by the end of the day. Your current amount of sales is displayed at the bottom of your screen, toward the right. A bar at the bottom of the screen indicates how far along you are toward your goal. Make a high number of sales to obtain maximum rewards!


Your current goals will be displayed in the upper left corner of the screen while in the map. Use these as reference and queues for what you should do next!

How to Play

Now that you’ve familiarized yourself with the basics, it’s time to dive into how to actually play! This section of our Shop-n-Spree – Shopping Paradise walkthrough will guide you through how to play and obtain high scores.

Serving Customers

There are four different ways you can serve customers within the game:

  • Single-click – Click on an item to pick it up, then click on a customer.
  • Click-and-Drag – Click on an item and hold, then drag that item to a customer.
  • Left-and-Right click – Click on multiple items using your left mouse button, then right-click anywhere to have those items automatically delivered to the applicable customers. Tip: Items cannot be delivered automatically to counters if they need assembling or wrapping.
  • Right-click – Right-click on an item a customer is requesting. The item will automatically be instantly taken to that customer. Tip: For those looking to string together combos the fastest, we recommend this method of serving products.


There are several types of stations which may appear in your department store. They are:

  • Restocking Station – When items are no longer available or their shelves become empty, they will become visible here. A worker will work on restocking the item to make it available once again. Tip: You cannot collect items for customers if they’re out of stock!
  • Assembly Station – Sometimes customers would like a special type of product. This station is responsible for taking the components necessary to make that product and assembling them into a whole new product! For example: A customer may ask for a wakeboard. To meet this request, you will need to combine the necessary boots and board to create the wakeboard and deliver it to the shopper.
Shop-n-Spree – Shopping Paradise Assembly Station

Shop-n-Spree – Shopping Paradise Assembly Station

  • Gift Station – Sometimes items just need that special touch. A blue or red ribbon will appear on an item a customer wants you to gift wrap. Select the desired item, then drag it to this station to have it wrapped.
  • Treat Station – When your customer is impatient or having a bad day, supply them with a refreshing drink to improve their mood!
  • Magic Box Station – Offering a Magic Box to a customer will allow you to substitute any item for that Magic Box. Magic, indeed! A limited number of Magic Boxes are available per day.
  • Add-on Station – Use this station to add additional value to items according to customer specifications.
  • Sale Station – Sale items can be placed here, and customers will request that specific item shown. The Sale Station is excellent for those times you make a mistake or wish to no longer carry an item.
  • Color Changing Station – Alter the color of a product according to the customer’s request.
  • Repair Station – When a product breaks, take it to this station to repair it!
  • Mascot Machine – Use this machine to create mascot dolls. You can do this by mixing and matching various heads and body parts.

Staff and Workers

Your staff are responsible for wrapping, restocking, assembling, and manning the various stations in your department store. Staff are assigned to a station by default, however they are not bound to this particular station alone! In fact, you can drag staff from other stations to help at various other stations, therefore speeding up the process! But be careful – leaving an important or busy station unmanned could break combos or result in angry customers if they have to wait too long.


The key to obtaining high scores and earning mass profits is to string together combos. Combos, or combinations, are actions which are completed in short succession right after each other. Once a combo has been started, a meter will appear informing you how high your current combo is, as well as how much time you have remaining to create another link in the chain before the combo breaks. Once a combo breaks, the score will be added, and you will need to start a new one to build up bonuses again. Keep a quick and steady flow of items going to customers at all times to achieve massive combos and extra high scores!

Shop-n-Spree – Shopping Paradise Combos

Shop-n-Spree – Shopping Paradise Combos


The happier your customers, the happier your shops will be, too! Happy customers will reward you with Upgrade Hearts, which allow you to purchase various upgrades for the Mall. The Upgrade selections will be displayed every time you start a shift in a department. Upgrades include:

  • Station Upgrades – Add slots to stations so that more products can be worked on at once.
  • Staff Upgrades – Train staff to work faster and provide faster service to customers.
  • Floor Upgrades – Enable a floor tile change that will increase customer patience by 20%.
  • And more! – Which upgrades will you choose for your establishment?


Each time you complete a level, you will receive Stars. Stars can be used to unlock and build new departments within your mall. Expert and Master goal levels award the most stars. Your current number of Stars collected will always be visible next to the name of the location you are currently in. Tip: If you hover your cursor over a department, it will show you how many Stars you can earn per score rank.

Shop-n-Spree – Shopping Paradise Stars

Shop-n-Spree – Shopping Paradise Stars


Each Mall features a number of departments which you can play. These departments offer varying rewards and different selections of items. Some even pose unique challenges. Use Stars to unlock new departments. Oftentimes after playing a department, that department will be closed for restocking. When this happens, select a different department to work in until stock has been replenished.


As you play through Shop-n-Spree – Shopping Paradise, you will unlock a selection of minigames. Completing a minigame is not required, but can earn you bonus Stars. Replay minigames at any time by selecting the Minigames Airship from the map. Winning minigames from here will reward you with Magic Boxes. The selection of minigames includes:

  • Swap – Swap puzzle pieces around in order to complete a finished picture.
  • Fit It – Place pieces into the boxes until they are filled.
Shop-n-Spree – Shopping Paradise Fit It Minigame

Shop-n-Spree – Shopping Paradise Fit It Minigame

  • Match – Click on items to match them.
  • Missing Pieces – Complete the big picture by placing the missing pieces into their correct locations. Right-click a piece to rotate it.
  • Fill ’em Up! – Pack the small gift boxes into the larger boxes. Right-click to rotate a box. Click the fast forward button to speed up the conveyor belt. Select gift boxes you don’t want and place them in the bin beneath the belt.
Shop-n-Spree – Shopping Paradise Fill em Up Minigame

Shop-n-Spree – Shopping Paradise Fill em Up Minigame

  • And more! – Can you unlock them all?

Tips & Tricks

This section is dedicated to all the tips and tricks you could possibly need to rake in the cash and build your shopping paradise!

  • You can carry a maximum of nine items at any one time.
  • Right-click a product label image for a product which is no longer full on the shelf to automatically queue it for restocking.
  • You cannot use right-click to instantly deliver items requiring wrapping or assembly to their stations.
  • You can view customer happiness via the hearts which show up in their speech bubbles. If a customer is unhappy, use the Treat Station to improve their mood instantly.
  • Sometimes bonus tags (x2 tags, for example) will be hidden in numerous locations in a department. Click on one of these to have them automatically go to a customer. When you fulfill their order, you’ll earn twice the score! Tip: Use these on the Rich Man customer for easy score boosts!
Shop-n-Spree – Shopping Paradise Bonus Tags

Shop-n-Spree – Shopping Paradise Bonus Tags

  • Did a customer give you a particularly difficult order, or is your combo about to run out? Quickly use a Magic Box to substitute for the difficult item and keep your combos going!
  • If you make a mistake and select an item a customer didn’t want, quickly place it on the Sale stand to free up your carrying slots again. Customers who want this item will request it specially in their speech bubble.
Shop-n-Spree – Shopping Paradise Sale Items

Shop-n-Spree – Shopping Paradise Sale Items

  • Upgrades purchased apply to the entire Mall in which they were purchased, not to individual departments.
  • When choosing upgrades, it’s recommended you upgrade your Staff first. This will allow you to turn out orders faster. A good second choice would be flooring, which increases customer patience.
  • You don’t have to continue serving customers once time has run out on the clock. You may choose to Close Shop immediately by clicking on the button that appears in the lower left corner.
  • There are special types of customers which will appear per location. Two such customers are the Rich Man and the Detective. The Rich Man, for example, always wants three of the item he orders. The Detective craves mystery and will only give you a silhouette. You must figure out which item he wants based on the shape.
Shop-n-Spree – Shopping Paradise Rich Man Customer

Shop-n-Spree – Shopping Paradise Rich Man Customer

  • If an item is no longer available, or stock is out, the item will appear red in a customer’s order bubble. Keep an eye out for this as it will help you figure out what needs to be restocked right away.
Shop-n-Spree – Shopping Paradise Out of Stock

Shop-n-Spree – Shopping Paradise Out of Stock

Congratulations! You’ve completed our Shop-n-Spree – Shopping Paradise Walkthrough! For more great tips and tricks and a selection of other walkthroughs, visit our blog!

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The Shop-n-Spree – Shopping Paradise Walkthrough is meant as a guide and does not contain cheats, hacks, or serials.