Whether you’re looking for specific help or want guidance through every level of the game, this Royal Envoy 3 walkthrough is sure to help. As the expedition leader of the HMS Islandshire, you’re in charge of exploring and settling islands in the vast, mysterious South Ocean. Each of the 11 chapter of the game takes place on a different island, and there are more than 80 levels. Get the gist of what you need to do to proceed from one level to the next along with useful tips and tricks with this convenient, easy-to-use walkthrough.


Royal Envoy 3 Walkthrough

Chapter 1: Forest Valley (Levels 1-4)

This chapter serves as a tutorial that allows you to get the hang of basic game play. As with all chapters in the game, however, you must accomplish specific goals to progress from one level to the next. Basically, you need to become proficient in the basics of playing this game to proceed through the levels in Forest Valley.

Get ready to learn a lot. By the time you’re done with Chapter 1, you will know how to collect rent, build and upgrade cabins, produce wood at sawmills, assign workers, chop down trees, buy food at markets, repair bridges and more.

This chapter is made up of four levels. Here’s some basic info about each:

  • Level 1 – Build six cabins and accumulate 1,000 gold to meet your goal.
Royal Envoy 3 - Chapter 1 Forest Valley level 1

Royal Envoy 3 – Chapter 1 Forest Valley level 1

  • Level 2 – Acquire four workers to get the five you need. You also need 1,000 gold. Tip: After a worker collects wood, click the tree again to keep them chopping.
  • Level 3 – Build one sawmill, gather all food and upgrade five cabins.
  • Level 4 – Build one market, acquire six additional workers for a total of eight and build eight upgraded cabins. Keep one worker at the mill, and buy food as quickly as possible.

Chapter 2: Sunny Island (Levels 5-10)

In this action-packed region, you’re introduced to cottages, which cost twice as much as cabins but generate more rent. Two new Automatic Resource Production Buildings–gold mines and forestries–are also introduced.

Progress through each of this chapter’s six levels by keeping these tips and tricks in mind:

  • Level 5 – Build four more cottages for a total of five, and acquire 3,000 gold. Once they’re not needed anymore, demolish the market and sawmill to recoup 500 gold each.
  • Level 6 – This level’s goals are to repair all eight houses and to acquire 500 food. Before doing anything else, though, free the trapped workers.
  • Level 7 – Upgrade six houses of any kind, and accumulate 7,000 gold. Tip: You will ultimately need seven workers to reach these goals. Demolish the market for 500 gold, and replace it with an upgraded cabin.
  • Level 8 – Upgrade six cottages, and build one sawmill and one market. Clear the large obstacle with three workers, and free four trapped workers and summon them to the gold mine.
Royal Envoy 3 - chapter 2 Sunny Island level 8

Royal Envoy 3 – chapter 2 Sunny Island level 8

  • Level 9 – Upgrade seven of any type of house, and accumulate 5,500 gold. You’ll meet the Elephant, who you should lure with 250 food so he will drain the swamp.
  • Level 10 – Your goal here is to free all the workers. Acquire 50 wood by having three workers clear away the large obstacle. Tip: Ignore the elephant.

Chapter 3: Pirate Bay (Levels 11-18)

This chapter is all about pirates. Happiness is introduced, and you can gain it by adding gardens to houses and by building decorations. There are also treasure chests and buried treasure that contain gold, food and wood.

Get through Chapter 3 in one piece by keeping these points in mind:

  • Level 11 – Accumulate 300 happiness, and build six houses with gardens. Tips: You don’t have to pick all the food bushes, and you can skip feeding the Glutton and upgrading cabins. Hire two workers.
  • Level 12 – Accumulate 250 happiness and 15,000 gold. Gold deposits are introduced. Tip: Add five gardens to achieve 250 happiness.
Royal Envoy 3 - chapter 3 Pirate Bay level 12

Royal Envoy 3 – chapter 3 Pirate Bay level 12

  • Level 13 – Build one sawmill and one market, and accumulate 250 happiness. Repair the bridge on the lower left for 200 wood. Tip: You only need to pay one pirate 2,500 gold–not three.
  • Level 14 – Acquire three gramophones, build two flowerbeds and one fountain and acquire 550 happiness. Decorations are introduced. Tip: Gather all loose wood and food at the beginning.
  • Level 15 – Open four treasure chests, acquire 500 happiness and build one statue. Treasure chests are introduced. Tip: Gain 200 happiness with a statue, and get the rest by adding six gardens.
  • Level 16 – Acquire 2,000 food. Tip: Hire more workers as needed, and don’t let any go idle.
  • Level 17 – Acquire 2,000 gold and 275 happiness. Buried treasure is introduced. Tip: Two buried treasures are under the debris near the castle.
  • Level 18 – Catch 20 fish, acquire 250 happiness, free all workers and repair all piers. Tip: You can stop fishing after 20 fish have been caught.

Chapter 4: Mystery Marshes (Levels 19-26)

In this chapter, chalets, which generate twice as much rent as cabins, are introduced. Parts of each town are partially obscured by the dark, and you’ll rely on lanterns and bonfires to find your way around.

Here’s a quick rundown of this chapter’s eight levels:

  • Level 19 – Acquire 8,000 gold, repair all lanterns and build six upgraded chalets with gardens. Replace the market with an upgraded chalet with a garden.

    Royal Envoy 3 - Chapter 4 Mystery Marshes level 19

    Royal Envoy 3 – Chapter 4 Mystery Marshes level 19

  • Level 20 – Build three upgraded chalets, and acquire 7,500 gold. Tip: Replace the sawmill with an upgraded chalet.
  • Level 21 – Make all four leprechauns happy. Tip: Cheer each leprechaun up in increasing order of happiness. You don’t have to rescue all the trapped workers.
  • Level 22 – Acquire 9,000 gold, built six upgraded houses with gardens and acquire 350 happiness. Tip: Gold mines only work when a bonfire is lit.
  • Level 23 – Acquire 1,500 wood. Tip: When you’re generating a lot of rent, try larger wood production runs. Demolish the sawmill and market for 1,000 gold.
  • Level 24 – Build nine houses of any type, and dig up one buried treasure. Tip: Buried treasure can contain any resource, including food, gold or wood.
  • Level 25 – Acquire 700 wood and 500 food. You also need to build six upgraded houses with gardens and repair all five lanterns. Tip: You don’t need to repair the bridge. Add gardens to houses before upgrading them.
  • Level 26 – Hire 11 workers for a total of 15. Upgrade the spring of eternal happiness, and repair all lanterns to advance to the next chapter.

Chapter 5: Arid Lands (Levels 27-34)

The islands in this chapter are mostly desert. Some of the new features you’ll find include farms and circus festivals. Some areas are partially obscured by smoking cauldrons from the pirates.

Progress through this chapter’s eight levels with these pointers:

  • Level 27 – Build six upgraded cottages with gardens, and build four wells. Tip: If you have food, add gardens first to increase the leprechaun’s happiness and to receive a rent bonus.
  • Level 28 – Acquire 300 happiness. Trick: Buy food and produce the wood you need before demolishing the market and sawmill.
  • Level 29 – Acquire 500 food, and build five houses of any kind. Tip: There are two buried treasures in this level. Don’t upgrade houses; add gardens instead.
  • Level 30 – Build up all of the empty lots. Smoke blocks many important items from view, so clear it quickly. You can’t summon workers to the farm until you repair it.
Royal Envoy 3 - Chapter 5 Arid Lands level 30

Royal Envoy 3 – Chapter 5 Arid Lands level 30

  • Level 31 – Build eight houses of any kind, and acquire 500 happiness. Tip: You don’t have to clear the smoke to reach the houses.
  • Level 32 – Build two sawmills and one market, and acquire 200 happiness. Trick: Don’t play the cheapest pirate first.
  • Level 33 – Build three sawmills and two markets. Upgrade all houses and add gardens.
  • Level 34 – Acquire 1,400 happiness. Festivals and circuses are introduced here. Tip: Chop all the trees down for a nice surprise.

Chapter 6: Soaring Islands (Levels 35-42)

In this fun chapter, the islands float in the air, but you can use rabbit holes to teleport around them.

Some things to be aware of about the eight levels in this chapter include:


  • Level 35 – Acquire 4,000 gold and 300 happiness. Trick: If you send a worker through a rabbit hole and change your mind, click the hole again quickly.
Royal Envoy 3 - chapter 6 Soaring Islands level 35

Royal Envoy 3 – chapter 6 Soaring Islands level 35

  • Level 36 – Build one fountain and five upgraded chalets with gardens. Tip: Leave a worker on Market Island to chop wood and buy food.
  • Level 37 – Acquire 4,000 gold and 300 happiness. You also need to build two beehives and six chalets. Trick: You’ll ultimately need 14 workers. Dismiss some forestry workers to help build the chalets.
  • Level 38 – Pick all the food from the bushes, acquire 8,000 gold and build seven upgraded houses with gardens. Tip: Right away, demolish one market and one sawmill.
  • Level 39 – Acquire 300 happiness and 4,500 gold. Tricks: Ignore the Glutton, and build a bank to boost rent by 50 percent.
  • Level 40 – Pay the pirate, and build up all of the empty lots. Trick: Only one bank is needed. Demolish the rest for food and wood.
  • Level 41 – Acquire 10,000 gold, and build two beehives and three banks. Tips: All of the upper lots are unaffected by bees. Cheer up the leprechaun to reach the treasure chest quickly. Ignore the farm.
  • Level 42 – Build four upgraded cottages with garden, and prepare eight technicians.

Chapter 7: Miners Island (Levels 43-50)

The mountains in this chapter are awash with rocks, and many contain gold. A new building type, the dovecote, is introduced.

Here’s some info to get you through these eight levels:

  • Level 43 – Acquire 1,700 wood. Tip: You will need to add seven gardens to get past the 350 leprechaun.
  • Level 44 – Build five houses of any type, and acquire 700 happiness and 15,000 gold. Tip: You don’t have to chop all the trees; just chop enough to build five upgraded cabins. You can ignore the large rock blocking the food on the lower right.
  • Level 45 – Acquire 800 happiness and 2,000 food. Tip: Building a dovecote doubles the garden happiness bonus for each house.

    Royal Envoy 3 - chapter 7 Miners Island level 45

    Royal Envoy 3 – chapter 7 Miners Island level 45

  • Level 46 – Build six upgraded houses with gardens and three statues. Tip: It takes three workers to clear large rocks.
  • Level 47 – Hire 21 workers to reach a total of 25, and free 13 workers. Tricks: Ignore the two wild bees nests, the Glutton and the pirate.
  • Level 48 – Build up all lots, and open seven treasure chests. Tip: You must open the chests in a certain order.
  • Level 49 – Include a mix of all types of buildings. Acquire 1,500 food and one statue. Tip: Demolish the fountain right away.
  • Level 50 – Fill the central bank. Tricks: The timer pauses when you’re chasing thieves, and they always run in the same pattern.

Chapter 8: Lost Corner (Levels 51-58)

Thick fog enshrouds this region, but ancient obelisks can clear it away. Druids can also cast spells with their cauldrons to clear it.

Keep these pointers in mind to get through this chapter:

  • Level 51 – Build eight houses of any type, and acquire 10,000 gold. Tip: Save 100 wood and 100 food to build a bank.
  • Level 52 – Build one market and one sawmill, and acquire 500 happiness. Tip: You only need to cheer up one leprechaun. Trick: Click on bees’ nests to show which lots are affected by them.
  • Level 53 – Build one more bank for a total of three, and build six houses of any type. Tips: Keep food and wood production balanced, and pay the pirate ASAP.
  • Level 54 – Acquire 1,000 food and eight doves. Tips: Get the eight doves you need with four dovecotes. You don’t have to cheer up the leprechaun.
Royal Envoy 3 - chapter 8 Lost corner level 54

Royal Envoy 3 – chapter 8 Lost corner level 54

  • Level 55 – Acquire 3,000 gold, build up all empty lots and acquire two fountains. Tricks: Keep the druid paid, and build a bank.
  • Level 56 – Acquire 600 happiness and 6,000 food. Tricks: Clear the large rock and all trees to reveal a surprise. Another surprise is revealed by clearing the obstacle in the road.
  • Level 57 – Acquire 1,100 happiness. Tip: Ignore all the druids.
  • Level 58 – Inflate 12 balloons to proceed to the next chapter. Trick: You just need to start inflating a balloon for it to count toward your total.

Chapter 9: Drifting Glacier (Levels 60-66)

Snowdrifts make their debut in this chapter. They often conceal surprises, so be sure to dig around!

Some things to keep in mind while working through these seven levels include:

  • Level 59 – Acquire 4,000 gold and 600 happiness. Tip: Snowdrifts can be cleared by one worker.
  • Level 60 – Throw the annual snowball fight, and build a snow arena. Tips: You must demolish the dovecotes before hiring the 10 workers you’ll need to build the arena. Ignore the small lots and the Glutton.
Royal Envoy 3 - Chapter 9 Drifting Glacier level 60

Royal Envoy 3 – Chapter 9 Drifting Glacier level 60

  • Level 61 – Build nine upgraded houses of any kind, one fountain and one statue. Tip: Get the resources you need by demolishing decorations and buildings.
  • Level 62 – Build up all the empty lots. Tip: You’ll ultimately need three dovecotes to complete this level.
  • Level 63 – Add one more fountain for a total of seven. Tip: You’ll need three workers to clear snow piles in lots. Don’t bother with the gold mines.
  • Level 64 – Acquire 500 happiness, and develop at least one of each type of house. Tip: Five houses need two dovecotes each.
  • Level 65 – Develop six upgraded houses of any type, and hire 14 workers for a total of 16. Tips: Chop wood continuously to ensure there’s enough for repairing bridges and building houses. The sawmill isn’t needed. You can skip repairing the bridge on the upper right.
  • Level 66 – Build four markets, and catch 25 fish. Tips: Workers must be summoned to the fishery. Give the leprechaun a dovecote, a gramophone and three houses for the 200 happiness he needs.

Chapter 10: Oceania (Levels 67-74)

Due to a lack of dry land, floating platforms are featured throughout this chapter. You’ll deal with lots more pirates too.

Progress through this chapter quickly by keeping these points in mind:

  • Level 67 – Build six upgraded cottages with gardens, and acquire 550 happiness. Tips: Ignore the wild bees’ nest and pirate on the left, and make sure to chop the trees on the lower left.
  • Level 68 – Acquire 12 doves. Get them with six dovecotes. Trick: You can start building on an empty lot even if a worker is digging there.
  • Level 69 – Build seven upgraded houses with gardens and four beehives. You also need to acquire 40,000 gold. Tips: Treasure chests on this level have almost all the resources you need. Demolish buildings to recoup half of the resources.
  • Level 70 – Hire three more workers for a total of eight, and develop all the empty lots. Tricks: Just build upgraded cabins on most lots, and only add a garden to the first one.
  • Level 71 – Develop all empty lots, and acquire 2,000 food. Tips: Build a bank, a sawmill and a market.
  • Level 72 – Build up all the empty lots, and acquire 1,500 food. Tip: You need to chop down all the trees except the ones behind the second leprechaun.
  • Level 73 – Acquire 25,000 gold. Tips: You don’t need decorations, and you can ignore the small building lots.
  • Level 74 – Build a ship. Tricks: Woodcutters are faster than sawmills, and the wood they produce is cheaper. Ignore all the pirates and wells.
Royal Envoy 3 - Chapter 10 Oceania level 74

Royal Envoy 3 – Chapter 10 Oceania level 74

Chapter 11: Treasure Isle (Levels 75-82)

You’re on the home stretch! This entire region is shrouded in darkness, so you’ll need to rely on bonfires and lanterns to find your way around.

You’ll progress easily through these eight levels by keeping these things in mind:

  • Level 75 – Acquire 1,400 food. Tip: Ignore the 2,500 gold pirate. Trick: Have four workers pick food to quickly beat this level.
  • Level 76 – Acquire 1,000 wood, add one gramophone and two fountains, and include one of each type of building. Tip: You need three workers to clear a wood pile on a lot, and it nets you 50 wood.
  • Level 77 – Hire four workers for a total of 10, and acquire 10,000 gold. Tips: Ignore the leprechaun, and demolish the sawmill and market for 1,000 gold. Trick: You don’t have to restore all the damaged gold mines.
  • Level 78 – Add two statues. Tips: Ignore the pirate blocking one statue, and cheer up the leprechauns in increasing order of happiness.
  • Level 79 – Add one statue. Tips: You will ultimately need 12 workers to beat this level.
  • Level 80 – Add four upgraded houses with gardens, one sawmill, one bank and one market. Tip: Acquire wood by clearing piles on lots.
Royal Envoy 3 - Chapter 11 Treasure Isle level 80

Royal Envoy 3 – Chapter 11 Treasure Isle level 80

  • Level 81 – Clear and rebuild all the roads. Tip: Before the bonfire goes out, dismiss workers from all production buildings or they will be trapped. By adding a lantern, one forestry and one farm will keep working.
  • Level 82 – Produce 15 locks. Tips: Put all your workers to work gathering the coal that falls from the sky. Ignore the lantern to the left of the farm.

Congratulations! You’ve completed the entire game and can now move on to the bonus levels, if you’d like. We hope this Royal Envoy 3 walkthrough has helped. Be sure to check out our other great walkthroughs, including the one for Virtual Villagers 5. Until then, happy gaming!


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The Royal Envoy 3 walkthrough is meant as a guide and does not contain cheats, hacks, or serials.