Heart’s Medicine – Season One Walkthrough

Heart’s Medicine is a fun, engaging time management casual game. If you’ve started playing this game, some tips and tricks might come in handy, so you’re probably looking for a Heart’s Medicine walkthrough. In this game, you play the main character Allison Heart, who just started her residency at a hospital. The object of the game is to tend to the patients’ needs and fulfill the duties of your job in an efficient way. Hearts Medicine combines casual gaming with medical drama. You can pick from the three difficulty levels this game offers to suit your taste. Here’s a Heart’s Medicine – Season One walkthrough featuring tips and tricks to help you get the most out of this game.


General Tips & Tricks

Your job is to direct the patients around the room and attend to them as quickly as possible. When the bubble comes up indicating it’s time for the patient to move spots, click on the patient and then on the place indicated by the bubble. Moving a patient is a simple formula to remember: click on the patient, then on the destination.

If a patient gets im-patient (ha, ha) the hearts hovering above them will deplete. You don’t want to let the hearts run out, so attend to the patients’ needs as quickly as you can. Be efficient and quick and you’ll get a higher score at the end of the shift. You accumulate points called “hearts” that you can use to upgrade things around the room. If you see a guinea pig or other objects hiding around the room, click on it to get extra points. After you complete a shift, the next one will be unlocked. After the first shift, you should have a pretty good understanding of the object and demands of the game.

After you’ve examined and treated a patient, the patient will then want to go to the checkout counter. It’s okay to let a queue form at the counter while you treat other patients, which will be continuing to come in. When you have time, click on the computer to attend to the queue of patients. After this, they’ll leave and you can move on to the next patients. Checking out a lot of patients at one time gives you a bonus.

One more thing you need to pay attention to is the supply of hospital gowns. As more patients change into them, the supply will deplete. If the supply is low, click on the stack of gowns to replenish them. Other stations will come up in the room as you level up through the shifts, such as a water cooler. Pay attention to these things too. Over time, more furniture will be added to the room as well.

Heart’s Medicine – Season One Walkthrough

The game begins with a small introductory mini-game. You, Allison Heart, are a bystander witnessing a motorcycle accident. A doctor is on site treating the victim of the crash. He solicits your help in treating the man on the ground. What you have to do is find and click on the items that the doctor requests. You end up helping to save the man’s life and the doctor tells you you have a natural medical talent. This is what inspires you to become a doctor. The game then flashes forward to 6 years later.


Diagnosis Shift 1
This is your first shift. It takes place in the diagnosis room. You will move around the room, and the doctor stays over by the computer.

The patients on this level come in complaining of sore spots on their bodies. What you have to do is quickly and efficiently examine them. When a patient is at the examination table, a bubble will come up with a magnifying glass. Click on the patient to start the examination. A window will come up where you need to thoroughly examine the body part at hand. Don’t miss any spots. You’ll find things like fishing lures embedded in their skin.

Diagnosis Shift 2
Patients will come in a bit more quickly than last time. An extra challenge is presented during this shift that makes it more difficult than the first. An angry patient storms into the room to yell at the doctor about vaccines. In his rage, the patient throws the plate of cookies that Allison brought it at the beginning of the shift all over the floor. It’s your task to pick up all of these cookies while also keeping your patients happy and moving efficiently.

Heart’s Medicine – Season 1 - Diagnosis Shift 2

Heart’s Medicine – Season 1 – Diagnosis Shift 2

Diagnosis Shift 3
A new examination activity comes up during this shift in which you take the patient’s blood pressure. Instructions will come up onto the screen to help you. It basically tells you to click on the pump to squeeze it until the light turns green. After that, watch for the needle twitches and memorize the number, color, and/or image that it twitches on. After you’re done taking the patient’s blood pressure, you have to select the number/color/image that the needle twitched on.

During this shift, a patient will come in with a bad-looking leg. Your character calls the doctor over to look at it. The doctor says the patient has a nasty staph infection that should have been treated 2 weeks ago. The doctor delegates the duty of treating this infection to you. Some simple instructions will come up on the screen telling you how to do the simple mouse motions that will allow you to treat and bandage the patient’s leg.

Diagnosis Shift 4
At the beginning of this shift, the doctor and his ex-wife have a small argument that ends in papers being scattered all over the floor. You need to pick up the papers  while also attending to the patients that are already starting to come in.

Heart’s Medicine – Season 1 - Diagnosis Shift 4

Heart’s Medicine – Season 1 – Diagnosis Shift 4

Diagnosis Shift 5
In Shift 5, the man with the staph infection from the third shift comes in again in direct need of medical attention. Instructions will come up on the screen telling you how to treat him, because he keeps having seizures. You’ll have to do this periodically while also juggling the other patients. At the end of the shift, the doctor has a heart attack and collapses, and then the shift ends.


The Lab Shift 1
Once you’ve worked your way through the diagnosis shifts, the laboratory shifts should be a piece of cake. The basic principle is the same. Attend to patients’ needs as the bubbles indicate. In the lab, you’ll be taking blood samples, distributing medications, setting bones, and analyzing things. Just look to the bubbles and instructions on the screen for guidance in case you need help, but you probably won’t.

A new kind of task that comes up is setting bones. When you send a patient to the x-ray machine, a screen pops up displaying an image of their bones. What you have to do is drag and drop the fragments of bone into their original place. Do this quickly!

The Lab Shift 2
The extra challenge that pops up in this shift is that a hippy-dippy doctor drops his totem beads all over the floor  while talking to Allison about her aura. He then laments the fact that his chakras are all out of alignment. Your task is to pick up all the fallen beads off the floor while still attending to the patients in a timely manner.

At the end of this shift, the female lab doctor invites Allison out for drinks after work to try and meet men.

Heart’s Medicine – Season 1 - Lab Shift 2

Heart’s Medicine – Season 1 – Lab Shift 2

The Lab Shift 3
During shift 3, you’re introduced to a new task that involves locating the correct cell in a petri dish. At the bottom of the window that will come up, it tells you the number of cores, the color, and the appearance of the cell wall. Find the cell in the petri dish that matches all of those requirements. You may have to find multiple cells of the same type. The game will guide you if you are confused.

At the end of this shift, music comes on and everyone starts dancing. Your job is then to copy the dance moves of Robert, the old man. Memorize the order that the steps appear in and repeat them. This shouldn’t be too difficult. Afterward, Ruth, the lab doctor, confides to Allison that she misses her ex-husband very much. Then everyone goes home.

The Lab Shift 4
At the beginning of this shift, Ruth’s son tries to get coffee out of the coffee dispenser in the lab, but ends up spilling it all over the floor. You have to clean up all the spilled coffee while also attending to patients. When you’ve finished cleaning it up, Ruth’s son asks you for a raincheck on that coffee and the two of you to meet up after the shift.

The Lab Shift 5
This shift doesn’t present any new challenges in terms of tasks. However, at the end of the shift, Robert comes in with presents for all the doctors. Your task is to distribute the correct presents to the correct doctors. However, this is made more difficult by the fact that the bubbles over the doctors indicate what they DON’T want. You’ll have to figure out by trial and error exactly what belongs to who.

Allison finds out that this celebration is actually due to the fact that Robert is terminally ill and will die soon, and wants his last days to be joyful. However, Allison finds it wrong to celebrate death, and storms out of the room.


Pediatrics Shift 1
The doctor in the pediatric room is named Connor, who spends a lot of time standing around playing with his cell phone. At the beginning of this shift, there is a tense conversation between Allison and Connor.

As with all the previous rooms, send patients to the stations that the bubbles indicate. You’ll have to bandage wounds by dragging and dropping pieces of bandage into the right place.

During this shift, two children start to fight over a toy. It ends up breaking and the pieces fly all over the room. You’ll have to pick up all the pieces  will still efficiently tending to your patients’ needs. Once you’ve picked them all up, Connor shows the child how to transform that particular action figure into a tank.

At the end of shift 1, there’s another unfriendly conversation between Allison and Connor.

Heart’s Medicine – Season 1 - Pediatrics Shift 1

Heart’s Medicine – Season 1 – Pediatrics Shift 1

Pediatrics Shift 2
This shift starts off with Daniel, Ruth’s son, bringing in flowers for Allison. Connor gets irritated and demands that he take the flowers out of the pediatric ward. Daniel and Allison arrange a dinner date and Daniel leaves.

During shift 2, a little girl comes in with her family, complaining of nausea. You have to run some tests on her while also dealing with the other patients. You don’t find anything and she leaves to go get an x-ray.

At the end of the shift, Connor and Allison have a short conversation and then leave.

Pediatrics Shift 3
At the beginning of this shift, Connor starts having a ball fight with some children. Allison joins in. You’ll have to hit Connor with a ball. This is a very easy mini-task. It will repeat, and you’ll have to hit Connor with a ball more times during the shift while also taking care of the children.

A new job comes up during this shift, which is removing foreign objects from a child’s throat. This is a simple task. Just click on the object and drag it out of the mouth. Similar to this, you also will come across a task that asks you to remove a foreign object from the child’s ear or nose. The same basic principles apply.

Pediatrics Shift 4
This shift starts with Connor asking Allison to meet up for some beers after work. She declines because she’s seeing Daniel. Connor gets upset by this.

The same little girl that came in earlier makes a reappearance. You have to examine her stomach and administer ipecac. You do this using the mouse motions that the screen will show you. Do this while also quickly attending to other patients.

When the shift is done, Connor tells Allison that he thinks the little girl is being deliberately poisoned by one of her parents.

Pediatrics Shift 5
The little girl comes in again at the beginning of shift 5. While Connor talks to her patients outside, the little girl stands around and you have to talk to her when the bubble with the clipboard comes up. You’ll have to pick which thing you want to say to her. At the end of the shift it was determined that no one made the little girl drink any poison.


Plastics Shift 1
Robin is the plastic surgeon at this hospital. You meet her at the beginning of your first plastics shift. Send the patients around to the stations as needed. When the scar/tattoo removal task comes up, what you have to do is trace the line with your mouse. This is a fairly simple job, but you have to do it before the time runs out.

A little while into the shift, Connor comes into the room and asks Allison to come over tonight. She declines. Connor tries to make her talk about it in the middle of her shift, but she refuses to talk since she’s busy. Connor gets offended and leaves. It’s revealed after he leaves that Robin and Connor used to be in a relationship.

At the counter, a bubble will come up and if you click on it it allows you to take a little quiz. When you’ve finished all of your questions, it will tell you what your ideal boyfriend would be like.

Plastics Shift 2
At the beginning of plastics shift 2, a woman and her daughter come in. The daughter will be getting a nose job for cosmetic reasons. You have to do pre-op work with the daughter while also juggling the other patients that are coming in.

Allison doesn’t like the fact that the girl was getting a nose job when she didn’t need one. Robin and Allison discuss this matter at the end of the shift, then go home.

Plastics Shift 3
During shift 3, the actual rhinoplasty takes place. Your task is to complete the surgery while attending to the other patients as well. The surgery is done with mouse motions that will be indicated on the screen.

Plastics Shift 4
Daniel, in an attempt to make a romantic gesture, strews rose petals all around the room. You’ll have to clean them all up  while still attending to the needs of your patients.

A simple task involving selecting colors in the right order appears during this shift. The screen that comes up will explain to you how to do this, but it will be easy to figure out.

Heart’s Medicine – Season 1 - Plastics Shift 4

Heart’s Medicine – Season 1 – Plastics Shift 4

Plastics Shift 5
At the beginning of plastics shift 5, the nose job girl comes in again for her follow-up. She is experiencing heavier bleeding than normal, which is determined to be caused by the diet pills she takes. She is dehydrated, so you have to send her to get water every little while while you also attend to the other patients.

There’s a small altercation at the end of the shift where Allison accuses the mother of coercing her daughter into getting a nose job, which isn’t true.


Prenatal Shift 1
During your first shift, you meet Chance, the prenatal doctor. You should have met this doctor before, he’s the one that spilled beads all over the floor earlier. At the beginning of this shift Chance tells you that there are peppermint odor vaporizers hidden around the room. You have to find all of them  while still efficiently attending to your patients.

A new activity is presented during this shift where you show a patient how to do a yoga move. To move yourself into the yoga pose, click on a body part until it’s in the right position that’s shown. Do this for all of the body parts until you get the pose right. Other than this new activity, not much happens during the first prenatal shift. The other stations in the prenatal ward are very much like those in previous levels and are just as easy to do. However, pay attention to the level of diapers. The diapers are kept in the upper left-hand corner. Don’t let them deplete too much.

Heart’s Medicine – Season 1 - Prenatal Shift 1

Heart’s Medicine – Season 1 – Prenatal Shift 1

Prenatal Shift 2
At the end of this shift, a woman comes into the hospital in labor. Chance determines that the baby’s umbilical cord is wrapped around its neck, and you have to deliver the baby immediately. This is done by following the mouse gestures indicated on the screen. You’ve done the same kinds of mouse gestures lots of times before, so this shouldn’t be too challenging. Six hours later, the baby is born.

Prenatal Shift 3
At the beginning of prenatal shift 3, Chance gives you a personality quiz to fill out. Answer the questions when the bubble comes up, but don’t neglect the patients.

A new task appears during this shift, which is finding the heartbeat of a fetus. To do this, simply scan the ultrasound until you find the heart.

Prenatal Shift 4
The new flu station has been set up, but you have to make the final preparations. You have to do this while also attending to the patients that are coming in. Other than this, there aren’t any new challenges during shift 4.

Prenatal Shift 5
There’s a small cut scene at the beginning of this shift, where John gets angry because there aren’t enough vaccines to go around and he is chosen to be the one member of staff who doesn’t receive a vaccine.

During this shift, some patients will come in with flu symptoms. You can recognize them by the way they shiver. You need to treat their flu as soon as possible after they come in, to make sure the flu doesn’t spread to other patients.

At the end of this shift, the news comes that John has been in an accident. At the scene of the car accident, John is laying on the ground. The others say it’s too late, but Allison gives him emergency medical attention and he comes back into consciousness. Later, John announces he’s retiring from the hospital and that Allison will have a job once she finishes her residency. The two of them hug and the game has ended.

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