As an investigator, you are called to a vineyard of a wealthy family. The maid has found a mysterious diary for you. When you open the diary, you find information about three murders of women. Your job is to use the diary to find the murderer. Is it one person? Two people? In Grim Facade – Sinister Obsession walkthrough, you will learn the tips and tricks to make your way through the house. By collecting the clues, you will find the murderer.


General Tips & Tricks

Cursors and Hints
You will have three different cursors throughout the game. When you are just moving around, your cursor will be a red arrow. You will have an opera glass option. This will show you areas you need to concentrate on. Once you land on an object, your arrow will turn into a hand icon. It will only change to the hand when it is an object you need. In order to gain hints, you will need to find lady’s fans. The more you find, the more chances of hints you will have.

Levels of Difficulty
You can choose between three levels. You can change back and forth with the difficulty throughout the game. First, you can play in the hard mode. This mode will have your hint bar and the skip bar load slowly. It will also not allow your active areas to be highlighted and you won’t have the help of the black bar. In the advanced level, you will have the active areas not highlighted for your help. Finally, there is the casual level. With this level, you will be able to access your hint and skip bars faster. All the active areas will be highlighted to aide you.

Throughout the game, you will have opportunities to play mini games to receive vital pieces or just coins. With each level, you will have multiple instances to play these games. If they are too challenging, you can skip over them.

Grim Facade – Sinister Obsession Walkthrough

Chapter One: Near Conti Villa

Once the game starts, you will be outside the villa. Meet the Lady sitting under the tree. She will give you a Notebook which will help your investigation. On the phone booth, you will find your first Fan. Make sure you grab it. Go to your right and go to the Base of the Statue. You will take both the Note and the Glove. Go back to the phone booth and use the glove to get around the glass. On the window, pick up the Blue Shell. On the phone, remove the two screws to go into a mini game.

Grim Facade Sinister Obsession - Near Conti Villa

Grim Facade Sinister Obsession – Near Conti Villa

Go back to the statue. There will be a Crate under the tree. Take the Sharp Glass you found at the window and cut the Rope around the box. When you open the box, take theTool Kit. Walk down towards the gate and use the Tool Kit on the birdhouse. You will find a Postal Emblem. Take it and go to the Control Box.

You will put the Gate Handle in and go through the gate. You will find the Gate Handle in the Mailbox. To access the Mailbox, put the Postal Emblem on the box. Once you go through the gate, go to the Bench. You will see a Purse to open. In it, you will find a Coin. Take it.

Go to the Shed. You will need to find 12 Hammers scattered around the shed. Don’t forget to click on the Book found on the Shelf. It contains one of your Hammers. Once you find all of the clues, you will have a Hammer in your inventory. Once you get theHammer, go outside. Pick up the Scarf on the Bench. You will need to click on it Four times and collect the Coin that falls out of the Scarf.

Go to the Scarecrow and put its Scarf around its neck while putting its Hat on its head. Put the Gloves on the Hands to complete the look. Once you have done that, turn theHandle on the bottom of the scarecrow. This will turn it around. Put the Corset on the scarecrow and the Scarf that you have in the inventory. Finish the look with the Crownwhile putting her Gloves on her hands.

Grim Facade Sinister Obsession - Female Scarecrow

Grim Facade Sinister Obsession – Female Scarecrow

After completing the female scarecrow, the head will topple over. You will need to zoom into the hat. You will need to grab the Honey Dipper and the Coin. Go back to the Benchand dip the Dipper into the Honey. Put it in your inventory.

Walk down the road. Locate the Barrel on the right side of the screen and break it with aHammer. Collect the Red Shell. Go to the Gun and load it with both the Blue and Red Shells. Fire the Gun and then click on the Dog. It will have a Key you need to open theGate.

You will have another hidden object scene where you need to collect 12 Pieces of Chains. Like the previous challenge, remember to open the Book to take the Chain. Click on theAnvil. Put the Nails in the Chains you find on the anvil. Use a Hammer to finish the chain. It will transform into a Bike Chain and will go into your inventory. Once back on the path, go to the left. You will find the Gate. Use the Key to open the gate and then click on theHorse. This will lead you to another puzzle.

Once you are outside, go inspect the Rose Bush. It will be covered in Bees so use theHoney Dipper. Place it on the Ledge and the bees will disappear. Take the Garden Pruners Half that you find in the bush. Don’t forget to grab the Coin near the honey dipper. To complete this chapter, go into Giovanni’s Store.

Chapter 2: Giovanni’s Store

When you enter the store, talk to Giovanni. Browse the store to see if you can afford items that will aide your investigation. Grab the Handsaw and pay Giovanni. If you have enough coins, buy a Scythe Blade. Go to the left after the purchases and play the hidden objects game. You will need to grab the 2 Fans, a Hammer, and a Jar. You need to collectTermites so use the Jar. Put the Termites on the Wood. Take the Screwdriver. To put out the Trash Fire, you will need the Fire Extinguisher.

Grim Facade Sinister Obsession - Giovanni's store

Grim Facade Sinister Obsession – Giovanni’s store

You will need to use the Screwdriver to release the Extinguisher. Once the fire is out, take the Shovel. In the sand on the lower right side of the screen is an Axe. Use theShovel to remove the sand. Next, you need to remove the plank with the Axe and take the pair of Pliers you find. Use the Pliers to get the Hook from under the wire. Locate theHelmet and Steps with the hook. To get past the Snake, you need to use the Helmet. Take the Stairs. Finally, take the Ladder and go outside.

You will be at the Gate of the villa. Look at the Sign and collect the Candy Machine Token. Go to the right, touch the Dog and the Dog will walk to the Window. Follow the Dog by going through the Door. Before going to the Door, get the Coin from the window. Use your Handsaw to open the door.

Once you are in the Barn, zoom in on the Dog. Take the Wig underneath and the Coinyou find. Click on the Basket, take the Coin and the Handle for your Scythe. You will find another Coin on the Table next to the other Half of the Pruners. Put the two pieces together and put it back into your inventory. Go back to Giovanni’s store.

Before going into the store, use your Candy Token on the candy machine. It will release aGreen Ball. Go to the Pinball Machine located in the store. Use your Green Ball to activate the puzzle.

Using 6 Coins, buy the Wine Bottle and take it to the Barn. Locate the Wine Press and put the Bottle into it to activate the puzzle. To beat the level, move all the Grapes to theirCorresponding Color. Once complete, take the Full Wine Bottle and pour into the hole in the ground. You will find a Cat Brush. Walk out of the barn and locate the Barrel. On the top of the barrel, use the Wrench to open. You will have to play another hidden object game.

Grim Facade Sinister Obsession - Grapes

Grim Facade Sinister Obsession – Grapes

Once you receive the Jukebox Button, you will go back to the store. Go to the Juke Box, add the Button and take the Code from the suitcase. Go back outside, look towards theBalcony, cut the Rope and click on the Suitcase. Put the code in and remove all the items. Be sure to take the Tap Handle.

Walk back to the Barrel and put the Tap Handle into the tap at the bottom of the barrel. Use the Wrench on top of the barrel, take the Coin and the Note. Go to the gate, remove the Bolt, and go through. You will need the Wrench again.

Look at the Boat, pick up the Stone and Coins. Go to the left side of the water and put theStone Piece down in the water. You will find another Coin and Red Ball. Go up on the Pierand collect the Coin. Locate the Bicycle and fix it with your Chain and Pedal. After the bicycle is complete, inspect the Sack. There will be a Fire Hose you will need to collect.

Go back to the Pinball Game in the store. Once you finish the game, you receive anotherCoin. Go back to the entrance of the villa. Attach the Fire Hose to the Hydrant, turn theValve on and use the Water to open the gate. Once the gate is open, enter the area. Cut the Hedges with your Garden Pruners to find the Apple Cubes. Next, focus on the Cat. In order to get the Theater Piece, you will need to use your Cat Brush.

Grim Facade Sinister Obsession - Pinball machine

Grim Facade Sinister Obsession – Pinball machine

You will need to play a hidden objects game where you find 12 Balls. To create One Ball, click on the Statue’s Knee. You can create one of the balls by using the GlassPaper,Pencil and Scissors. Pump up the Balloon and receive the Blue Ball. This will take you to the final puzzle of this chapter.

Chapter 3: Conti’s Villa

Before you go inside, you need to put the Light Bulb in the Lamp near the door. Once inside, talk to the Man who will send you to a hidden object game. Put 3 Sticks into theFireplace. Go towards the Candle, take a Stick from the fireplace to light it, and take aNail next to it. Next to the fireplace, inspect a Loose Brick with the Crowbar. Grab theClamps, take the Magnifying Glass and inspect the Mantle.

Grimm Facade Sinister Obsession - Conti's Villa

Grimm Facade Sinister Obsession – Conti’s Villa

You need to find the Code. Locate the Lock, enter the Code and take the Gloves. Take thePliers out of the fireplace with the Gloves. Place the Pliers into the Bucket. Locate theArrow, take the Pliers and move it.

Move away from the fireplace. Go to the Egg on the table. Open it. You will find a GoldenArrow. Move up the stairs until you are blocked by a Cupboard. Go to the right. You need to put the Broken Arrow on the target. Take the Candle it gives you. Find the Feather and place it on the Peacock. Go to the door on the right. Enter the kitchen, take the EmptyKettle, and put the Candles on the Stove. Melt the Wax Seal. Take the Fish Food andTongs out of the cupboard. Go to the Fish Bowl. Add the Food and locate the FaucetHandle.

Go back into the kitchen to the sink. Place the Kettle in and with the Faucet Handle, turn on the Water. Go back to the stove and put the Kettle on the hot stove. Once the water is boiling, take the Kettle off and keep it. Find the Frozen Door, use the Boiling Water to thaw the door.

Go into the Freezer. Find the Crate and grab the Scalpel. Find the Circuit Part on the ground near the Hair Dryer. Go towards the Power Box, grab the Knife Switch andPower Cord. Open the Power Box. Add the Circuit.

Grim Facade Sinister Obsession - Freezer

Grim Facade Sinister Obsession – Freezer

Go back to the Grate, use the Knife Switch to open so you can get the Pin. Combine thePower Cord and Hair Dryer. To activate the Dryer, left click on your mouse and hold it. Grab the Sand Bag and go back to the kitchen. Locate the Lemon and cut it open with theScalpel. Put Lemon in your inventory.

Return to the fireplace. Take out the Oranges from the Bowl, move the bowl and grab theCross. Place the Cross into the slot on the left side of the fireplace. Grab the Screwdriver. Use your Saw to take a Patch. Look at the Shield, remove its Screws and grab the Handle.

Grim Facade Sinister Obsession - Fireplace

Grim Facade Sinister Obsession – Fireplace

Find the Ladle and place it in the Resin. Pull the Ladle out with a scoop of Pitch. Go to theBucket, put the Patch on it and fill the Bucket with the Ladle and Pitch. Find the Juicer, put the Handle on it, and put the Oranges on it. Fill the Bucket with Orange Juice. Find the First Spoke.

Go back outside and go to the Gate. Take the Sandbag out and place it on the wires. Proceed through the gate. Find the Basket located on the lower left side. Locate yourApple Cube and place it in the bucket to start a puzzle.

Look at the Cart, add the Spokes and grab the Wheel. Fix the Cart. Find the Trash Can Lidand cover the Trash Can. Locate the Glass Cutter. Walk over to the Lock. Place the Pininto the lock and go into the Garage.

Chapter 4: Mario’s Garage

Locate the Burner. Put the Metal Objects next to the car tire on the burner to melt. UseTongs to remove the Mold. Locate your Water and cool down the new Mold. Go to theWork Table and pick up the Glass Cutter. Place it in the Holder and start a new puzzle. Place the Tools in the right positions in order to obtain the Multi-Tool. Investigate the Car. Cut the Window with the MutliTool. Enter the car.

Find Mario’s Photo in the visor. Grab the Rags in the glove compartment. Pop the Hoodwith the Lever on the right side of the Steering Wheel. Before leaving the car, pull on theWindshield Wiper. Take the Photo you find on the Work Station. Using the Lemon Juice, wet the Rag. Use the Rag to clean your Oil Can. Put it in your inventory. Look at theEngine. Place the Oil Can on the engine to fill it.

Grim Facade Sinister Obsession - Mario's garage

Grim Facade Sinister Obsession – Mario’s garage

Proceed to the back of the car. Pour the Oil onto the Vise. Gain a Hubcap Piece by turning the Vice Handle. Activate the hubcap puzzle. Obtain the Grate Handle from the trunk.

Head back to the villa and go to the left. Place the Grate Handle on the Mechanism. Proceed through the Mechanism, go to the Table and pick up the Radio. Find your SharpGlass by going to the Partition. Find the Potted Plant and click on the Vines to tie them up. Take the Mouse off the picture. Go down the stairs and look at the Globe.

Place the Mouse on the ground. On the globe you will have a Radio Solution. Take it. Go back, unroll the Carpet. Place the Radio on the carpet and tune it to the right station that you found on the Solution. Once you do that, remove both the Snake and the Radio.

Grim Facade Sinister Obsession - Radio solution

Grim Facade Sinister Obsession – Radio solution

Go to the stairs and go down to the Piano Hall. Find the Dart on the piano. Locate thePicture Frames on the wall. Place Mario’s Photo on the wall and locate anotherScrewdriver. Go to the Railing and remove the Screws.

Obtain the Wooden Stick. Go back to the Globe Room and pick up the Hand that goes on the Wooden Stick. Stroke the Blinds four times with the Hand and obtain the SecondCord. Return to the Piano Hall.

Go back to the window and place the Cords on the Blinds. Find the Safe Code and theSafe. Take Luigi’s Photo out of the Safe and take the 5 Gold Coins. Put Luigi’s Photo on the wall in the Piano Room. Grab the Room Key.

Return to Giovanni’s and play the Pinball Game. Buy the Chainsaw from him. Go to theBlocked Staircase in the villa and use the Chainsaw on the Cupboard. Go upstairs.

Chapter 5: Luigi’s Room

In the room, gather all the Brooches. There should be 12. Go back to the Staircase and place the Dart on the Yarn. It will turn into a Drumstick and go to the door. Take theRoom Key and unlock the door. Go to the Table in the room and put the Box Brooch on top of it. Collect your Chain Extension. Place the Drum Stick on the Drum, located the mirror, and hit the Drum with the Stick 2 Times.

Grim Facade Sinister Obsession - collect all the brooches

Grim Facade Sinister Obsession – collect all the brooches

Pick up the Pole once it falls. Enter the door right next to the Warrior. Open a Drawer in that room to activate the puzzle. After defeating the puzzle, you will collect the paint. In the next drawer, play the hidden object game. You will receive a Brush as a reward. Go out the back of the room, and see the Stairs. A Grenade on the stairs will activate a hidden object game. Put the Mirror on the Railing. Click the Palette and add the Oiler,Brush, and Paints to start the next puzzle.

Grim Facade Sinister Obsession - puzzle

Grim Facade Sinister Obsession – puzzle

Once you have finished the puzzle, angle the Telescope to wear the light reflects on theMask. Take the Mask and go down the stairs. Place the Mask on the Mask Wall to start another puzzle. You will receive a Medicine Token at the end.

Keep walking and play the next hidden object game. Collect all 12 Clippers. Make sure you open all of the drawers and look behind the curtains. Go back outside and use theClippers to cut the Wire. Go upstairs and combine the Pole with the Fruit Picker.

Be sure to check on the Dog as it looks hurt. Go down stairs back to the rooms. Turn on the light by putting the Chain Extension on the lamp. Get the Zipper Pull by using theFruit Picker on the lamp. In Luigi’s closet, you will find First Aid Equipment. Use theZipper Pull to open the zipper on the jacket. Go back to the drawer and play the hidden object game to get Matches. Head back to the Tower and help the Dog. Go back down towards the room and open the door to Francesco’s Room.

Chapter 6: Francesco’s Room

Begin with the hidden object game. You will receive a Spade Tile. Go towards the Desk, pick up the Photo, and then go into the Curtains. You will see the lab, go to the First AidKit and pick out the Medicine Chest Token. Match up the Blades to win the puzzle. Grab the Sharp Knife, go to the Stretcher, and locate the Bandage. Use the Sharp Knife to cut the Bandage and find the Control Box. Go to the bed, open the Mattress and grab thePlunger.

Grim Facade Sinister Obsession - Match the blades

Grim Facade Sinister Obsession – Match the blades

Find the door to the right and go in. Go to the tub, put the Plunger on the Drain and grab the Magnet. Find the Photo Scrolls and attach the Control Box on the Cable. Once it is attached, push the Button 3 times. You will receive a Stencil. Head back to the lab, find the Robe, and put the Magnet on the Pocket. Move it up until the Battery comes out.

Grim Facade Sinister Obsession - plunger on the drain

Grim Facade Sinister Obsession – plunger on the drain

Go back and start a puzzle at the Flasks. Finish the puzzle and take the Water Cleaner. Head into the piano hall to put Francesco’s Photo in a frame and grab Two Corks. Head back to Luigi’s room, examine a Desk, open the Book and then place the Stencil on the book. You will find a Solution. Return to Francesco’s room and go into his lab. Go to the sink, place the Corks in the Sink and collect the Toilet Paper Roller Knob.

Return to the bathroom, put the Roller Knob on the holder and spin until you see theMedicine Labels. Head back to the lab and look at the Bottles. Place the Medicine Labelson them. Take the Iodine and return to the tower. Tend to the dog’s Wound with theIodine and take the Photo. Head back to Francesco’s room and find the Whistle. Head outside. Find the Debris, use the Whistle, and the dogs will remove all the debris. Finally, follow the Dog.

Chapter 7: The Finale

Look at the Pots, find your Water Cleaner and clean the Pots. Pick up the Thimble with the Clear Water. Head towards the door, place the Spade Tile and the Solution on the door. Use the solution to open the door and enter Maria’s room. Go to the Dresser, look in the Open Drawer, and place the Thimble with the Hoop. Take the Sewing Kit and walk towards the bed. Use the Sewing Kit on the Linens before you take them. Go to the left.

Grim Facade Sinister Obsession - Maria's room

Grim Facade Sinister Obsession – Maria’s room

Walk towards the nest and find the Shovel. Use the Shovel on the ground to find a Worm. Give the Worms to the Chicks in the nest. Feed the Chicks the Clear Water and then take both the Chicks and the Carriage Return Handle. Find a Cage and put the Chicks in there.

Go into the pigeon house and locate the Typewriter. Place the Carriage Return Handleon it. Find and push the right buttons until it clicks. You will be rewarded with a Piston. Go to the table and find the Invisible Letter. Place the Linen on the top wall. At the top of the ladder, find the Silver Desk Key.

Grim Facade Sinister Obsession - Typewriter

Grim Facade Sinister Obsession – Typewriter

Return to Maria’s room, locate the Ironing Board, and put the Invisible Letter on it. Run the Iron of the paper to find the solution. Go to the hatch, use the Code on it and enter. Go to the shelf and take the Laundry Pin. Get out of the hatch and return to the pigeon house. Use the Laundry Pin on the Belt on top of the Ladder and retrieve the GeneratorBelt.

Head into the generator room. Put the Piston on the generator, and replace the Belt. Head into the wine cellar and find the Manhole Cover. This will lead into a puzzle. Move the Spheres into the color sections to solve. Once completed, take the Jack Part. Find theGoblet, grab the Second Jack Part, and walk away. Locate the Box, place the Jack Partsand create a Jack. Head forward to the catacombs.

Place the jack on the Right Coffin to retrieve the Iron Desk Key. Next grab the Ladderfrom the Center Coffin. Finally get the Net from the Left Coffin. Head farther in. Place theLadder on the Center Barrel, go up and search the top of the barrel. Remove cover and get the Wardrobe Handle Part with the Net.

Go back to Maria’s room. Go to the Wardrobe, open with the Wardrobe Handle Part. Open the Wardrobe and get the Gold Desk Key. Go to the Desk and put the Keys into the 3 Keyholes.

Grim Facade Sinister Obsession - 3 desk keys

Grim Facade Sinister Obsession – 3 desk keys

Congratulations! You have found all the clues to find the murderer. You have unlocked the extras section of the main menu. Through the Grim Facade – Sinister Obsession walkthrough hopefully you have learned vital hints and tricks to beat the game.
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The Grim Facade – Sinister Obsession walkthrough is meant as a guide and does not contain cheats, hacks, or serials.