Angela needs your help. She moved to New York after a quick Las Vegas wedding to her longtime love, Jimmy, and now she is trying to break into the world of fashion. However, her boss, Yum-Mee, is making her job difficult while her husband is keeping secrets. What secrets will Angela uncover? Will she succeed in fashion? Help Angela uncover the secrets with clues from both Jimmy and Yum-Lee, while trying to make it in the fashion world.

If you have played the Delicious-Emily franchise, you will know Angela. She appears in almost every game. Unlike her sister, her passion is fashion. Create and sell fashion in Fabulous – Angela’s Sweet Revenge, a mini-game from the Delicious-Emily franchise. If you have just an hour, you can help Angela uncover the secrets. Learn the tips and tricks of the game with this Angela’s Sweet Revenge walkthrough.


General Tips & Tricks

Main Menu

Since this is a mini-game, the main menu is very simple. Before you are directed to the menu, you will need to put your name in to create your game. You can save up to six games at once. This will take you to the main menu. If you need to change your settings, just click the button in the top left corner of the menu. There you will be able to change your volume, screen, and difficulty settings. If you need more information about who Angela is, you can find out more about her by clicking the “Who is Angela?” button. If you want to see the other games associated with Angela’s Sweet Revenge, there is a button for that as well.

Levels of Difficulty

The levels of difficulty are beginner, normal, or expert. If you are looking for a relaxing game, pick beginner. You will have less customers, and they’ll be are patient and tip well. The normal difficulty will allow you to have more customers at once, and their patience will be short. If you want more of a challenge, you should pick expert. This level will have a faster pace because your customers will not have any patience, and there will be multiple customers to serve at once. Each difficulty level will have variant waves of customers. Depending on your other tasks, these waves will challenge you to keep up with the orders while maintaining the shop.


There is only one bonus you can find on each of the levels: a mouse. This mouse is featured in all the Delicious franchise games. It will be hidden in a random spot in each game, and in this particular game, on one of Angela’s workdays. If you find him, click on him to get a bonus. If you don’t spot him the first time, keep looking, because he actually will not show up until you finish the level or workday. If you play the game more than once, you will never find the mouse in the same spot for each level. He usually shows up within the first quarter of the level. His locations vary from right next to the sewing machine to right under the disco ball (once you have unpacked it).

Before the Game Starts

You will be shown an introductory scene. Here, you will meet Angela who is crying in her apartment. She has hurt her foot, and her friends come to visit. When they ask her how she got the injury, this starts a flashback of the past four days, which starts the game. If you do not want the backstory, you can simply press skip.

Fabulous – Angela’s Sweet Revenge Walkthrough

Day One

Before each day, you will have a cut scene. This will give you the chance to see the story as it is unfolding. The first day you meet both Jimmy and Yum-Mee. Jimmy says he has a surprise for Angela at the end of the day. Before he leaves, he drops his phone on the ground. When Angela calls him back, he is in a rush to grab the phone before she looks at it. This starts the suspicions for Angela. Before the game starts, you must select a dress for Angela to make.

There will be three dresses to choose from, so choose wisely. Place the chosen dress on the mannequin on the center island to show it off. The layout of the store is simple, and you only need to maintain both the dressing rooms and the center island. The rest of the objects will autofill. If you need to, you can use the tutorial to learn how to effectively navigate the store while dealing with customers. After you are all set up, the game will begin.

Fabolous - Angela's Sweet Revenge - The Dress

Fabolous – Angela’s Sweet Revenge – The Dress

Before the customers come in, add at least two more dresses to your stock. This will help when things get busy. Keep restocking the items when there is a slow moment in the workday. It will keep your customers from waiting for you to create the outfit. If a customer goes straight for the counter, they will want an accessory. If they are near the clothes, they will want to try on the clothes. Give the first customer the bracelet she wants then click the register. This will complete the transaction. On the first day, you will be able to find the mouse easily because the game will point it out. This happens with all levels of difficulty.

When a customer tries on clothes, they will leave the fitting room a mess. Clean the room as soon as you can, but deal with the customer trying on the clothes first, and make sure you ring up their purchase or ‘check them out’ before moving on. That way you will receive a bigger reward. When you have a customer buying an accessory while another one is trying on clothes, check them both out at the same time to obtain a chain bonus. If you are waiting for the customer in the fitting room to finish, stock the dresses or clean the other fitting room to maintain your chances of completing the chain bonus.

Fabolous - Angela's Sweet Revenge - Messy Fitting Room

Fabolous – Angela’s Sweet Revenge – Messy Fitting Room

If you are fast enough, your customers will have a heart pop up next to them. This will increase your bonus and show their patience level. Always, assist the customers waiting for clothes, but do not forget to ring up the person buying the accessories at the same time. That way you will finish the day with both a chain bonus.

Fabolous - Angela's Sweet Revenge - Chain Bonus

Fabolous – Angela’s Sweet Revenge – Chain Bonus

Once you finish the level, you will see Jimmy’s surprise: his new car roof. Before Angela has time to really react, Yum-Mee asks Jimmy for a ride home which Jimmy agrees to. Angela is furious because she does not understand why Jimmy would want to do that. He explains that he will try to convince Yum-Mee to give Angela a raise. She finally agrees and the two leave in Jimmy’s car. You will meet a concerned policeman before Angela’s ‘bad vs good’ side conversation with herself occurs, then you will move on to the next level.

Fabolous - Angela's Sweet Revenge - Jimmy's Surprise

Fabolous – Angela’s Sweet Revenge – Jimmy’s Surprise

Day Two

Now that you have the hang of the game, you will start day two. On this day, you will pick a top for Angela to create. Like the previous level or day, you have three choices. Once you choose, you see Angela talking to Sally about the Jimmy situation. Sally suggests that you check Jimmy’s phone, but you cannot just take the phone. You end up spilling coffee on him in order to get his phone. While he is in the dressing room, Angela takes his pants and slips the phone out of his pocket. He leaves without his phone. This will lead to a mini-game that will last throughout the day. You will have to check the phone every time to see the text messages coming in on it. It will take checking the phone four times to win the mini-game.

Fabolous - Angela's Sweet Revenge - Jimmy's Phone

Fabolous – Angela’s Sweet Revenge – Jimmy’s Phone

Help the first two customers by filling their orders and completing a chain bonus. Clean the fitting rooms after helping the first three customers. The phone will chime at that point. Grab it before the timer runs out, and read the text, then help the next customers. Both of these customers will want to try on clothes. Fulfill both of the orders at checkout to gain the chain bonus again. Grab the phone for the next text, Each text will expose the possible relationship between Yum-Mee and Jimmy. Look out for the mouse.

Earn extra points by finishing the orders correctly. Pick up the phone a third time to discover another text from Yum-Mee. Then assist the customers before cleaning the fitting rooms. Assist the two women at the counter before answering the phone for the last time. This means that you have officially finished and won the mini-game. Help the last customers before the next cut scene begins. Don’t forget to finish up by cleaning the fitting rooms.

Fabolous - Angela's Sweet Revenge - Assisting The Customers

Fabolous – Angela’s Sweet Revenge – Assisting The Customers

In the cut scene, Sally returns to find out what happened with the phone. Angela says that something is going on. Sally tries to make her feel better by saying how it is not like he is taking her “all the way home.” Just then, Jimmy’s phone buzzes and Yum-Mee thanks him for taking her “all the way home.” This upsets Angela. She has another internal struggle before realizing she needs to investigate it. Cut back to Angela with her friends to continue the flashback before heading on to the next level.

Fabolous - Angela's Sweet Revenge - Angela And Her Friends

Fabolous – Angela’s Sweet Revenge – Angela And Her Friends

Day Three

On this day, there will be a new mini-game you need to play where Yum-Mee has asked Angela to unpack the decorations for an event that is happening at the shop. She can go back and forth between helping customers and the tasks of unpacking. Each task has to be completed in order to win. If you have to stop in the middle of the task, it will save your progress until you come back to that task. Pick a skirt, from three choices, for Angela to create before the day begins. It will be the last design for the game. Don’t forget to find the mouse.

Fabolous - Angela's Sweet Revenge - Tasks Day Three

Fabolous – Angela’s Sweet Revenge – Tasks Day Three

When the day begins, stock up on the fashion before your first customer orders. Do not leave the customers waiting too long. It is best to stock up on 3 of everything so you can finish your other tasks. You will also have a new shirt that you will need to combine with a belt. This will create an item that will be popular on this day. You will have more customers wanting to try on clothes, so you will need to keep the fitting rooms clean. This will keep the customers’ patience up. Start unpacking the box next to the register first to help save time. This way, you can go back to the box while your next customer orders.

Remember to clean the fitting rooms before checking out the customer. Once the box next to the cash register is fully unpacked, move to the box next to the window. Complete the order of the customer at the counter and complete a chain checkout. Help the woman looking for a shirt before going back to unpacking the box. You will have a rush of customers, so unpack as much as you can, because you must complete the orders before doing anything else.

After you finish the box next to the window, go to the center island to finish the task of unpacking. The final box can be unpacked while you wait for customers. Finish the level to see the next cut scene.

Fabolous - Angela's Sweet Revenge - Unpacking The Center Island Box

Fabolous – Angela’s Sweet Revenge – Unpacking The Center Island Box

You find out that Jimmy didn’t go home the night before after his poker game. When Angela confronts him about it, he claims he stayed with his friends because of the late hour. Angela asks why he didn’t call and he said he lost his phone. Before he leaves, he tells her that he is going to be playing poker again that night prompting Angela to send a text from his phone. The reply from the number she texts upsets her, and she vows revenge. Her good side tries to persuade her to not take revenge, but she doesn’t listen. She calls Sally to plan the next day.


Day Four

Before the final level, you see a new Angela. She is in her “revenge outfit” and cancels Yum-Mee’s stylist. This level also features Angela helping Yum-Mee get ready for the event. She will take one of the fitting rooms, so you will need to clean the other room as fast as possible to keep your customers satisfied. You will also have the task of handing Yum-Mee the products that Sally is bringing for her. This is also a mini-game, which consists of six tasks of bringing Yum-Mee the products she needs before the timer on the request runs out. Touching the product will stop the timer so that you can get it to her. Jimmy arrives before the start of the day and leaves his car parked on the sidewalk. Angela puts birdseed all over the car while Jimmy sits in the back of the store.

Start the day by stocking up on the fashion. You will have a new product for your shirt/belt combination. Add the fur trimmed collar for a touch of elegance. On this day, you will sell more clothes than accessories, so be sure to check customers out together to activate the chain bonus. Also, keep the fitting room clean for each shopper. You do not want a line, as some customer’s patience will wear thin quickly.

Fabolous - Angela's Sweet Revenge - Day Four

Fabolous – Angela’s Sweet Revenge – Day Four

Give Yum-Mee her second product then clean the fitting room. Stock the fashion while you wait for more customers, and look for the mouse. You will need to continually stock because the signature looks will be in high demand. Give Yum-Mee her third product before cleaning the fitting room again. You will probably have gained a line so clean the fitting room right after each current customer leaves. Keep your line moving while assisting Yum-Mee. Get her last three products, and keep on top of customer requests to finish the level and see how the revenge plot turned out.

The products that Angela gives Yum-Mee cause some major issues for her. Jimmy comes out to a less than pretty new roof on his car. Angela confronts both Jimmy, and he begs her forgiveness while the police officer arrives. Angela gets angry and hurts her ankle. Yum-Mee runs off in shame while Jimmy receives a parking ticket. The police officer takes Angela home while Jimmy is in shock.

Fabolous - Angela's Sweet Revenge - The Revenge

Fabolous – Angela’s Sweet Revenge – The Revenge

After you have finished helping the last client, the game is finished. Good Job! You have helped Angela with her revenge plot, and through the use of time management, you have effectively helped Angela manage the shop while getting revenge. Before the end of the game, you will go back to Angela crying on the couch. Her friends are trying to be supportive and saying that things will get better. Angela tells her friends that she is crying because she ruined a pair of heels, but that’s not all! Enjoy the cut scene with a surprise twist at the end!


Congratulations! You’ve completed Fabulous – Angela’s Sweet Revenge! For more great tips and tricks, visit our blog!


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The Fabulous – Angela’s Sweet Revenge walkthrough is meant as a guide and does not contain cheats, hacks, or serials.