After successfully building a burger empire, you are able to enjoy your riches. Or can you? You wake up one morning after being hit on the head. Your empire is gone. Your money is gone. What is the problem? You have no idea what happened. You will have to start over in Burger Shop 2. You will work your way through eight different shops, plus the tutorial, where you will serve customers and try to solve what happened to your original empire.

This comprehensive walkthrough is not like a regular walkthrough. You will be navigating 120 different levels surrounding the eight different shops. These tips and tricks will show you the overall arch of the game. You can use this walkthrough as a loose guide with all the basics tips you will need to have a successful game.


Burger Shop 2 Walkthrough

Main Menu and Restaurant Map

The main menu allows you to add your name to your game as you can with many other games. When you start a new game, you will not be able to access three of the four game options. You will have to choose Story Mode in order to start the game. As you progress through the game, you will be able to unlock the three other choices: relaxed mode, story mode, challenge mode, and expert level. Through the main level, you are able to view the awards you will receive for mastering certain tasks. You will also be able to make adjustments to your game via the settings menu. You will be able to adjust your volume and screen before moving on. In this game, there is a setting called jukebox. You will be able to select the music you want to play.

Once you start the story mode, you will be give an introduction to how your character had to start over. You will then be taken to the map. Here you will see the route you will be taking to reclaim your business. The first three levels are mandatory tutorials. You will get gold stars for each level.


Burger Shop 2 - Restaurant Map

Burger Shop 2 – Restaurant Map

Shop Basics

No matter where you are in terms of shops, your shop will basically be the same. You will have the conveyor belt hooked up to the BurgerTron2000. You will be given the necessary food for each customer. If you mess up an order, you will have a recycling bin to dump the unwanted food. Don’t use it too often because it will upset the BurgerTron2000. Your level will be on the top right hand side of your screen. You can also access your menu there as well. On the end of the conveyor belt, you have a slab where you can place an item you don’t need.

With each day, you will be given a certain number of customers. These customers will show you what they want from the conveyor belt. Your job is to create the meals. You will serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Each customer will have a bar next to them. This shows their patience level. If you are not speedy, you will lose a star on the customer. This will break you perfect record. If you are prompt with your service, you will receive a tip. This will help you reach your goal.

After you finish a level, you will be shown your statistics. The top right corner shows how much money you have earned while your rank within the game. In the top middle, you will see how much you made from food and tips plus any bonuses you may have picked up. In the top left corner, you have a tip from your Burger Bot. In the bottom center, you will see a break down of your customers and their happiness level.


Burger Shop 2 - Customers and Their Happiness Level

Burger Shop 2 – Customers and Their Happiness Level


As you go through the game, you will be introduced to all 19 different types of customers. Their patience levels differ so you have to change your time management throughout the game. Below is the list of the characters from the lowest patience level to highest.

Punk: He has no patience whatsoever. If you see the punk pop up, feed him fast.

Dog Lover: The dog lover is just that: a dog lover. To increase her patience, give her dog a bone. This will calm her down and allow you to fulfill her order.

Business Lady: The business lady doesn’t have a lot of time to spend on lunch. Be sure to have the healthier meal options prepped so that she can be in and out quickly.

Old Chap: While the Old Chap doesn’t have a lot of patience, he does insist on looking at the menu before ordering. If you ignore him while he waits for the menu, he will lose his patience quickly. You can either drag the menu towards him or your can right click to send it to him.


Burger Shop 2 - Old Chap

Burger Shop 2 – Old Chap

The Skater: The skater will never order more than one item at a time so you will never have to worry about too many items.

Schoolgirls: You will have three items for each order. They will want the same type of food but different flavors. When they order ice cream, they will always want toppings, so be prepared.

Mom and child: You will have your hands full with these customers. You will fill orders for both. Make sure you invest in chicken nuggets and toys when those options are available. They will be bestsellers.

Mime: The mime never picks out his own food. He will be influenced by the orders around him. If you see a mime pop up and you want to save time, fix the same food as the order before to save time.

Cowboy: The cowboy has an appetite on him. No matter what the meal, you will have to make two of the item. Once you get drinks, be prepared to have one ready for him as well.


Burger Shop 2 - Cowboy

Burger Shop 2 – Cowboy

Cowgirl: Unlike the cowboy, the cowgirl is simplistic. She likes anything with dairy. She will indulge more in milkshakes than meat.

Clown: The clown is known for having odd orders. He will keep you on your toes. Instead of a powdered doughnut, he will ask for just the powder.

Sports Fan: The sports fan will work up an appetite while rooting for his team. Expect a large order with every meal.

Softball Player: While the softball player will not eat as much as the sports fan, expect her to have a few items in demand, like chicken or shrimp.

Shirtless Guy: When you meet this customer, you will need to get a shirt on him quickly. The longer a shirtless guy stands without a supplied shirt, the faster your other customers will lose their patience.

Hippie: You will need to have some vegetarian options on the menu for the hippie. Protesting will cause the hippie to work up an appetite. Invest in more salad toppings and pasta.

Sumo: Expect to spend a lot of time getting the Sumo’s order ready. He will always have four items with each order. Each item will have multiple toppings to consider.

Ninja: While the ninja must be stealthy, he still needs good food; however, he will order food during the wrong time of day. Expect him to ask for dinner food in the morning and breakfast food at night.

Surfer: Riding the waves can work up a monster appetite. Expect multiple items with each order.

The Dude: While this is the first customer you have, the dude has the most patience towards you. He isn’t picky about what he eats and will pick simple items that do not take long to put together.


Burger Shop 2 - The Dude

Burger Shop 2 – The Dude


Before the beginning of each level, you will be instructed to pick a new item to be placed on the menu. If you don’t really care what item you get, you can have the game pick for you. The new item will be placed in your menu folder. You will be able to look at the meals you are able to make if you need a refresher on how exactly to make it. Also, after the tutorial mode, you will just be shown how to make the meals on a screen. The game will not take you through a step by step process in order to make the food.


Burger Shop 2 - Recipes

Burger Shop 2 – Recipes


Like the recipes, before certain levels, you will be able to pick out a bonus to incorporate into the game. There are eight bonuses: lollipops, speed, freeze patience, Burger Bot, money, and traffic cone. If you have a customer who is losing their patience, give them a lollipop. It will increase their patience by one star. Often you will need to give them multiple. Your speed bonus will make all the machines finish their jobs immediately.

If you notice that your customers are losing their patience, you can use the freeze power up to help you. This will keep your customers’ patience from getting too low; however, when you finish their orders, whatever their patience was at the beginning, will be their end level.

The Burger Bot is a robot that will help you finish individual orders. During the game you can upgrade him to 2.0 which will come with a button. By clicking the button underneath the Burger Bot, it will complete one item from each order. Be careful though, it often picks simple items like a soda or fries to complete.

Earn extra money by using the money power. It will increase your sales by at least 20 dollars. Finally, there is the traffic cone. If you are becoming overwhelmed by the number of customers, you can activate the cone to be dropped in one spot. This will give you a moment to breathe without all four spots open. To activate all these bonuses (besides the Burger Bot) you will need to look for little spheres connected to plates or food items. Use those items to finish orders and gain the bonuses.


Burger Shop 2 - Bonuses

Burger Shop 2 – Bonuses

Strategy Tips

Throughout the game, you will need to utilize your time while completing an order. Once you have completed a plate, you can simply right click to send to the customer. If you have multiple customers waiting for the same item, when you right click, it will go to the person who ordered it first. This will help you save time while moving on to the next order. When you grab a soda, fries, or ice cream from their machines, replace the full cup with an empty one. This will allow you to have an item on standby. You can also use the right click method on items needing to go to the machines. It will save you time.

Be careful in how you serve your customers. You will need to multitask. If you only fix one order at a time, you will have customers leaving. Fix the orders fast to receive bigger tips. When you reach the customers with big orders (cowboys, sumos, sports fans), use the Burger Bot as much as possible. You will know how many types of customers you will have at the beginning of the shift in order to manage your time wisely.


Burger Shop 2 - Time Management

Burger Shop 2 – Time Management

While this is a time management game, you will be able to figure out how you can effectively help your customers. With keeping your customers in mind, effectively serve and move through the levels to win back your empire. In Burger Shop 2, it is all about how you want to create your business. You will be given the customers and the food. You need to keep the happiness levels up in order to conquer the game.

In this comprehensive walkthrough, you should have learned the tips and tricks of the game. You were introduced to the customers and your equipment. Defeat the 120 levels at your own pace and see who was behind the collapse of the last burger empire!

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The Burger Shop 2 Walkthrough is meant as a guide and does not contain cheats, hacks or serials.