Done with standing by and watching her boss, Mr. Gristleman, get rich on feeding his customers unhealthy food, Ellie leaves her job to start her own restaurant chain, full of organic healthy options. She needs your help. Travel with Ellie to 8 different countries, building her restaurant empire and fight against Mr. Gristleman in Burger Bustle – Ellie’s Organics. In this comprehensive walkthrough, learn the tips and tricks to help Ellie get to the top in this time management game!


General Tips & Tricks

When you enter the main menu, you will be asked to put a name to your game file. This will allow you to save your game and switch to a different player if you need. On the right hand side of the screen, you will see your options. First, you can change your player. Underneath, you will have three options of play; however, the two last options (casual and survival) can only be unlocked by playing the story version. You have the options menu. Here you can change the volume of music, voice, and sound. There is also an option to mute all sound. You can also adjust your screen by clicking out of the wide and full screen options. Finally, you can turn off the custom cursor if you so choose. Finally, it is time to start the game.

Before you begin, a video will be shown about what happened to drive Ellie to leave her job. When the video is done, you are given the option to start a tutorial. Before you begin, a screen will pop up about what you need to do to pass each level. Your primary objective is to serve the customers fast and have them leave happy. On the game screen, you will see the layout of your restaurants. You will have three sandwich or dinner stations. This is your primary stations. On the left hand side of the screen you have the timer, the amount of customers to expect, your money, and your tasks. When you need to hire new workers, you will need to make sure you have enough money. Once the “add worker” sign turns green, you can add the worker. In each country, you will be given three times to upgrade the restaurant. You will be given two different choices to change the tables, walls, and floors.

Your final objective is to collect stars. You can earn stars by completing tasks and finishing with a gold trophy. On the main page where you find the levels, you see the “top 20” list. This is your list of achievements. As you collect stars, you will rise up in the rankings. Each time you surpass a level on that chart, you will get a bonus.

Burger Bustle – Ellie’s Organics Walkthrough

Restaurant 1: U.S.A.

You will have the option to have a tutorial to start this country. Before your first customer, make at least one of each sandwich collection. You can make two of each sandwich and they will just sit on top of each other until you take one. If you finish the level with food leftovers, you can click on them and put them into a donation box. You will have nine seconds to do so. You can also save time by right clicking on the food to send it to the trays. After level 1-1, you will receive your first achievement: a ketchup bottle. It will increase the selling price of burgers.

In order to help your customers, you can put the sandwiches on the trays. That way you can deliver them quickly. Starting on level 1-3, you will need to have a new worker. You should get that extra worker first. Put one of your workers at the cheese station. It will increase your speed because most of your customers will want the cheese. In your seating area, if you see a gold coin after a customer leaves, click on it quickly and get the tip.

Once you finish level 1-3, you could get a new achievement: candy. The candy will help improve customer’s moods. You will just pick up the tray and take it to the customer. It will give them a candy. Use this as often as you need.

If you have enough supplies in level 1-4, take your extra worker and put them up with the delivery person. This will increase your customer’s happiness. If the customer is not happy, take the plate of candy and give it to the customer. This will boost their happiness bar. Don’t buy the cheese station on this level. It will slow down your workers and you don’t need it for this level.

Level 1-5 introduces the ice cream stand. Keep the ice cream stand fully stocked because you need to sell three items of each flavor. You will also need to stock the ice cream station on level six. Level 1-6 you will need to stock up on the sandwiches as well because you will not have four workers form the start. When you have enough money, hire a new worker.

Burger Bustle – Ellies Organics Level 1-5

Burger Bustle – Ellies Organics Level 1-5

You will have a dinner rush in level 1-7. Instead of sandwiches, you will have beef or chicken. You will have two stations with sides: pasta or potatoes. You will not need a new worker if you want to raise money faster. After level 1-7, you will be getting a microwave as an extra. It will warm up cold food when the customers request hotter food.

The final level of this country introduces new toppings and a soda station. You have enough workers from the start to work with all the stations. Before the customers come in, stock up on your sandwiches again. This will save time.

Restaurant 2: Italy

In your next country, you are immediately given three extra stations: ice cream, pastries, and soda. You will need to stock those as most of your customers will request an item from those stations. The pastries will be popular. After level 2-1, you will receive a coffee bonus. This will give you a longer speed boost to staff and equipment. You will need to use that on the next level. For level 2-2, make sure you have enough chicken sandwiches because the majority of your customers will want those.

On level 2-3, you will have two new stations: lollipops and cotton candy. Keep them stocked. They will be popular. Get the meat ready for the dinner plates because you will be short one worker. You will need another worker to keep the meat going. After the dinner rush, level 2-4 will be a regular level. You will have 5 workers and all stations will be open. Use your extra workers before your customers come in to get the sandwiches ready. Once you have two of each, stock your ice cream, pastries, and sodas. You will need two people serving the customers; however, you will need two people on the condiments side. This might require the purchase of a new worker.

Burger Bustle – Ellies Organics Level 2-3

Burger Bustle – Ellies Organics Level 2-3

For level 2-5, you will need to hire a new worker and by the ice cream station to start the level. As the level goes on, you will need another worker to run the stations. Hiring workers continues in level 2-6. You will need to start preparing the sandwiches as soon as the level starts. You need the third worker because you will have the condiments station.

Unlike the previous levels, level 2-7 will have the right amount of workers; however, you will need to pay for all the equipment. Start with the cheese station and a sandwich station. It will raise your money. Get the tomato station once you have the money. Keep your one sandwich station and build the condiment station. It will help maintain the amount of food. In level 2-8, most customers will want sodas. Keep them stocked and use your coffee during a busy moment for soda demand. It will speed up production. Most of your sandwiches will have cheese on it.

Restaurant 3: Brazil

For level 3-1, you will need to stock the pastries and sandwiches first. Use the coffee bonus to help with the demand for pastries. You will have a new station dedicated to coffee. Add a new worker to handle both the soda and coffee stations. You will need to sell 5 of each coffee. Entering level 3-2, you will need to have 6 new workers. This is one of the major tasks. You will need to save money as each worker costs you around $170. Once you complete this level, you will receive two awards: a X4 which increases the number of your customers to 4 and the phonograph which temporarily freezes customers’ moods.

Burger Bustle – Ellies Organics Level 3-2

Burger Bustle – Ellies Organics Level 3-2

Level 3-3 introduces a new station: the sundaes. You will need to add 2-3 more workers to work all the stations. In the beginning of level 3-4, have your server work on the extra stations. Once they are stocked, keep the worker there. Most of your customers will want pastries. Hire a new worker to work on the condiment stations.

For level 3-5 be sure to buy all the stations because your goals have one of the choices for each of your tasks. Your customers will mostly want sandwiches so hire a worker to work with the condiments. In order to win level 3-6, you need to open the ice cream station and hire a worker first. Once you have that prepared, hire a new worker and open the cheese station. You shouldn’t have to open any other stations.

For level 3-7, you just need to hire an extra worker to beat the level. Before moving on to France, you will need to beat level 3-8. In this particular level, you will need to use your coffee bonus to help the sandwich production.

Restaurant 4: France

In level 4-1, you will need to use the phonograph because the customers need condiments on all their sandwiches. If a sandwich is taking too long, break out the candy. The majority of the customers will want both a sandwich and ice cream. Unlike the previous level, level 4-2 requires you to have 7 workers. Use your extra workers to complete your customers orders. For level 4-3, you need to get at least two extra workers. If you don’t want the extra workers, use the phonograph and the candy to help with the customers. After this level, you will get a new award: a little burger man. This award will give you a burger mascot to walk outside the restaurants and attract new customers.

Level 4-4 will have more sides requested than sandwiches. Make sure you have a worker working with fries, coffee, and sodas. Gain four workers you need and finish the level. Use the coffee bonus to speed up the work. In level 4-5, make sure you have plenty of workers to create the sandwiches with their condiments. Four workers will help with the pastries and sodas as well.

Burger Bustle – Ellies Organics Level 4-4

Burger Bustle – Ellies Organics Level 4-4

Level 4-6 doesn’t need much in order to finish the level. You will need to buy the condiments stations to complete the tasks. Try to buy them as soon as you get the money. Unlike the previous level, level 4-7, you don’t need to hire more workers. Just have the workers stock up on the sandwiches before the first customer orders. Once you complete the level, you should earn your first equipment upgrade achievement. It will give a small speed boost to the equipment. For your final France level, hire one more worker. Use the candy and the phonograph to help with the customers moods as most of them have more than one order.

Restaurant 5: Russia

With the beginning level, most of your customers will have two items per order. Keep everything stocked. After you beat this level, the survival mode is unlocked. For level 5-2 and 5-3, you will need to hire at least one worker. For level 5-3, keep all the ice cream stations fully stocked since that is all you are serving for this level. You will receive another achievement after this level. You will get another equipment upgrade. It will give you a speed boost to stoves and tables.

Level 5-4 will require you to purchase the other two sandwich stations to complete the level. Use the phonograph to keep customers calm while you raise the necessary funds. For your next level, you will need five new workers to pass the level. In order to keep track, look towards the “add worker” button. Once it lights up, grab a new worker.

Burger Bustle – Ellies Organics Level 5-4

Burger Bustle – Ellies Organics Level 5-4

In level 5-6 you must purchase the pastry counter and the chicken sandwich in order to complete the level. You do not need more workers than what you have unless you really want an extra hand. If you get the extra worker, you should wait until the pastry counter is purchased. For level 5-7 fully stock the food because you will have a constant line. Use your candy to help with moods. Unlike other levels, you do not need more workers for level 5-8. It will waste money when you are trying to collect it. You will also earn another achievement. The staff bonus 1 will provide a basic speed boost for staff. It will help them move faster.

Restaurant 6: Japan

On level 6-1 you will need to focus on the sandwiches and the condiments. Don’t add a worker unless you absolutely need them. Unlike level 6-1, level 6-2, you will need to invest in another worker to handle the condiment bars. You should also consider using the coffee bonus to speed up work. For level 6-3, you need all the stations open so spend the money when you see a station highlighted. Hire a new worker to help with the condiment station.

Burger Bustle – Ellies Organics Level 6-3

Burger Bustle – Ellies Organics Level 6-3

You should have at least 3 more workers to help reach the money goal for level 6-4. Prepping everything before the first service is the most important piece of this level. You will also receive another award: the super-article changer. This changes one of the customer’s order to the article on the plate. Use wisely as the changer needs to recharge.

You will need five workers for level 6-5. Use the super-article changer when it gets busy. Don’t buy the last table. You don’t need to finish the level. In order to finish the tasks on level 6-6, you must buy the chicken and mashed potato stations. Use the workers you have to conserve money. You will also earn another achievement: recharge bonus. This bonus shortens the recharge time for bonus items. For level 6-7, invest in a new worker. Be prepared to put most of the sandwiches on the ketchup station. The final level (level 6-8), stock up on all products before the customers come in. Don’t hire extra workers. You won’t need them. Once you finish this country, you will receive the X5 achievement bonus. This will increase the number of customers to 5 spaces.

Restaurant 7: India

In level 7-1, your secondary stations need to fully stocked as most orders will have multiple items form there. Consider hiring two more workers to help with the orders. To help bring in business for level 7-2, send a worker outside to be the burger man. Have three workers in the kitchen to help with the burgers. You will receive your final achievement award: the super button. This will cook food at the stations instantly.

Burger Bustle – Ellies Organics Level 7-2

Burger Bustle – Ellies Organics Level 7-2

Use the new award on level 7-3 when you get the chance. It does have a slow recharge time so use it wisely. For level 7-4, don’t try to make and serve every side. Most of the customers will request the sides but don’t over prep. Most customers will want two of the same thing. On level 7-5, have the sides prepped but most customers will just want sandwiches. You will need workers for the condiment tables.

In level 7-5, you can prep the sides but most customers will just want sandwiches. You will need workers for the condiment tables. Unlike the other levels in this country, you do not need extra workers for level 7-6. Just keep your stations fully stocked. For level 7-7, do not hire new workers and just focus on the money. Conserve your money in level 7-8. You need to hire 11 works to win. Once you complete this country, you unlock the relax mode.

Restaurant 8: Australia

For level 8-1, keep everything well stocked. Don’t hire new workers. Use the coffee and phonograph to keep customers happy. Most customers will only ask for one item. Level 8-2 will require you to get another worker as soon as you can. You will need their help before you buy the condiment stations. In order to serve all 40 customers for level 8-3, you will need to get at least five extra workers.

While on level 8-4 you will not have that many people to serve to reach your goal, you will need to raise more money. Invest in one or two workers to help with the flow. Level 8-5 will need the stations fully stocked before your customers arrive. The steaks and cola will be your goal for the level. Keep those stocked for the customers.

Burger Bustle – Ellies Organics Level 8-5

Burger Bustle – Ellies Organics Level 8-5

With level 8-6 you will need to add two workers and fully stock the stations. Most customers will want more than one item. In level 8-7 you should reach the top chef at this point. You need to focus on both the customers and the workers in this level. You need to feed 40 customers while you add 7 workers to the kitchen. While you are building your staff, keep the stations fully stocked. The customers will most order sides with the occasional sandwich. The final level of the game focuses on money. You will need to keep everything fully stocked and don’t add workers unless you really need them. Use the super-article to make more money.

Once you finish the final level, you have beaten Mr. Gristleman. Congratulations! You have helped Ellie make her restaurant chain a success. Through the use of our tricks and tips, you have built a new and healthy empire.


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