The wedding of Prince Jack and Princess Adele was all going according to plan, until the fair bride-to-be was taken! Follow the journey of Prince Jack in Halloween Stories: Mahjong as he seeks to save his fair maiden. Guide the prince through numerous holiday-themed Mahjong puzzles, and let us guide you in our Halloween Stories Mahjong Walkthrough!


Halloween Stories: Mahjong Walkthrough

How to Play

Whether you’re new to Halloween Stories: Mahjong or simply need a refresher, the following section is dedicated to covering all the essentials of the game.

  • The Map acts as the hub for all your game activities and follows the journey of the hero. From here you can play, or replay, any level you have unlocked. Simply select the number indicating a level, click the large red Play button in the lower right corner of the screen.
Halloween Stories Mahjong Map

Halloween Stories Mahjong Map

  • Once a level has been selected, you will be taken to a Mahjong puzzle screen. The level’s unique objectives will be displayed. Click the check mark once you’re ready to play.
  • The goal of Mahjong is to match pairs of tiles with each other. Tiles must have the same number and/or theme on them, and cannot be matched unless at least one side is not blocked by another tile. Tiles also cannot be matched if they have tiles on top of them.

There are three types of Mahjong puzzles you will encounter:
1. Jewelry- Remove all the tiles from the board (standard Mahjong gameplay) and collect a large number of coins in doing so. Jewelry tiles will appear in this game mode.

Halloween Stories Mahjong Jewelry

Halloween Stories Mahjong Jewelry

2. Collections- Along with traditional tile collecting, you can also fill the collections shown at the bottom of the screen. Each collection gives you 100 points. Three specific tiles are shown per collection at the bottom of the screen. When you collect tile pairs of the same type as the ones displayed, it goes toward filling these collections.

Halloween Stories Mahjong Collections

Halloween Stories Mahjong Collections

3. Chains- In addition to collecting tiles in the traditional way, you can also collect them in chains during these levels. Tiles of any suit can continue a chain as long as the number displayed is equal to, or one higher, than the last pair of tiles collected. Each chain may not contain more than 10 tiles. A pair of tiles that doesn’t meet these requirements will break the chain, and you’ll have to start over.

Halloween Stories Mahjong Chains

Halloween Stories Mahjong Chains

  • By default, three types of bonuses are available for you to use, located in the lower right corner of your screen:
  1. Shuffle- Click on this button to shuffle the tiles displayed. Shuffles are limited per level, but will be restocked without having to purchase them once a new level is selected.
  2. Search Pair- Click the magnifying lens to have the board indicate a matchable pair for you.
  3. Undo- Click the curved arrow button to undo your last move.
  • There are additional bonuses you can purchase in the Contraption Shop. They are:
  1. Lucky Swap- Swap the position of two tiles of your choosing on the board.
  2. Riding Boot- Increases the turn counter by 1.
  3. Golden Hammer- Unlocks any tile.
  4. Smart Trash Bin- Removes all accessible pairs.
  • The Contraptions Shop is located in the lower left corner of the map. From here, you can purchase or upgrade bonuses. Bonuses, and their required slots, can be unlocked with stars earned from completing Mahjong puzzles.
Halloween Stories Mahjong Contraptions Shop

Halloween Stories Mahjong Contraptions Shop

  • The Library is located next to the Play button in the lower left corner of the map. You can (re)watch any comics you’ve unlocked here.
  • Settings can be accessed at any time via the title screen, or the “X” in a puzzle screen.

Tips & Tricks

In need of a few extra tips and tricks to help you along the way? A handful of just this sort of thing can be found here:

  • Once you’ve purchased a bonus from the Contraptions Shop, it can be used over and over in Mahjong puzzles. Bonuses you’ve purchased can be found in the lower left corner of the puzzle screens.
  • Normal tiles bring in 10 coins, silver tiles bring in 15, and gold tiles bring in 20. Jewelry tiles, or jewel tiles, bring in 50 coins and can be matched with each other regardless of color.
  • You can access custom tile sets via the Settings menu. There are nine sets to choose from. Selecting a new set will apply it instantly to your board.
Halloween Stories Mahjong Tile Sets

Halloween Stories Mahjong Tile Sets

  • When quickly making match pairs, especially in Chains levels, be careful- if you make matches too quickly, or before the other pieces have cleared the board, it may not select the tile. Take one extra second and you should always be fine.

Congratulations, you’ve completed our quickstart Halloween Stories: Mahjong Walkthrough! Need any additional help? Be sure to let us know!

The Halloween Stories: Mahjong Walkthrough is meant to help guide you through the game’s basics and does not contain cheats, hacks, or serials.