Last Updated: October 31st, 2022

Ghosts & Ghouls, Witches & Vampires… We have it all in our games!πŸ‘»πŸ§™β€β™€οΈπŸ§›β€β™€οΈ Check out our top game recommendations for Halloween this year, including all of our latest Halloween releases! πŸŽƒ


1. Undercover – Blood Bonds

A pulse-pounding Time Management mystery is the perfect way to kick off the Halloween season!πŸ§›β€β™€οΈ Join Vera as she goes undercover as a barmaid in a dangerous quest to find her missing sister. Explore unsettling surroundings, meet a curious cast of characters, and unravel the mystery in this fang-tastic story-driven mystery! Sink your teeth into the GameHouse Premiere Exclusive of Undercover – Blood Bonds today!



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2. Spooky Dwellers Collector’s Edition

Halloween wouldn’t be Halloween without a few scares, right?πŸ‘» Spooky dwellers lurk in every corner, whispering their ancient sorrows… Fortunately, you have been entrusted with the talismans of light that will repel the spooky dwellers. Destroy pumpkinsπŸŽƒ, open mysterious doors, and use the talismans to cast out the spooky dwellers in the hauntingly good Match 3 game Spooky Dwellers Collector’s Edition!



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3. Halloween Chronicles – Cursed Family Collector’s Edition

Voodoo dolls, potions and coffin decorating… Halloween Chronicles – Cursed Family Collector’s Edition has them all – and then some!⚰️ A Halloween visit with relatives becomes more than you bargained for when you discover evil is threatening the entire town. Use your seeking skills and puzzling powers to solve this blood-curdling Hidden Object mystery!πŸŽƒ



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4. Shopping Clutter 12 – Halloween at the Walkers

Have an eek-tastic Halloween with the Walkers!πŸŽƒ The spooky season is underway in Animalville and the Walkers need to gather supplies to decorate their yard. But, it seems everyone in Animalville has the same idea and now they need your help to declutter the mess! Help them gather supplies and win the contest for the best decorated yard in Shopping Clutter 12 – Halloween at the Walkers!πŸ•ΈοΈπŸ•·οΈ



Play Shopping Clutter 12 – Halloween at the Walkers



5. Cursed House 11

What’s Halloween without a haunted house?🏚️ Sinister spirits have taken over a once majestic house and the only hope of exorcising the nefarious spirits lies in a powerful ancient amulet. Bring an end to their treacherous reign by  recharging the depleted amulet and banishing them once and for all.πŸ‘» Match your way to victory in Cursed House 11!



Play Cursed House 11



6. Halloween Stories – The Neglected Dead Collector’s Edition

Seeing is believing in Halloween Stories – The Neglected Dead Collector’s Edition!😲 A trio of hoax hunters get the shock of their lives when a series of terrifying cases turn out to be more real than expected! Can the team survive these living nightmares, and what will become of them if they do? Uncover earth-shattering mysteries in this Halloween-themed Hidden Object game.πŸŽƒ



Play Halloween Stories – The Neglected Dead Collector’s Edition



7. Halloween Trouble 4

Double, double toil and trouble! Halloween Trouble 4 returns with a bewitching Match 3 investigation!πŸ§™β€β™€οΈ After being invited to a mystical witch forest, Detective Neera arrives only to discover that a powerful witch is casting sinister spells and an ancient artifact has vanished. Help Neera restore peace to the witch forest in this spellbinding Match 3 mystery.πŸͺ„



Play Halloween Trouble 4


8. Halloween Chronicles – Behind the Door Collector’s Edition

Last, but certainly not least… Roll the dice and enter a nightmare world where urban legends roam free and the rules of the real world don’t apply!☠️ Contend with monsters as you fight to rescue your friends and find your way out of a hellish board game. Can you make it out of the nightmare world alive?😡 Discover the Hidden Object mystery of Halloween Chronicles – Behind the Door Collector’s Edition.πŸŽƒ



Play Halloween Chronicles – Behind the Door Collector’s Edition




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