Viking Brothers 5
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Viking Brothers 5

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Viking Brothers 5 invites you to leave your world behind on an epic quest to save mythical Midgard! Join the brothers on a magical journey of incredible imagination.

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The Viking Brothers face their greatest challenge yet in an epic journey to save Midgard!

Viking Brothers 5 is a sword-swinging strategy game inspired by myth and legend. The Viking Brothers face their greatest challenge yet when an army of dragons descends upon the world of the humans. Teach the brothers new skills and acquire resources necessary to defeat the coming evil. Can you save Midgard in time? Experience a magical time management adventure with Viking Brothers 5.
  • Visit vibrant worlds and enchanting characters.
  • Gather resources and overcome cunning challenges.
  • Solve minigames and find valuable hidden items.
  • Take it easy with the optional Untimed Mode.

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